7 Best Natural & Organic Hair Dye | No Chemicals or Harmful Toxins

7 Best Natural & Organic Hair Dye | No Chemicals or Harmful Toxins

Hair dye is a regular product for a large number of people. As we see the hair industry continues to achieve new heights, terms like 'organic' and 'natural' are not currently regulated. Many people are under the impression that such products are here to save the day.

But that's not entirely true.

Natural hair color isn't something that fits all hair types. It is something that goes through a series of processes. For instance, the formulation process of certain hair dyes are different.

That being said, if you're looking for a natural hair dye, be it because you're conscious of the harsh chemicals, you're pregnant or are simply going vegan, this post will address all your sleuthing questions.

It's worth mentioning here that pure Henna is one exception to these harmful dyes, but it can have problems of its own - So, we'll discuss it in a bit.

Why is Conventional Hair Dye No Longer Considered Good?

conventional Hair Dye problems

Conventional hair dyes are everywhere - And we simply can't deny the fact that they work. In fact, they work better than natural hair dye. Generally speaking, they cover grey hairs like a champ, and are available in a variety of different shades. All of this is good until you check the ingredients.

To achieve such complexions, hair color companies add chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, ammonia, resorcinol, and paraphenylenediamine (PPD). And a great number of studies show that PPD and Ammonia are at the top of the most probable server allergic reactions list.

These chemicals have the potential to cause everything from minor skin allergies to mild irritation. Sure, ammonia can boost your hair shine for the time being, but with the passage of time, it can do more harm than ever before. Your hair might get dull and your scalp can turn itchy which often times leads to dandruff.

So, if there are all these complexities, what should a normal consumer do? What type of hair dye justifies the term 'organic' and 'natural’? But first, you have to understand the definition of ‘organic’.

What is Organic and Natural Hair Dye?

Organic hair dye is a hair color that is made with all organic botanicals that are free from pesticides and contain no chemicals. Even the farming, packaging, and distribution process of such hair dye is performed in a highly secure way. Here's a quick overview of the key highlighted differences.

Organic and Natural Chart

Other than henna, all the store-bought dyes or the ones found in beauty salons use chemicals. At large, these chemicals are synthesized substances. Even if a company claims that their products are natural and free from chemicals, it is highly impossible due to the fact that the process of an organic dye has a completely different process.

In other words, if you see hair dye that isn't Henna and claims to be organic or natural, it's most likely that it's made of synthetic ingredients that may damage your hair.

Is There Any Truly Organic and Natural Hair Dyes Available?

The only true organic and natural hair dye is Henna, but it has some drawbacks of its own. Some Henna hair dye contains metallic salts to promote a healthier and shinier look. The problem with metallic salts is that it doesn't mix well with other ingredients.

So, technically it doesn't justify the term organic since metallic salts are considered as a chemical on its own. So, anything without 100% natural organic ingredients can harm your hair.

What Organic Hair Dye is the Best?

Best organic hair dye

Henna is one of the best hair dyes one can use, all in its purest form, a great natural alternative to traditional or conventional hair dye. It is considered a good conditioner for your hair to make it thicker, shinier, and stronger. It also helps restore the pH balance of your scalp, meaning that it can help you get rid of dandruff and an itchy scalp. Not only will it be a healthier choice for your hair, but it can also help you fight the sign of aging.

Though, in terms of color, you might have to be a bit selective since there are limited set of shades. Henna colors are considered best for blondes and for someone that is looking for a darker shade due to Henna's lack of chemical lightening components. All in all, it is great stuff that you should definitely try out.

Where to Find the Best Henna Hair Dye?

Where to find the best Henna Hair Dye

The Henna Guys offer you a premium lineup for our Henna hair dye collection. Our organic hair dye collection is USDA-certified approved, with not a single drop of chemicals or value-added preservatives. In its purest form, the Henna powder can be used to color your hair naturally, add shine, boost manageability, cover grey hair, and improve overall hair health.

Mixing Henna with other herbal powders, like Indigo, can be used to create a variety of different shades. To enforce the originality of pure Henna powder, we have listed 6 Henna shades.

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The Best Organic Hair Dye Collection from The Henna Guys

  1. Organic Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye

Elevate your hair tone with our rich chocolate dark brown Henna hair dye. Perfectly formulated to offer a blend of Indigo and Henna powder, this Henna dye can condition your hair and help fight greying hairs.

All the ingredients included in the packaging are USDA-Certified with no harsh chemicals, GMO, or other unnatural ingredients. Everything is pure and in its natural form.

  1. Organic Medium Brown Henna Hair Dye

Looking for a shiny chestnut locks, you'll definitely love our organic medium brown Henna. This lighter shade is perfect to get cocoa or cinnamon hints, while the subtle undertones appear to be darkish red.

This natural hair dye formula boosts your overall hair health, with prime ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla, and Neem to enhance the color visibility and add shine. It is formulated without parabens, ammonia, or other artificial extracts. Consider this for long-lasting and vibrant hair color.

