Hair Color Theory – How to find the perfect shade for your Hair

Hair Color Theory – How to find the perfect shade for your Hair

Are you afraid to color your hair? Have you ever tried a hair color and end up not liking the results?

Do you want to find out which hair color would look perfect on your hair based on your skin tone? Do you want to make your facial features pop?

The theory of the hair color chart can be confusing - With so many options and available shades, one can easily get tangled with the color scheme.

We'll make this simple for you, the best color for you is the one in which you feel beautiful. But it doesn’t mean that you end up trying the entire color chart just to find out the one in which you look awesome. You can wear any color you want, as long as it has the right tone.

Hair Color Goals

To help you find this, here’s our secret formula of hair color theory. A formula, that can help you find the right color matching your skin complexion.

Start from the Basics - Your Hair Color Goals

Remember, what works for someone may or may not work for you. Our goals change drastically as we move on with our life. Perhaps you just watched La La Land last night and now you want the same hair color as Emma Stone. The color theory doesn't work like this.

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Hollywood celebrities go through a lot of cosmetic changes just to look even more beautiful on camera. As a general consumer, we don't have that many resources to get all the touch-ups and whatnots our celebrities go through.

So, don't decide on something you see for the first time on Facebook or on your favorite movie. Give it a little bit of thought and then carry on.

Understanding Undertones and Skin Shades

Understanding Undertones and Skintones

This one is the most obvious to figure out. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and as for the complexion, it's either too dark or light. To best determine your undertone, look at the palms of your hands and check the color of your veins. If your veins are blue, you have a cool undertone and if they are green, you have a warm undertone complexion.

Skin Undertones veins

Another good indicator is the sun tanning process. We all spend most of our time in the sun, no matter if it's on a beach or in a tanning machine. Usually, the sun gives everyone a warm glow, and in some cases can make your skin reddish-brown. If you sunburn easily, you have cool-tone skin.

Congratulations, you just completed the first equation of the color theory chart. If you’re still struggling to solve this, don’t worry, you can try the neutral complexion. It works best for all undertone types.

The next thing is to determine your skin shade, which is again quite obvious. If you have pale, white, or fair skin, you might want to stick with the lighter shades. Whereas if you have darker skin color, you can pick black, dark shades of brown, and some reddish-brown tones as well.

Understanding Eye Color

It is very easy to find a color shade depending on your skin tone, however, how good of a color would it be if it doesn't make your facial features pop, right? Eye coloring is the same as your skin undertones. If they tend to have more gold, red, orange, and brown - You have a warm color tone.

The cooler shades include purple, green, pink, and some blues. Now that we’ve determined the basics, let’s cover what color type will work best for you.

Best Hair Color Shades for Cool Tones

Simply put, if you're quite fair, go with golden hair color tones as you want to minimize redness in your skin.

  • Blonde Category: Cool blond colors include blonde, strawberry, and champagne blonde.
  • Brown Category: In the brown category, you can pick ash, chocolate, cool dark, and espresso brown color.
  • Red Category: For red with a warmer skin tone, dark red, cherry and burgundy will work fine.

Best Hair Color Shades for Warm Tones

For warmer undertones, the color you pick improves your skin complexion and makes your facial features more prominent.

  • Blonde Category: Warm blonde color in this category includes caramel, honey, and golden blonde.
  • Brown Category: Some of the vibrant colors include chestnut, mahogany, lightly golden, and butterscotch brown.
  • Red Category: Ginger, copper, and auburn are the most prominent ones in this regard.

And that's a wrap-up on everything you need to know regarding choosing a perfect hair color for your skin type and undertones. Now, we'll cover the method that is most popular in the salons - The color chart.

Picking Hair color from the Hair Chart

Hair Color Chart

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The basics of the color chart are the same as a manual selection, you have to check your natural skin tone, the feature of your hair, and the personality you want to appoint.

Apart from this, there's no other careful selection or tip you can point to here. You can check the undertone part as well, but the main categories are still the same.

Hair Coloring Tips

  • Avoid Extreme Contrast: Try to avoid extreme color contrast that matches your color complexion.
  • Pick a color that matches your personality: In general, a natural color scheme brings out the best features and suits your every personality trait.
  • Natural vs Conventional box dye: For best results, we recommend going for Natural color shades as they are free from chemicals.
  • You can be bold as well: Picking up bold shades and color complexion automatically increases your confidence.
  • Be brave in your selection: No matter what color you choose, you will always look wonderful if you pick the right color tone.
  • Touch-Up: Make sure you follow a touch-up session after your initial coloring.
  • Washing and Cleaning: Try to not shampoo your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo after coloring. Use a conditioner if you have to.
  • Color Quiz: Still can't figure out which one is the best for you? Follow a bunch of Color Quiz questions and you're all set.

Final Words

Who doesn't love a hair makeover? After seeing all the exciting colors available in the market, we just can't help ourselves but to try these too. But it doesn't mean that you try a new shade without any concern.

The best way to pick a hair color is to check your skin complexion and undertones. Once you determine this, you can easily pick up the shade that best suits your personality.

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