Lavender Oil Benefits for Hair: The Magical Retreat

Lavender Oil Benefits for Hair: The Magical Retreat

The beauty world has been experimenting with various essential oils to discover the surprising benefits of these oils.

Amongst all these magic oils, the purple buzz has been a great talk of the town. Yes, we are talking about the lavender essential oil!

Due to its numerous benefits and exotic scent, people hoard lavender essential oil to inhale the relaxation vibes.

The Story Behind the Purple Stir

Now grown globally, Lavender Oil's roots can be traced to the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and Russia, and it is derived from the purple plant through the steam distillation process. First, the petals are steamed carefully, and the steam is collected to separate the oil. That oil has created a stir worldwide due to its therapeutic significance and relaxing scent.

Lavender oil has been a part of medicine since ancient times, and today its significance has increased. Its notoriety has led to unfold the benefits this oil offers, like putting an end to anxiety and stress misery, some hours of peaceful sleep, healthy hair growth, and having some natural glow on your face.

The Purple Buzz and Its Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil

Now, lavender oil benefits for hair and mental health are in demand, and people are happy with the results. Let's find out how you can uncover the magic of the incredible lavender essential oil.

  • Lavender Oil De-stresses Your Stressful Misery 

We live in stressful times and are continuously bombarded with stressors that keep us anxious. Every other person breaks down due to anxiety kicking in with force. But, stress can be managed with the help of aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil is used in aromatherapy, where it is diffused in a diffuser to breathe it in. It leaves a calming effect on people suffering from anxiety and elevates their mood. The exotic scent makes the mind relaxed and keeps our worries at bay! So who doesn't want their stress to slip away by just inhaling an odor that is both powerful and enticing?

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  • Lavender Oil Induces Deep Slumber 

We usually toss and turn at night, thinking about the mistakes we had made in the past or the replies that we could have given to our bullies. The work and deadlines keep us awake to stimulate more stress, resulting in insomnia.

We believe in the slogan 'there is always a solution to every problem.' Here Lavender essential oil is the answer that comes to your rescue! A few minutes of purple whiff before going to bed can help you sleep better and peacefully. If you've been using it as a stress reliever in the form of aromatherapy, your sleep will also become better eventually.

  • Lavender Oil Brings Glow to Your Face 

If you're worried about your skin and trying out different products, we advise you to add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to your moisturizer. The lavender oil also brings a natural glow to your face and can help you get rid of dead skin, acne and dullness. You can also make a toner by mixing a few drops of lavender oil in water and spraying it on your face. Well, hello, radiant skin!

  • Lavender Essential Oil for Hair: One Answer Fits All 

As we talked about stress, we know and have experienced terrible adverse effects of stress on our hair. The shine slips away, and the hair starts shedding, and you'll find dozens of hair strands everywhere. To end your hair fall dilemma, you can also use lavender oil for hair!

Imagine combing your hair only to find hundreds of hair strands on your hairbrush, worrying about going bald, and adding up more to a huge stack of your stress! But, the world has seen impressive results when we found out that we can use lavender oil for hair growth! If you've been using lavender oil by inhaling it, your hair will also see some positive results as it naturally improves your hair health and the condition of your scalp.

On the contrary, if it is applied topically on your scalp and hair, the results have been very promising as it enhances hair growth, and you'll also end up with a problem-free scalp. So, it is time to bid goodbyes to your hair problem as the purple buzz has been proved your savior!

The Correct Usage of Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

The correct usage of lavender oil

So, we know that there is some magic potion out there – Lavender Oil, that can completely eradicate your hair fall issue. But, the question that keeps you one step away from perfect hair health is how can you apply lavender essential oil for hair to achieve better results? We are here to unlock the ways to help your hair grow back with an ideal flare and bounce!

  • Massaging Lavender Oil into Your Scalp

We know that oiling is essential for your hair health. So instead of worrying about getting bald and confused as to which oil we should choose out of a plethora of brands and types, we should rest our case with lavender oil!

To reap the maximum lavender oil benefits for hair, you can use it topically as massage oil. But, it is better to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil, as the lavender oil is highly concentrated. Gently massage for 5 minutes and rinse it or wrap your hair overnight to have better results.

  • Adding Lavender Oil to Your Hair Products 

The lavender oil can also be added to the shampoo that you love to use to maximize your hair growth and let your hair smell divine! All you have to do is take a few drops of oil, mix the normal amount of shampoo on your palm, and massage your hair and scalp. It is advisable to leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse.

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The lavender oil can also be added to other hair products like serums and hair masks to improve your hair health as it leaves behind a bouncy-shiny effect and heavenly fragrance.

  • Buying Products With a Lavender Touch

We use various hair products, and most of us do not know what is best for our hair and scalp. Lavender essential oil is also used in many products like hair serums and masks, and investing in those products can also contribute to better hair health.

Do you want to be a part of the Purple Buzz? 

Imagine buying a product that can change your life and prepares you for a healthy mind? Lavender Essential oil for hair by The Henna Guys is all you need! From stress to your hair health, it caters to all problems that have hindered the peace of your mind!

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