Our Vision:

Our henna hair dyes were created & started with a vision to help people with sensitive skin & scalp, as most of the hair dyes found in major retail stores contain harsh chemicals that can cause lasting damage if used long term. PPDs, ammonia & SLS are few to mention, these substances are no friend to anyone & could send you to ER if you are not aware of your allergies. With that being said, these compounds are not only harmful to people with sensitive skin, when absorbed in, but they are also one of the major reasons that cause skin diseases and breast cancer in women. We feel like we are contributing to a cause by developing, promoting natural products & spreading awareness of harms that are caused by chemicals.

Our Promise:

We source the finest quality Ingredients from ethical producers around the world. We understand the need for hair & skin care that keeps its promises and constantly in search of excellent natural ingredients to enhance the natural beauty. Our product line is developed using finest natural ingredients.

Your Satisfaction:

Switching to natural beauty products has been the latest trend these days and for obvious reasons, with so many skin diseases and cancer-causing ingredients that are being used relentlessly are a no joke to your health. All your purchases are covered by the money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, we won't be either!