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General Beard Shaving Questions

What is organic shaving?

Organic shaving is a term that involves products made of pure and natural ingredients. This includes essential oils, carrier oils, butter, and other extracts that are safe for your skin. As organic shaving products are made of mild ingredients, they don’t cause any allergic reaction to your skin and result in a smooth and clean shave.

What are shaving alternatives?

Shaving alternatives are a series of products that you can use to shave your beard. For example, a good shaving alternative is a butter – made of natural ingredients to offer a perfect glide. Plus, they are safe to use on sensitive skin and don’t cause any allergic reactions.

What is shaving butter?

Shaving butter is a mild, skin-safe, natural shaving product that is made of shea butter, essential oils, and other natural extracts to tackle the most rigid and toughest beards. They are used as other shaving products and on the bright side don’t require any moisturization after you’re done shaving.

What is shave butter vs cream?

Shaving butter is a product made of butter, essential oils, and other natural extracts. Shaving creams, on the other side, are made up of chemical ingredients. that may cause allergies to your skin if you have sensitive skin.

What is pre-shave oil?

Pre-shave oil works by moisturizing skin and softening hair follicles which results in reduced friction with razor glide resulting in smooth, irritation-free shaving and cuts & bruise-free aftershave experience.

How to use pre-shave oil?

Take a few drops of pre-shave oil and gently massage the area you want to shave. Once it’s fully massaged, use your favorite shaving alternative to prepare your skin and shave accordingly.

How should a beard be shaved?

When shaving your beard, you should use high-quality shaving cream or butter and a sharp razor. Lather the face and use your other hand to pull your skin back. Shave carefully with the direction of the hair growth, and rinse the razor every few times to get a cleaner and closer shave.

General Beard Care Questions

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a blend of all-natural ingredients that are used to nourish, soften, hydrate, and condition your facial hair. They also promote beard growth and help with beardruff and patchy beards.

Do beard oils do anything?

Yes! They definitely do as they are essential for keeping your beard soft and conditioned while reducing itchiness.

Are beard oils effective?

With daily application, your beard will not only feel smooth, but it also helps get rid of frizzy hair, and beardruff. Beard oils are as effective to your beard as regular oil is to your hair. They not only promote the right amount of oil onto your skin but also results in a sleek and stylish look.

Should I apply beard oil before bed?

Because beard oils are made up of essential ingredients, it is safe to use them before bedtime. In fact, most beard dudes use them twice daily, to promote a healthier and fuller beard.

How do I use beard oil?

Take a few drops of beard oil (as per the length) and rub it slowly on your fingers. Now gently massage your fingers to the skin of your beard. Cover every direction including the mustache and neckline. Once done, use a beard brush or comb to distribute the oil evenly.

What is a beard balm?

A beard balm is a moisturizing product, but unlike beard oil is mostly used for styling and straightening the beard. They are made of thick waxes and butter to promote growth, eliminate itchiness, and keep your facial hair fresh and shiny.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm?

Both products are good on their own terms and should be used simultaneously. Use beard oil first on your skin to provide it with all the nourishment. After this, use beard balm to make it stylish and shiny all day.

What can I do about my beard patches?

To help with beard patches, use beard oil to promote growth and provide your skin with all the nourishment it needs. After this, keep on maintaining your hygiene, use a proper beard brush, wash it often, and your patches will be fixed.

Why is beard care important?

Beard care maintains and keeps both your beard and skin healthy. Having a routine for your beard will make it look and feel softer and shinier, overall healthier.

What is a good beard routine?

Brush your beard dry, trim your beard to prevent split ends, wash your beard 2-3 times a week, and use beard oils and balms.

Should I comb my beard daily?

Yes, combing your beard every day is essential as it will keep your beard looking more neat and fuller. By combing your beard daily, you will start to train your facial hair to grow in the right direction as well.

General Beard Wash Questions

Why use a sulfate-free beard wash?

Sulfate-free beard wash ensures that your facial hair does not lose its moisture and they remain soft and shiny after washing. They also contain essential oils that promote growth, make your hair fuller, patch-free and hydrated.

What is a sulfate-free wash?

A sulfate-free wash is a product made of skin-safe ingredients. Sulfates tend to remove the natural moisture of your skin, which is important for hair growth and keeping our skin healthy. Sulfate-free wash uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to wash your beard, without affecting the skin's natural moisture.

Do I have to wash my beard every day?

Although washing your beard every day seems like the right move, doing it more often will eliminate the natural oil production of your skin. This results in itchiness, irritation, and sometimes beardruff. Aim to wash it every couple of days, preferably 2-3 times a week.