Auburn: The Perfect Fall Hair Color and How to Get It Naturally

Auburn: The Perfect Fall Hair Color and How to Get It Naturally

When it comes to hair color, it just doesn’t get more fall-ish than auburn. Whether you’re tired of sun-bleached locks or love the versatility of reddish-brown hair, auburn offers the perfect hair color transition to the season of falling leaves and bonfires. It doesn’t require a huge color commitment for many, especially brunettes and redheads. But auburn henna hair dye provides a dramatic transformation for blondes, just in time for fall walks, carving pumpkins and snuggling up to watch scary movies. And yes, it does cover grays! 

What is auburn hair?

Spanning a wide range of tones, auburn hair blends red and brown colors. While the red in auburn is usually associated with warm tones, it can also include cooler tones like maroon. If you’re looking for depth and richness, auburn does not disappoint. This complex hue flatters many skin tones and eye colors by combining soft brown and spicy ginger. It’s a classic hair or beard color that’s anything but boring. 

Auburn Henna Hair Dye

If you’ve always wanted to go red but were afraid of too-dramatic results, auburn is a good choice. The brown tones soften the effects of the red in the dye while hiding none of its beauty. Henna hair dye lets you try on this look without any of the damage that can come from chemical-based conventional products for home coloring. Henna works with the natural variations in your hair color, so results vary.

Auburn Henna for Light Hair

Auburn is a wonderful color choice for strawberry blondes and natural redheads whose color has faded over time. Depending on the shade, natural blondes can expect results ranging from strawberry blonde to coppery blonde. Grays take on a copper or medium-auburn shade. Conditioning with cassia obovata enhances the shine of your newly reddish locks while helping improve the appearance of grays in lighter hair.   

Auburn Henna Hair Color for Brunettes

Whether your hair is a soft chestnut brown or veers towards the darker end of the spectrum, auburn lets you amp up your hair color naturally. Experience rich, dark highlights and gorgeous red undertones, especially in sunlight.

Auburn Henna Hair Dye on Redheads

Naturally red hair gets a touch of earthiness from auburn henna. Give those tumbling leaves a run for their money with your stunning new locks! The color difference may not be dramatic, but the effect definitely is. Whether you’re a cool red or a warm ginger, auburn henna hair dye is the perfect choice for the cooler months.

Warmth and complexity make auburn our color of choice this fall. And with reds taking center stage this year, auburn is both in-season and on-trend. Give auburn henna hair dye a try as the most beautiful season of the year approaches. This russet beauty looks amazing on everyone while “falling” in line with the changing seasons.



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