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Organic Pure Henna

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Organic Henna

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USDA Certified Organic Henna                                                                

★ All Pure & Natural: This package includes Certified Organic Pure Henna Powder ( Lawsonia Inermis) 100% Body Art Quality Henna. No Fillers, No Dilutions, No Paraben, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Additives. The Highest Premium Grade
★ Best Value : Packed in Huge Aluminum Foil Bag with airtight environment for Longest Shelve Life. 1 Pack = 100 Grams pure baq Henna.
★ Friendly Reminder: This Henna  CAN NOT Lighten your Dark hair color, will Not work on black hair. ( Individual Results May Vary)
★ Excellent Natural Alternative: to chemical hair dyes, Pesticides FREE, Zero Chemicals, Zero Metallic Salts
★ Chemical Free: This Product Is FREE of chemicals & color developers that are required to change the color of your dark hair .

    What is Henna?

    Henna is basically a blossoming plant that belongs to the Genus Lawsonia. Most of us know Henna as a dye that is used abundantly as for dying hair, skin, nails and some cloth like wool and leather. As the body art, henna is much adored especially by the girls, who apply henna to their hands and feet in the form of delicate and lovely designs. As the hair dye, pure henna is preferable as it is free from every type of chemicals that can harm your hair. In fact, pure henna if applied to the hair regularly can make your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy. Based on the color, pure henna has three types, Natural Henna that has a lovely natural reddish-brown color, Neutral Henna which has no color but can be used on hair for its natural antiseptic properties, and Black Henna which is not pure henna but has the indigo powder mixed with henna. The Pure Henna is used by males and females of every age group.
    The 100% pure henna is made up the crushed leaves of the shrub that are called as Lawsonia Inermis. With no harmful additives and irritants, it is very safe to use on your hair and skin. This henna can also be used to dye beard. The use of pure henna besides providing the beautiful color to your hair also soothes your scalp and repairs your hair while communicating a very glistening shine.

    How to Apply Organic Pure Henna?

    •    Always apply the henna to fresh and clean hair so the color may stick on to your hair for the relatively long time.
    •    Always refer to your hairdresser before changing your hair color.
    •    Test the henna on the skin, if it is irritating or harsh to your skin do not use the product.
    •    This henna will not lighten your dark hair.
    •    The estimated usable quantity is mentioned at the back of the pack; follow the measurements to avoid the wastage of henna powder.
    •    Use petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the hairline before the application of the henna.
    •    The color might bleed to follow the directions given below carefully in order to avoid bleeding.
    Wear some old shirt. Take a bowl and mix the henna powder with water. Mix the mixture thoroughly until you get the pudding like consistency. Leave the henna for two hours. After that section your hair with the comb and apply the color after wearing the plastic gloves that are provided in the hair color pack. Apply the henna to the tips of the hair for maintaining the hair color. After the application covers the head with the shower cap and leave it for 3 to 5 hours. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water. Use shampoo within 24 to 48 hours of rinsing. The henna color would continue to develop for 48 to 72 hours.

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