What is White Henna

What is White Henna? Is it a clear alternative for Pure Henna?

Since the evolution of the term "body art", we've seen many products in the market. Ranging from temporary body art to permanent, there are just so many options to look into.  

But there's one body art that has gained massive popularity in the past couple of months. You may have seen it at your friend's birthday party or perhaps on social media, it's all over the news.

Yup! That's white henna. It has become a major form factor in the western-civilization as many of the designers already use it.

But what is white henna? Has it been replaced by the good old fashion red henna?

If you have more questions on your mind, worry not! Because in this post, we've shared everything you might want to know when it comes to white henna.

What is White Henna?

What is white henna

Contrary to the name, white henna is not actual "henna dye". It's an adhesive body paint that may look and feel like actual henna, but it's not. Actual henna is made from the leaves of the henna plant itself. It leaves a stain on your body in a red/brown tone. In terms of white henna, it doesn’t contrast with your skin and leaves a dark color tone. It just stays on the upper layer of your skin for a limited set of time.

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Depending on the product you use, some companies add white glitters and metallic ingredients to make it look shinier. Though white henna is not recommended by experts, it's still in fashion. Many Instagram celebrities, YouTubers, and tattoo design artists use white henna to create vibrant tattoo designs on your body.

How long does white henna last?

Because white henna is made from adhesive body paint, it lasts only for about 2-3 days. Likewise, pure henna stays on your body for about 7-14 days. This is the main reason why white henna is an all-time favorite for special events, photoshoots, and festivals.

Also, white henna is water-resistant and latex-free. Meaning, you can easily use it all day long. But you can still scrub it off in the same day if necessary.

How does "White Henna" work?

Many people confuse the term white henna and pure henna. Although they are both used to make vibrant tattoo designs. They are massively different in terms of their ingredients.

White henna can be found in cones and stencil forms. Depending on the product you buy, here's how you should use it.

  • Clean the body area where you'll use white henna
  • Shake the bottle of the white henna packaging.
  • Apply the paste on your body, making a vibrant tattoo design
  • When the wet henna will dry on your hands, it will create a temporary adhesive surface
  • You can add glitters on the design as well, just make sure it's wet while you're adding it
  • Gently brush away the glitters once the henna paste is dry
  • The paste will no longer stick on your body and will leave a durable waterproof coating

What is White Henna is made of?

Generally speaking, white henna is safe to apply on your skin, free of PPDs, ammonia, or other types of chemicals. But still, it's not approved by the higher authorities for reliable body art usage.

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Some companies state that their white henna design is a mixture of pure ingredients, but you can't achieve white coating with "pure" ingredients. So, there's more to white henna, than just being a glittery tattoo design product.

Is white henna safe to use?

The answer lies in the ingredients themselves, which clearly many of the companies will not showcase on their product page nor the product packaging itself. We highly recommend you use pure henna as it is free from chemicals and can be applied to almost all skin types.

It's a 100% valid point that pure henna takes a lot of time and effort, but are you willing to take the risk of damaging your skin, just to get a glittery tattoo design?

Once you understand this, you might never use a chemical-based body art product ever again. That said, the following things should be avoided if you're using white henna:

  • Nail Polish
  • Tempera and Acrylic Paint
  • Chlorine or any other chemical bleach
  • Avoid contact with hair
  • Any other product not approved by the skincare authorities

What Temporary Tattoo is the best?

Henna tattoo is by far the best tattoo that one can use. It is made of pure henna paste, free from PPD and other harmful chemicals. Furthermore, henna tattoo is a complete DIY process. From making henna paste or using pre-made henna cones, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that the powder you buy, is organically grown and gluten-free.

Henna Tattoo

We hope that after reading this post, you have a clear understanding of what white henna is and how you can use it. Before applying the white henna on your skin, make sure you perform a patch test to check if you have irritation or not. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can always use the methods of temporary tattoo designs.

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