The Best Natural Red Hair Dye Collection - Hair Maintenance Tips

The Best Natural Red Hair Dye Collection - Hair Maintenance Tips

Fancy being a redhead? Want to spruce your hair locks?

You're not alone!

A natural red hair dye is one of the most exciting colors to get that gorgeous-looking auburn locks. And the best part is that there are no pre-requirements. You don't have to be a natural-born red-head just to enjoy this ravishing color. All you have to do is pick up the right shade and undertones to get that natural hair color you always dreamt of.

In case you don’t know what is the best shade for you or want to save yourself from the oblivion of researching, we’re here to help! We’ve done all the research on your behalf that will help you get a new refined look.

In this post, we’ve shared a handful of tips on how you can achieve ‘truenatural red hair color, along with some points on how to maintain it.

What is Natural Red Hair Color?

What is Red Henna Dye

Also referred to as ginger color, red hair color is typically something that has a reddish-brown tone. The distribution of the color is dependent on the hue of your hair. Mostly, people with red hair color will either have dark tones on the scalp and lighter undertones or lighter scalp and darker undertones.

As for the term natural, we've covered it briefly in a separate post. For a quick introduction, natural hair color is something that is free of harmful chemicals. Since henna is the only natural hair color - It is free from Ammonia and PPD.

A chemical-based dye not just damages your hair, it can also lead to conditions like skin allergies and mild irritation. Henna is a great alternative to conventional box dye. It, not just colors your hair, it can also condition, nourish, and make it look shinier, stronger, and thicker.

Why Use a Natural Red Hair Dye?

Everyone knows that natural products are harmless. Even if they don't provide any additional benefits, they are never harsh on your hair. Natural red henna is similar but is full of hair-boosting facts; 

  • It is chemical-free and made with natural ingredients
  • Red henna is available in different hues 
  • It makes your hair shiny, smooth, and easy-to-manage
  • Red hair dye looks rich and highlights your personality  
  • Henna hair dyes are comparatively low-priced 
  • Henna has antimicrobial properties for relieving itchiness and dandruff
  • Extra organic ingredients in our red dyes promise good hair health 

Of course, all these uses come with every henna hue. Be it bright red or deep mahogany, you will get the same healthy hair every time you use our natural products. But beware of inorganic, artificial, or black henna dyes.

The Best Natural Red Hair Dye

The best natural red hair

Now that we’ve covered why henna is good, let's cover some of the exciting shades of henna. By mixing henna with other natural herbs like Indigo powder, we’ve formulated some amazing red-undertone hair color. Pick the shade of your choice and enjoy the reddish perks.

  1. Natural Red Henna Hair Dye

Our natural red henna hair dye is perfect for blondes and redheads. Formulated from pure henna powder, this henna hair dye is perfect to get a deeper rich red lock. And the best part is, there are no chemicals involved. In fact, this red hair dye boosts your hair manageability, condition your scalp and promote overall hair health.

You can rock this sparkling red dye regardless of your current hair color. People with dark hair like black or dark brown can also benefit from this. However, it may give a maroon tone to such hair. This natural hair dye is safe to use on chemically dyed hair too.

  1. Deep Red Henna Hair Dye

We achieve our deep red henna hair dye color by formulating it with Red Kaolinite Clay. The combination of both powders not just purifies your scalp but also boosts softness, shine, and volume.

Our carefully extracted formula, help you get a deep rich color with gorgeous-looking lighter undertones that shines in the sunlight. This deep dye is a bit darker than our natural red henna dye. It imparts a royal yet intense look to your hair.

  1. Burgundy Henna Hair Dye

A stunning cherry-red color with a hint of purple hue, this eye-catchy hair color is perfect for those that have blonde and light to medium brown hair color. You may use it on darker hair too, but it may not show the perfect burgundy hues. 

You can wear this amazingly natural dye in all seasons. It may soothe dry or rough hair strands with its conditioning properties. Made from natural ingredients this hair dye can help you achieve a perfect contour while fighting grey hair like a champ.

  1. Mahogany Hair Color

If you can't decide between brown or red, the mahogany blend is the way to go. Our mahogany hair color is the best-selling henna hair color with a sizzling touch of red kaolinite clay and Lawsonia linn. This chemical-free hair colorant works best if you want to condition and add shine to your hair.

It seems like a mixture of maroon, burgundy, and dark purple hues on blonde or light-colored hair. Anyhow, it yields a much deeper color than any of the above-described ones. Mahogany hair dye is especially trendy among older ladies but is now catching the attention amid the younger ones too.

  1. Orange Red Henna Hair Dye

Made from natural & pure powder, this hair dye offers a variety of different shades as per your application process- but trust us, you'll enjoy every one of these.

It works best if you want to color your hair from blonde, medium, or light brown to a red or, even better, a reddish-orange tone.

Our organic henna paste works this way for all. If you apply it for a longer period, you will get a reddish hue. Meanwhile, you can get lighter to orangish shades if you wash it away sooner. This hair dye resembles the autumn leaves making it the perfect season to enjoy a new, unique look.

  1. Wine Red Henna Hair Dye

This wine red hair dye will definitely set the bars high with its unique formula. Made with natural ingredients, it works best for dark brown, light, or black hair color. As we make a blend of different henna shades by adding other natural herbs, this one is by far the best.

Use it, and you'll surely enjoy the red undertones. Going out on a bright sunny day with wine-colored red hair dye will be a cherry on top of your elegant personality. It suits best women of all age groups. 

  1. Auburn Henna Hair Dye

Want something refreshing by staying in the natural genre? Try our stunning mix of henna, indigo, and red clay powder to achieve a tinged ginger color, aka Auburn. Nothing could be better than getting all these hair-loving compounds in a single product. 

This versatile hair dye can take away all your worry with its golden tone of a classical brunette. Its natural properties are perfect for calming an irritated scalp. Our Auburn henna hair dye promises a magical display of different hues highlights whenever you are out and about. This hair dye boost manageability, promote hair growth, covers gray hair, and improves overall hair health.

How to maintain a Natural Redhead tone?

So, you've just dyed your hair, how you can maintain it for a long-lasting result? Well, there are a couple of tips you can follow to maintain your hair color. Here are some points to follow:

  • Make sure you follow the complete henna application process
  • Don't shampoo your hair for the first 48-72 hours
  • You can condition your hair to get rid of the hair dye particles
  • Only use tap water
  • Use a leave-in conditioner for a dangling effect
  • Keep up with the trims
  • Prepare your hair for the next touch-up
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair

While it may sound like a lot to use, it's worth every second. You will feel more confident with using a red henna dye on your hair. Try the shade of your choice and enjoy the beautiful red-rocking color of The Henna Guys hair dye collection.

Take Away 

Henna is undoubtedly the best natural red hair dye out there. You may find it in a single or up to three shades in the local market. But The Henna Guys offers a wide range of red hair dye hues, all made entirely with natural ingredients and some additional ones to give your hair health a boost too. So grab your gloves, prepare your hair, and get ready to rock a new blazing red hair look!  

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