Essential oils have been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for

Skincare Haircare Aromatherapy

Our steam distilled process ensures you receive the finest quality to help support

Enhance Hair

Infused with all essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, essential oils not just improve your overall hair growth, but also control hair fall, increase shine, and make your
hair silky.

Moisturize and Condition

Taking care of hair, especially if it’s long, is done easily with essential oil. Find the right product and get vibrant, beautiful hair that indulges your tresses.

Curb Hair Fall

Essential oils, when used alone or combined with some other ingredients, serve as a natural shield to control hair fall – Use lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, or tea tree for best hair treatment.

Fight Sign of Aging

Essential oils contain active ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin and inhibit the elastase, collagenase, and enzymes - Resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Natural Sunblock

Why use sunblock when you can protect your skin with natural oils? Essential oils such as Baobab Lavender, sandalwood, rosemary contains Vitamin E that absorb the excessive energy of UV rays.

Preserve Collagen

The antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties found in essential oil help preserve natural collagen in our skin - Thus offering natural shine, glow, and a vibrant skin tone.

Our Oils

Do Not Contain

Artificial fragrance, colors, sweeteners, shellfish, soy, yeast, agave, or

are infused in any other ingredient.

How they are used

When it comes to natural oils, you can find tons of names in the market. From steam distilled essential oil to USDA organic carrier oils, there’s always an oil available for your need. Not only are they used to tame your mane or to improve your natural look, but they are also used in aromatherapy to support health and well-being.

At the henna guys, we offer the finest quality of essential oils - processed from the Steam distilled method. All of our essential oil collection is natural, free from any preservatives, and chemicals - 100% pure, food & therapeutic grade, from seed to seal

Skin Care

Follow a recipe or use individually - Dilute your favorite essential oil with a carrier oil and apply the mixture to your skin for a soothing experience.

Hair Care

Using hair oils is a hot trend, from products infused with essential oils to homemade DIY recipes, find your favorite essential and carrier oils from The Henna Guys.


The most common use of essential oil is to inhale them through a humidifier or a diffuser - The aromatic scent offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits.