Orange Red Henna For Hair


Orange Red Henna

The orange-red color is a jazzy combination of red and orange color. It has a wide range of hues starting from atomic tangerine and to auburn. All of these shades of orange-red color can be used as the high and low lights on the orange-red hair color or hair dye. 

This Orange Red henna is made with 100% pure Henna as its key element. This hair color will maintain the texture and protect the natural shine of hair. There are few things to remember before using the orange-red hair color: This color cannot lighten your already dark hair.

Ingredients: Pure Henna (Lawsonia Inermis)

How to Apply Dark Brown Henna?

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  • How do you get different colors in henna? Are there ingredients added to the basic henna powder?


    We achieve different colors from henna by adding other natural ingredients such as indigo powder which contains bluish tint naturally, cassia obovata, and red clay in deep red/wine red etc, with that being said, all our henna hair dyes are 100% natural.

    Using different proportions of same natural ingredients help us achieving different shades, from jet black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, red, orange red, natural red, wine red and deep red.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hello, I want to try your orange red henna to color my hair. I've used henna for many years from another company with great results and know how to mix it well for coloring my hair. I am curious to know how your orange red henna is so orange when it is 100% henna. Another company has a similar color of henna but it also has cassia obovata added to it. How is your orange red henna different from your red henna? Are they both 100% henna or have you added something to make the orange red version more orange? Thank you,

    Thank you for your questions. Our orange red is 100% pure henna but it is processed thru heat more then regular henna to acheive that color. 

    Thank you

  • As a person with very long hair (about middle to lower back length), how many packs of the 7.0oz bags would you recommend (for thin hair as well as thick hair.)?

    You will need to purchase 2 packs for your hair. You may be using 1.5 packs of it. Also please note henna is 100grams 3.5oz. 7oz is the shipping weight. Sorry for the confusion. 

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