How to Fix Patchy Beard in 8 Simple Steps

How to Fix Patchy Beard in 8 Simple Steps

Gentlemen! We're in the resurrection of a full beard 'revival'. Long served beard has always been a symbol of masculinity, and virility. From actors to businessmen, all the way to baristas - Everybody seems to have loved a full beard.

Now, this is great for guys that can grow a full-fledged beard. But for many of us, the idea of a full, thick, luscious beard is like a fairy tale.

First of all, a patchy beard is nothing to be ashamed of. But it's also understandable if you want to take the matter into your hands. Leveraging the whiskers, you have into minimizing or improving is the key highlight here.

Patchy Beard Growth 101 – The Waiting Game!

patchy beard growth

The good news is that as you age up, your beard grows as well. Remember in the earliest of days, you will have patchy hair. Some parts of your chin line will have thick hair while others will have curly hair.

Your beard will chronically increase once you grow up. Patches will be automatically filled, and the facial hair will become thicker and luscious. So, in short, time is what you all need.

But this isn't the tip we've discussed in the title? Don't worry, you can grow your beard by following a number of different beard maintenance tactics. It's the same thing behind hair thickness if you have light facial hair.

How to Fix Patchy Beard

Here are a handful of beard growing tactics that you can naturally apply.

  1. Let it grow or keep it short

Let it Grow or keep it short

Here's the first tip, stick it in your mind. A wise man once said:

Patience is the key to facial hair growth. (Wise man)

Most of the guys shave their facial hair real fast in the first phase of hair growth. Don't freak out if you have patchy hair. Instead, give it time to naturally grow and rock on. Wait until a full month before you go shave your hair. After a while, you will feel the difference.

The first few months are also important for you, because it will determine if the beard suits your appearance or not. If it won't just keep it short - Simple as that.

Here’s a fun part, some gentlemen grow red or orange facial hair while their head hair is jet black. Facial hair is a totally different animal. Bottom line, give it some time.

  1. Keep it Trimmed, Align, or Shaped!

Beard trimming

If appearance matters to you a lot, and the waiting game is not your type - Go ahead and trim your beard. Depending on where the patches fit, you can trim your hair in a creative way. Like flattering the angles along the patch line or making some sort of style.

Internet is your friend here. If you're using a trimmer on your own, make sure to watch some YouTube videos on how to trim your hair. If you're going to a professional hair salon, bring photographs of the beard style you want.

  1. Stimulate Hormone Production

Stimulate Hormone Production

This is where things get a little technical. Androgens are hair regulator found on our facial beard line, that basically controls the growth process. This hormone thickens and lengthens your hair follicles, while also giving a darker color.

So, basically, Androgens are the main 'protagonist' of the story.

Luckily, there are quite some ways that can be followed to kick start your Androgens production. The best of these is to eat well. Make sure that the food you eat contains iron, zinc, and Omega-3.

Some of the foods which contain these minerals include milk, cauliflower, avocado, bananas, almonds, mushrooms, tuna, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and white meat.

  1. Get your body in shape

get your body in shape

You can't just sit all day and expect a good natural lifestyle, right? Exercise plays a vital role in the overall development of your body.

Long story short, it helps increase blood circulation and testosterone - both of which play a vital role in your facial hair growth process. So, grab your sneakers from the closet and go for a run. See the wonders of nature, you will like the results.

  1. Invest in a Beard Brush or Comb

beard comb

Just like your body, your facial hair also needs exercise. And the best exercise tool for your hair is a hair brush. A typical beard brush has a wood base and boar hair bristles. These are extremely easy to find and are relatively affordable in terms of pricing.

Once you get it, train your hair to actually lay and grow in a specific direction. Brush side-ways on the area that have the patches. This will drastically reduce the appearance of those areas, leading to more even facial hair.

  1. Condition your Hair

condition your beard

A month later, if you go like ‘Damn, my hair is still patchy’ – Here’s the last resort. Use a natural conditioner for your hair. And (drumroll, please!) the best natural moisturizers you can find are beard oil and beard balm.

beard oil

Beard oil will naturally moisturize your facial hair, leading to hair growth and thickness. It also helps control stubborn hair and evenly fills the patchy spots.

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While beard oil is a perfect nourisher, a beard balm is perfect for a styling process. They are packed with conditioning ingredients like essential oils and butter.

  1. Fix your sleeping cycle

fix your sleep pattern

Using your phone all night won't help you get anything better. I know this sounds strange but changing your sleep patterns can prove wonders for your facial hair.

How? It's because sleep affects your hormone products. And like we said in the third point, better hormone control leads to better beard hair.

  1. Give Yourself a Break

give yourself a break

A lot of the time, growing facial hair boils down to time and genetics. Unfortunately, some people may never grow a beard. Sorry to be the bearer of the sad news, but that's how it all works.

There's no shortcut to genetics improvements. There are products available out there that claim to stimulate your facial hair.

Don't fall for the trap!

There's absolutely nothing that can help you, well in terms of genetics. More importantly, there are no long-term researches that justify the claim. So, in short, whatever you have. Feel proud of it and don't stress out.

Maybe you look more handsome and stylish having a clean shave.


So, there you have it, all the tips and tricks to help you grow facial hair. To summarize the discussion, we will still weight the point of patience!

Your beard will take time, but eventually, you will get the results. The second option would be to go for natural moisturizers and conditioners. Because these are organic products, they can naturally stimulate your hair follicles.

We hope you learned something from our blog. Share it with your friends and let them know how to fix a patchy beard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my beard patchy?

It can be caused by many things including genetics, poor diet, lack of sleep, fungal infection, hormonal imbalances, age, and more.

How to fill in a patchy beard?

Although it is difficult to fight genetics, standard beard care like beard moisturization can help fix some issues.

How effective are the beard care products?

As long as you use natural products, made of organic material you will automatically feel the difference. Don't use chemicals on your face.

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