How to Get the Perfect Wine Red Hair

How to Get the Perfect Wine Red Hair

Whenever it comes to latest trends and ideas about hair colors, I would hardly say No! and I am sure you would too if you think exactly like me… "if everybody is dyeing hair why not me?"

Summer was arriving and once again I was looking for the perfect pulsating shade to wear this season because I was little bored with the shades of brown I decided to go red!! And I am pretty gratified with what I decided. I am moderately sure those of you surfing the best hair color ideas for this season has developed a strong yearning to go wine red like me but would surely be confused about.

Would this wine red color look good on you or not! Don't worry I was in the same situation as you are now few days back but trust me I am much prettier now! The wine red shade adjusted strikingly with my medium fair skin tone but that doesn't mean the people with the warm skin-tones cannot wear this deep shade of red. Have a look at Rihanna's Red hair! Don't they look great on her with her dark complexion? All that matters it your attitude of carrying this wine red hair color.

Rihanna Red Hair

Though I am not a professional hairstylist working in some hair salon but I really love changing my hair color off and on, so I know enough about the different hair colors and trendy undertones that look simply amazing with them. For the selection of the hair color what I would advise you is that the only thing that you need to do is to select the flawless shade for you.

You can follow our Hair Color Theory to check which color best suits your skin complexion.

The wine red hair color is the darkest shade in the red's hair color collection (remember it is different from burgundy and deep red hair color). All the hair colors I usually use are pure henna based colors and I can define wine red as obsessive henna, I mean it is a couple of shades dark with red hugs. Undoubtedly it is extremely lovely and super cool.

Oh! The most important thing I forgot to mention about the Wine red natural hair color! As I have light brown hair when I applied this hair color I got the perfect wine red expected deep dark shade but a friend of mine who was dark blonde got different wine red shade.

It was dark red color though very fascinating to me (I would try that too next time) but that was somewhat lighter than darkest red shade. So the purpose of telling you this all is that you need to be careful about your current hair color. If you have light blonde you may need to dye your hair light brown or with some other dark hair color first otherwise you will get the light shade than pure wine red.

Ok! So as I am telling you how you would get the deep wine hair, I would also love to share about how I applied the wine red hair color to my hair as well. As I told you before I am not the hairstylist myself but I have enough experience of dyeing my own hair perfectly for many years as I keep changing my hair color often since I was in high school.

I have been using the natural hair dyes always because I don't afford to damage my hair with synthetic hair dyes that have additives and chemical pigments. Moreover, they can be very dangerous for the people with the sensitive skin issues so I would advise you too to always stay pure and natural. Most of you would be avoiding natural hair dyes because its application can be really messy but I assure you results would be above anticipations.

When it comes to applying the hair color I find it really hectic to go to some hair salon. It is not like that I have never been to hair salon for the purpose of dyeing my hair, in fact resting on the salon's chair and letting somebody play with your hair is very relaxing, but still waiting for your turn, then waiting for the hair dye to dry out completely and develop in your hair and then the heavy cost they charge you prevents me from rushing to the salon and I am more comfortable in dyeing my hair myself at home because it is actually very simple and convenient, you can apply the color and can do some other work at home too (for sure not possible in the salon).

Now for the amount of the wine red hair dye powder, it depends on your hair length and hair density. For the shoulder length hair like mine 100 grams of the hair dye powder would be quite enough. For those who have the twisty or curly hair may need 200 grams for the same length. And of course for the long hair, the quantity would increase.

Things you would need:

Before you start the application you must have the following things on your mirror shelf:

The wine red henna, a plastic bowl, a plastic spoon, an old towel and a shirt too (because henna is always more messy to apply than the synthetic dyes), the saran wrap, plastic shower cap, plastic gloves, the comb and color applying brush, hair clips (necessary if you have the thick long hair)  and of course the petroleum jelly.

So, dress up in some old shirt and remove everything important from your workplace too that you don't want to color with the wine red henna. When everything is set, start mixing the henna. For the safe and effective application, follow the following steps:

Step#1: Mix the henna:

Pour the red wine henna powder in the plastic bowl; the amount should be in accordance with your hair length. For the short length hair, 4.5 tbsp would be sufficient, for the shoulder length hair 8 tbsp, for the mid length hair 1 pack of 200g would be enough and for the hip length hair, you may need 300g of the wine red henna powder.

Add the warm water to the powder. Remember, you need the yogurt like consistency (add the calculated amount of water). Mix thoroughly until no powder is left dry. Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap and keep it aside for an hour.

Step#2: Section your hair:

Your hair needs to be clean and dry. Brush them properly. Section your hair with the comb and tie all the other sections with the hair clips except one at the back from where you would start applying the henna.

Step#3: Save your skin:

Apply the thin layer of the petroleum jelly, any balm you use or Vaseline on your hairline and face because the henna tends to bleed and the petroleum jelly will save your skin from dyeing or staining. Wash your hands afterward.

Step#4: Apply the henna on your hair:

Most importantly; wear the gloves. Stir the henna mixture once again and start applying on the hair with the help of the coloring brush. Start from the end and apply till the roots. Apply the thick layer of the henna. Once the section is covered with the wine red henna roll it to stay on the head. Complete the application process section by section.

Step#5: After the application:

Once the application is done, remove the gloves and clean the excess henna from the skin with the help of wet tissue. The jelly you applied at the start of the coloring process will make it easy. After this, immediately wrap your hair in the saran wrap, it will help the color to develop more nicely.

You may wear the shower cap over the saran wrap. Leave the henna in hair and keep yourself busy for 5 hours. The longer time application will develop the more dark and permanent color.

Step#6: Wash the hair:

After 5 hours you need to wash your hair with the warm water. Put your hair in the sink and let the water run through your hair. To see the clear water running you will have to wait for 15 minutes at least. Don't use shampoo for at least 48 hours so that the color can develop. As this is a pure henna dye it will continue to for 2 to 3 days.

And yes! For those who are using the henna-based hair dye for the first time, they may need 3-4 applications to get the actual color because henna takes the time to recognize your hair but once you start applying the henna-based hair dye, I am sure you will never go back to the synthetic hair dyes. Use conditioner for two days and after that, you can use shampoo.

Step#7: Dry your hair

After washing, dry your hair and enjoy the color and feel the softness and shine that the natural hair dye has imparted to your hair.

Tips to look gorgeous in Wine Red Hair:

  • Select the dark colored clothes and wear light make-up with the wine red hair.
  • The high buns and hairstyles with curly manes look more attractive with the wine red hair.
  • You will need to take much care because of this wine red color is relatively difficult to maintain. Avoid the very often hot showers and don't sleep with the wet hair because it will stain your favorite pillow cover and bed sheet.
  • The henna based hair dye outcomes are always dependent on the base color of your hair. So always do a search before using any henna-based hair color.
That's all… Enjoy hennaing with different colored natural hair dyes and admire your hair!

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