Henna and Indigo - A Herbal Combination of Romeo and Juliet

Henna and Indigo - A Herbal Combination of Romeo and Juliet

Have you ever heard of the impression like "These guys are perfect for each other?

Or Like their partnership was built in heaven!

Much has been written about how great the effect of 2 alternating things can be. Whether it's something you add to your skincare regime or haircare - Finding a perfect combination of products is game-changing.

The same goes for Henna and Indigo. We've learned how great henna is. We've also learned how beneficial indigo can be for your hair.

But do you know the chemistry if we combine these two?

Both Henna and Indigo are a solution to get natural and healthier hair. One can say it is perfect for your everyday haircare regime, which can help you get rid of grey hair, fight dandruff, nourish your hair, improve scalp reproduction, and all that other stuff that leads to healthy hair.

The Advantage of Using Henna and Indigo

The advantage of using henna and indigo
  • When mixed, it gives a rich brown color tone
  • Regular use of indigo can help with premature graying
  • Indigo mask can be used to stimulate new hair growth
  • Henna and Indigo can be found to enhance the shine of your hair
  • They can be used over the pre-existing application to give a more lustrous hair color

So, we get it, henna is great, indigo is great – Now how can we use it and for what purpose we can use it? Surprisingly, both henna and indigo powder can be mixed with other herbal powders to get the color of your choice.

We've got dark brown color, medium brown color, natural red, deep red, jet black - And a repository of other exciting natural hair dye colors. Here’s how you can mix henna and indigo powder to achieve the color of your choice.

But before we dive deep into the henna world, a word of caution!

Although Henna is considered a natural hair dye, it can still cause irritation and skin allergic reactions. Not to mention that Black henna, contains paraphenylenediamine (PPD) that is the main cause of such problems. So, before you buy any henna powder, make sure that the ingredients are pure and without any chemical mixture.

How to use Henna and Indigo Powder Together

How to mix henna and indigo

Henna and Indigo hair dye is a 2-step process - Meaning that you have to do both applications separately. And if you're new to henna dye, the process can take a bit of your time. And by “bit” we mean hours.

It can take anywhere from 8-10 hours which can seriously become a bit exaggerated for someone who wants instant results.

But there's a bright side to the story too, Henna and Indigo dye is a completely natural process and won't fall off your hair. Everything is natural, pure, and comes with a handful of benefits for your hair. So, without further ado, let's cover the application process.

What you need

Note: Our henna dye ships with everything you need to dye your hair. This includes a shower cap, gloves, plastic wrap, and the powder itself.

Step 1: The Henna Application

  • Pour the Henna Powder into the bowl and add liquid of your choice
  • You can use Coffee or Water as a liquid, or both if you have them
  • Stir the mixture while adding the water or coffee as per the consistency
  • Once you get a thin pudding-like paste, cover the bowl with the plastic wrap
  • Leave the henna paste overnight
  • The next day, remove the plastic wrap and again mix the henna paste
  • Now divide your hair into different sections
  • Start from one section, while covering each part
  • Roll this section around once done and move on to the next part
  • Put on the shower cap when you're all set
  • You can leave the henna on your hair, anywhere from 2-3 hours
  • Wash your hair with regular water, but don't use any shampoo
  • You can use a conditioner if you're so concerned about the smell

Step 2: The Indigo Application

  • Open the Indigo Powder packaging and add all the powder in the bowl
  • Add liquid of your choice and start stirring
  • Make sure that you cover all the lumps
  • Mix well until you get a cake-type paste
  • Once done, let the mixture rest for 15-20 minutes
  • Again, divide your hair into different sections and apply the paste on your hair
  • Apply the indigo from the roots to the ends
  • Once your hair is coated, wear on your shower cap and let it sit on for 2-3 hours
  • Rinse off the coated paste with regular water

Some Important Points

  • Indigo needs to be mixed with henna or henna should be applied first
  • Henna and Indigo hair dye is a messy process, make sure you cover your skin and the floor
  • You can also add lemon and salt to coat the paste better
  • Individual results may vary as per your previous hair color shade
  • Apply some petroleum jelly on your hairline to protect it from henna stain
  • Make sure to do a patch test to check if you have any irritation or not

How to mix Henna and Indigo to get different shades?

Both henna and indigo powder can be used to achieve a variety of different shades. By following the consistency and adding the right amount of ingredients you can get the color of your choice. But who has the time to do all of this When you have brands like The Henna Guys who can take away all your worry?

That's right, we have formulated the right amount of ingredients for our henna hair dye collection to give you 12 amazing lustrous shine colors.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to use henna and indigo together?

Yes, it is safe to use henna and indigo on your hair as they are natural products. However, make sure to do a patch test before you apply the application.

How long the color lasts on your hair?

Generally, the color will last anywhere from 5-7 weeks. The result depends on how effective the application was and how much care you've put on your hair after the process.

Can I use indigo more than often?

You can use indigo on your hair every other week. It is a perfect all-rounder herb to nourish and rejuvenate your hair.

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