Best Deep Red Henna Hair dye To Get A Red Head

Best Deep Red Henna Hair dye To Get A Red Head

Deep red hair dye is the most intense shade of red available in the range of red henna hair dye by “The Henna guys”. They offer a number of red shades with different undertones, but deep red is the color that is deprived of all sorts of brown undertones and you’ll notice that it is a shade or two darker than the original redness that Henna naturally comes with.

Deep Red henna hair dyeing won’t disappoint you because it is so rich in color, nourishes hair without doing anything fancy and binds to the hair shaft for much a longer time than regular hair dyes do.

Absolutely natural

The henna guys have clearly aced it when it comes to making an effective yet totally chemical-free henna hair dye. Deep red henna hair dye is made up by powdered henna leaves that are organically grown and are fresh. The hair dye packets shouldn't stay in storage for a long time because it will become old and lose some percentage of its dyeing capability. It is hand-sifted as well. Once you get the deep red henna hair dye by “The henna guys” right in your hands, you will realize that it is sealed extremely well to ensure the freshness, purity and potency of the hair dye.

Hair Health

Henna hair dyes are much more than hair pigmentation. They are the ultimate and the sole beauty product you need for thick and luscious hair. If you are someone who is always up for the healthy hair look then you must try henna hair dyeing. It not only colors the hair shafts, but enables hair to house moisture in it. The scalp successfully holds up to its natural oils and lets you avoid troubles of dryness and itchiness.


A lot of individuals out there might be ever-ready to go red but the only thing keeping them from doing so is the high pricing of dyeing regimens. Henna hair dyeing won’t deflate your wallet, in fact it can be done at home. Remember, you might need to be patient with henna hair dyeing process at home but it is worth every minute.

The henna guys provide the best henna hair dye in a cost which is not at all high. Forget about shelling out dollars and dollars for achieving your favorite shade of red hair now and order right away.

Deep red shade

This shade is truly red. It got on everyone's wishlist when Rihanna dyed her hair strikingly red back in 2012.  Well, the wish might still be unfulfilled or the deep red dyeing didn’t come out that perfect. It is time to try it again or maybe just try it for the very first time. But, this time with deep red henna hair dye from “The Henna Guys”.


The shade itself comes out beautifully on a deep golden complexion and even works wonders for a person who has an olive-colored skin. It also adds immensely to the attractive brown eyes.

Red shades tend to add dimension to hair. So, if your hair is at a sophisticated length and you want them to look better in terms of volume then you must get that copper tinge to your hair.

Slightly unpredictable

We all are aware of the fact that dyes don’t “always” come out as we expect them or as it is promised via a picture of a model on the dye box. Henna too, is slightly unpredictable owing to the fact that the staining molecule in henna is held onto differently by each hair. This creates variation in the shades of hair after hair dyeing. However, this hand-harvested henna from the indigenous hearty soils will only vary a shade or two. There won’t be any disasters, but the shade might vary a little.

For that, you can always reapply henna after a week. This makes sense because hair dyeing is no longer about a high cost or a big load of chemical exposure to hair. Make sure you don’t keep the henna hair dye paste on for a night-long because this would intensify the color immensely. Bad news: There’s no way to go a shade lighter after hair dyeing. Henna lightens on its own with time.

Gray Hair Coverage

Henna hair dyeing won’t leave out any stubborn gray hair on your head. That’s a promise. Cover up those grays like never before and feel confident. It will keep the gray hair fixed for a much longer time than usual commercial hair dyes do.

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Not Shure what henna colour to use.wanting a cool bright red tone.

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