The Henna Guys natural henna cones for body stain. Welcome to our official guide on how to use Henna cones, how to properly mix henna paste and how you can best hold a henna cone to get the desired result.

The art of henna is not hidden from the world. With so many beautiful designs covering the internet, it's hard not to miss and try it on our own. Henna, for someone who's new, is a plant-based ingredient mixed with water or coffee to offer a red to orange color shade. The dye of Henna molecules has been used for thousands of years for various purposes, one of which includes body art design.

Now, Henna is easily available in the market in form of cones, powders, and other materials. Native to the Asian subcontinent and part of the traditional wedding session, Henna designs are considered sacred and are one of the best ways to get temporary tattoos, without the need of needling your skin. And there are no side-effect involved as henna cones are made from the fresh henna powder.

henna bundle


All ingredients found in the Henna Cones are sourced from ethical farms that do not use harsh chemicals and pesticides. Once the crops are harvested, they are stored in a controlled temperate and then turned into powder form. The process is carried out by ISO 9001 certified facility. The powder is then packed in an airtight aluminum bag to ensure long-lasting potency and freshness.

At the Henna Guys, we sell both powdered and pre-made henna cones. Depending on the product you've bought the instructions are provided below:

How to use Henna Cones

henna cones package

Congratulations on receiving your Henna cones, we're thrilled for you to try them. You'll find a detailed instructional pamphlet with your purchase as well, where we have highlighted everything. Here's a step-by-step process in case you've missed it.

  • Carefully open the henna cones box
  • As we make freshly henna cones and then ship them, it is recommended that you put the leftover in the freezer
  • Carefully cut the tiny bit of the tip of the cone (If your cone has an open tip, then just remove the pin)
  • Grasp the henna cone from the back tail end
  • Gently apply pressure with your finger, thumb, or palm
  • Everyone holds henna cones in a unique way, so take time to find your best position
  • Place the cone tip on the skin and start making your pattern
  • Vary your squeeze to control the width of the cone lines
  • Here's a simple henna cone design that you can try:

henna tattoo

henna design

  • Once your design is complete, you can let it rest
  • For best results, let the paste dry for up to 10 hours
  • As henna dries, it can begin to flake and pop off your skin
  • Use a cloth adhesive tape if you have plans to rest it overnight, this will protect your design from accidental touch
  • Once the specified time is up, peel of the adhesive tape
  • Start flaking off the henna particles that are left on your skin
  • After you're done flaking most of the particles, you can go ahead and wash your hands for the first time
  • Make sure to not wash it more often as it will reduce the time of the stain
  • Once your hands are clean, go ahead and apply the Aftercare oil for moisturization
  • The oil is designed to help boost the stain color
  • Henna stain lasts 7-10 days on the skin, longer on feet and hands

How to make a Henna Cone?

This method is for those who have bought the advanced henna cones bundle. Instead of pre-made henna cones, you've to mix fresh henna paste and then fill it in applicator bottle or empty henna cones.

DIY Henna Kit

Here's a step-by-step process on how you can do this.

Making Henna Mixture

  • Open henna powder packaging and add the powder to a disposable bowl
  • Slowly add water into the mixture and stir
  • Keep stirring and add water as per consistency to get a thin paste

mixing the henna paste

  • Once you get a thin paste, cover the bowl with a plastic wrap
  • Let it rest overnight or for 8-10 hours
  • After the specified time is up, remove the plastic wrap and give it a stir
  • Check if the mixture is too thick, add more water as per consistency
  • Make sure it's thin, just like a cake batter mixture
  • Now your mixture is ready to be filled in the applicator bottle or the empty henna cones

Staining the Henna

  • Place the nylon sock into the piping bag
  • With gloved hands, use the Nylon socks to filter the paste into the piping bag
  • Henna needs to be as thin and fine as possible before using it in cones

Filling the Cones

 filling the henna cones

  • Take a wooden spoon and add the paste to the empty henna cones
  • Fill the henna cone halfway
  • Close the henna cone from the end, you can use a scotch tape or staple to close it
  • Your freshly made henna cone is ready to apply

henna cones

How to use Henna Applicator Bottle

To use a henna applicator bottle, you first have to add the freshly made henna paste into the bottle. Each applicator bottle comes with a variety of different pins.

henna kit cone

Here's a step by step process on how you can use it:

  • Open the applicator bottle and fill it with fresh henna paste
  • Use gloved hands to protect your skin from unwanted designs
  • Fill the bottle halfway and then close it with the applicator tip of your choice
  • There are different tips found in the bundle, each having a different pattern design
  • Use the pin of your choice to get started
  • Hold the applicator bottle in a downward direction, and gently squeeze with your thumb or fingers
  • Apply more pressure to control the thickness of the pattern design
  • Once your design is complete, go ahead and wrap it around with an adhesive tape
  • Let the henna stain rest for up to 10 hours or overnight
  • The next day, open the adhesive tape cloth and peel off the dry henna particles
  • Clean your skin with water and apply the aftercare oil

How to use Henna Stencils

henna stencils

Henna Stencils are pre-made henna stickers that you just apply on your skin and get exciting new henna designs. These stickers are easy to apply and work with both Henna cones and applicator bottles. Here's a step-by-step process on how you can use the henna stencils.

  • Cut the Henna Stencil of your choice
  • Apply the stencil on your skin where you want the design
  • Gently apply henna on top of it
  • You can use a henna cone as well as the applicator bottle for the application
  • Make sure to cover all the holes and patches of the sticker
  • Once you're done, cover the design with an adhesive cloth
  • Wait for the appropriate time to get the results (8-10 hours are recommended)
  • Once your wait time is up, remove the adhesive cloth and the sticker from your skin
  • Wipe off the henna particles with water
  • Use Aftercare oil to get the best color consistency

Some Helpful Tips

  • For best result, clean the area where you want to apply the henna
  • Henna stays on your skin for 7-10 days
  • You can use makeup wipes or water to clean the henna stain first time
  • Avoid using water for the first 24 hours as it can affect the color stain
  • Keep unused henna in the freezer
  • You can use frozen henna cones for up to 6 months, just defrost them 30 minutes before usage
  • For best results, let the henna paste rest overnight
  • Make sure to use good quality henna to get the desired result
  • Use Aftercare oil to moisturize and hydrate your skin

And that's pretty much how you can use the henna cones. If you're a newbie, don't worry if the final color isn't what you expected. Sometimes, henna may take a little time to fully develop and work around its chemistry on your skin, but trust us it's safer to use.

The natural dye is perfect to use on your skin, as well as your hair. Make sure to check our Henna cone collection for more products.