  1. Organic Jet Black Henna

A gorgeous shine to take your dramatical dark tone to a whole new level, the organic jet black plant-based dye features a handful of benefits that not only promote hair growth but also improve manageability.

Crafted from the finest of herbs nature has to offer, our organic hair dye collection is free from harsh chemicals, GMOs, and other pesticides. Formulated with natural Indigo powder, a combination of which covers your grey hair naturally.

  1. Organic Light Brown Henna

This Henna dye is perfect for those looking to try a lighter hair tone. With a soft caramel touch of flattering light brown color, we've formulated this Henna dye with natural herbs like Amla, Indigo, Bhringraj, and Neem.

Whether you want to do a little touchup of your previous Henna dye or are looking for a nourishing effect, this hair dye will definitely holds up to your prime expectations.

  1. Organic Orange Red Henna Hair Dye

Spice it up by trying red hair with a sizzling touch of orange undertones. This stylish yet safe, all-natural hair dye is a perfect choice for those who are looking to reach fiery new levels.

Certified organic and GMO-free, our vegan organic dye not only boosts your color, but also improves your hair health. All the herbs are mixed with perfection to offer the tone you're looking for.

  1. Organic Natural Red Henna Hair Dye

Formulated from the finest of herbs, this reddish-tone Henna hair dye is perfect to add a russet tone with wheat-blonde locks to your hair.

Perfect to condition your hair and add shine, this organic Henna powder covers grey hair like a champ. Not only this, but the powder can also boost manageability and improve your hair glands for a perfect straight hair experience.

  1. Organic Pure Henna

If you want to use raw organic Henna, this one is the right fit for you. Using Henna on its own gives you a light red tone. If you have blonde hair or want to do a little touch-up, use pure organic Henna powder for maximum results.

This hair dye is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and a vegan product, purest in its original form.

Things to Consider Before Using Henna

Here are some points to consider before you use Henna hair dye.

  1. It is a Permanent Hair Dye

Henna is considered a permanent hair dye, as it lasts the longest in the spectrum. The color of your hair dye is more vibrant in the first 4-6 weeks. After this, it will start to fade away from the edges. Also, keep in mind that if you've chosen a dark color tone, you can't go lighter after this.

  1. Henna can be messy

Working with Henna dye can be a bit messy, as the stain can last on your body for quite some time. Make sure that you cover your skin and face line before you start the application process. Also, Henna can feel a little awkward as it has a mud-like texture. The best ideal location for the Henna dyeing process is your bathroom.

  1. It's a bit lengthy process

Because pure Henna is free from chemicals, the application process is a bit lengthy. And it will definitely test your patience if you're shifting from conventional hair dyes. First, you have to let the paste rest for 8-10 hours, after this you apply it to your hair and let it process for 2-3 hours. In total, the process can easily take about 10 hours.

How to use Organic Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair with Henna is a relatively easy process, all you have to do is to follow a couple of steps and you're all set for a vibrant color. But before you use any of the hair colors, duly note that Henna is a permanent hair dye. Meaning that the color will last longer than your traditional hair dye. So, think ahead before you buy your favorite color.

Things you need first

Henna Dye Application Process

  1. Pour the Henna powder in a glass bowl and mix it with the liquid of your choice
  2. Stir it well until you get a smooth paste
  3. Once mixed, let the Henna paste sit for around 8-10 hours
  4. Now divide your hair into different section
  5. Apply the Henna in each section covering from the roots to the tips
  6. Make sure that you cover all of your hair
  7. Once you have applied the Henna, cover your hair with a shower cap
  8. Let it sit for 2-3 hours - you can leave it on longer to further deepen the color
  9. Rinse the Henna mixture with water
  10. Use sulfate-free conditioner to help remove the Henna mixture
  11. Do not shampoo your hair for the first 48 hours

Wrapping Up

There are tons of brands in the market, labeling their products as the best and purest in every shape and form. Using the matrices, we've mentioned above, you can easily point out which are the black sheep.

But it doesn't mean that Henna is the ultimate solution for all your hair care problems. There are still a lot of great products that you can try to ensure healthier hair. All in all, getting away from chemicals such as ammonia and paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is the key highlight here.

Frequently Asked Question

How to check the purity of hair dye?

The best way to check the product's credibility is to look at the ingredients and set certification. The henna guys organic henna dye collection is Pure and free from any chemicals. The product is USDA-certified organic.

Is organic hair dye better?

Organic hair dye is free from chemicals and preservatives. It is one of the best alternatives to dye your hair if you're tired of using conventional box dye.

How can I color my hair naturally?

The best natural hair dye to get rid of gray is using henna powder. Apply it to your hair to experience vibrant results.

What is the least damaging way to color hair?

Using henna and indigo powder is the least damaging way to cover your hair. These are perfect for someone that is looking to dye their hair without causing damage or breakage.

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