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Cover Grays

Color & Condition

Colors, conditions & covers your grays naturally! our plant-based formula ensures no contact with harsh chemicals like PPD & ammonia thus keeping your hair healthy, free from damage

Henna Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye

Henna is derived from plant-based ingredients, offering maximum benefits in its purest form - free from preservatives, chemicals, or any other toxin material.

Regulate Oil


Henna is a natural conditioner that can help regulate hair oil secretion levels, offering a much balanced and enriched hair texture.

Combat Itchy


If you're suffering from an itchy scalp and would like to get rid of dandruff, then henna is your go-to hair remedy.

Improve Premature


A wonderful dyeing agent for covering grey and to help you fight the sign of aging. Mixing with other herbal powders can offer exciting shades.

Trial is on us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand the unique nature of our products, since individual results vary considerably, Our products are covered with 100% money-back satisfaction gurantee. If you are not happy with the results, please contact us and we will provide full refund (unopened packages need to be returned, fair use of the policy verified)

How they're made

Ingredients you can trust.


Pure henna, milled into powder form before undergoing a triple sifting process, forms the red orange base of our henna hair dyes.

The rich color of Indigo powder helps give our Henna hair dye its signature black, brown, and auburn shade to color and condition your hair.

Boost overall hair and scalp health when used as a hair mask, a perfect ingredient you can find in our henna hair dye collection.

Packed with essential nutrients to help ward off hair and scalp dryness, itchy scalp, premature graying, and poor scalp circulation.

Another great ingredient to soften, condition, and ease hair fall. Combined with henna to reduce hair thinning.

False daisy
Minerals in false daisy cover your hair with gorgeous sparkle and leave it shiny and fresh.