8 Best Essential Oil for Beard Growth & Thickness

8 Best Essential Oil for Beard Growth & Thickness

Growing a lush beard is a MANLY feature. It happens without much effort for some, and for others, you might need some essential nutrients to grow it well.

While your body is perfectly capable of growing a beard to some extent, you can always boost or improve the process by using essential oils. You see, essential oils can be a great tool in your beard-grooming arsenal. Not only can they hydrate and moisturize your skin, but they also improve the texture, add shine, and fix frizzy hair naturally.

So, what are some of the best essential oils for beard growth? Let's find out!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the oils extracted from plants and herbs. For extraction, different methods are followed as per the plant potency. The oil packs the characteristics and properties of the plant that is great for skin care and hair care, along with aromatherapy and wellness.

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated as they are directly extracted from the plant sources, so they need to be diluted with carrier oils before use.

Why use essential oil for beard growth?

why use essential oil for beard growth

The natural oil process of our body is affected by a lot of factors. This includes our poor hygiene, lack of sleep, food, environmental pollution, and other activities.

What essential oils do is they help cleanse, repair, strengthen, and support growth for a healthier look. They can also help with dryness, buildup, flaking, itchiness, and remove signs of beardruff. All in all, it's great stuff, and you should definitely use them.

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Best Essential oil for Beard Growth

For a healthy, natural, shiny, and great-looking beard, add the following oils to your beard-grooming arsenal.

  1. Grapeseed Essential Oil

An important source of nutrients and antioxidants, perfect to protect your skin from environmental pollution. Grapeseed oil contains high content of omega-6 fatty acids that are known to hydrate and nourish your skin. When used as a beard growth oil, it rapidly absorbs into your skin and provides a soothing experience to nourish from within.

How to use it

Grapeseed oil can be directly applied to your skin. You can use it two times daily to get vibrant results.

  1. Avocado Oil

Often referred to as a superfood because of its endless benefits for your hair and skin - Avocado oil is packed with essential nutrients like proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins A, D, and E.

All these nutrients contribute to beard growth. On top of this, Avocado oil has natural collagen, making your beard feel fresh and hydrated when applied.

How to use

Avocado oil is a career oil and can be applied directly to your beard.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Beardruff is a common issue that results in itchiness and flakiness on the skin surface. Because of its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is perfect for soothing an itchy beard. It strengthens the hair follicles, conditions hair, adds shine, and improves growth.

Along with this, tea tree oil also deep cleanses pores and controls excess oil, moisturizes hair for a softer and shinier look, and promotes a healthy appearance of both your beard hair and skin underneath.

How to use it

Tea tree oil is an essential oil and should be diluted with a carrier oil before use. For this, you can use almond, castor, coconut, or olive oil.

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil

The reason why we mentioned virgin coconut oil is because of the extraction process. Virgin oils tend to be more beneficial compared to regular oils as they use more quantity of the ingredients - hence higher the price. Virgin coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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The combined effect of all these elements not just moisturizes your beard but also controls unruly hairs and gets your beard to shape. And it is common knowledge that hydrated and softer hair is easier to grow and manage.

How to use it:

Coconut oil can be applied directly to your beard. You can massage your hair follicles with it or leave it overnight. Just make sure you don’t apply too much oil.

  1. Castor Oil

Extracted from the seeds of a plant known as Ricinus Communis (No, it's not a harry potter magic).

Castor oil has been found extremely beneficial for hair growth. It regulates collagen production and effectively aids dandruff because of its antifungal properties. The oil is packed with Vitamin E and other essential nutrients to boost hair shine, add volume, improve frizz, and make your hair silky smooth.

How to use it:

Take 2-3 drops of castor oil and massage the skin underneath your beard. For best results, use it twice daily.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

A bit tingling to feel, peppermint oil is yet another great oil, perfect to soothe your skin and improve growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil make it ideal to use in deep conditioning and cleansing products.

The oil has been used for thousands of years as a fragrance flavoring agent, but its recent usage is more involved with fighting bacteria and germs.

How to use it:

Add a few drops of peppermint oil in your beard wash or apply directly to the roots. The oil will help stimulate hair follicles, resulting in effective beard growth.

  1. Cedarwood Essential Oil

An extremely versatile oil that serves many uses including skincare, hair care, aromatherapy, and cosmetics. When applied to the skin, cedarwood essential oil enhance blood circulation and improve growth.

So, no matter if you have a patchy beard or would like to add a bit of a shine, cedarwood is your go-to essential oil.

How to use it:

Mix it with career oils such as jojoba or argan oil and gently massage it onto your skin. You can wash it afterward or let it be.

  1. Jojoba Oil

A unique oil that is close to the natural structure of sebum. Jojoba oil is rich in a number of benefits for skin and beard and can help strengthen the follicles, improve growth, hydrate the skin, moisture and keep the skin saturation levels managed.

It also helps with beard acne, reduces signs of itching, makes thin hair thicker, and removes any bacteria that cause beardruff.

It is a complete package that is perfect for both your hair and beard care needs.

How to use it:

Jojoba oil can be applied directly to your beard. Just take a few drops and gently massage your beard hair. Leave it overnight or apply in the morning.

You can also add a few drops in your beard wash or your beard coloring.

Moisturizing Beard Growth Oil

Moisturizing beard growth oil

Although all of these oils are great for your beard, but if you want to save yourself from the trouble of mixing them, why not buy a product that contains them all?

The henna guys moisturizing beard oil is a mixture of:

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Marula Oil
  • Avocado Oil

A blend of all-natural ingredients to hydrate, moisturize, soften, condition, and improve your facial hair growth. With daily application, your beard will not only feel smooth, but it will also get rid of frizzy hair, beardruff, and bacteria that cause free radicals.

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