Organic Castor Oil - Natural Hair Growth Booster

$ 12.97

Product Description

Get healthier, more vibrant hair with help from our USDA-Certified Organic Castor Oil. Why turn to chemical-based solutions when castor oil helps promote hair growth naturally?

  • USDA certified organic Cold-pressed Castor Oil - The Henna Guys castor is 100% pure, authentic, and natural.
  • Hair Growth: Grow thick and long hair in a quick natural way without damaging the follicles.
  • Hair Treatment: Pure castor oil is a full-own hair treatment for dry, scalp, and brittle hair as well.
  • Multipurpose oil: Conditions your hair, lashes, and brows
Why The Henna Guys

🌿 Promotes hair growth

🌿 Better hair flexibility

🌿 Improved scalp health

🌿 Increased shine and gloss

🌿 Protection from heat styling, pollution

How to use it

Hair Mask: Warm-up 3-4 amount of Organic Castor oil in your hands and massage gently onto dry scalp. Leave it for 45-60 minutes before washing it with warm water.

For optimal results, wash your hair with Sulfate-free shampoo. Pair it with lavender essential oil to enhance its benefits and create a relaxing experience.

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