8 Beautiful Henna Tattoo Design you should try

It's safe to say that most of you already know about the henna tattoo, but how many of you actually know about the design trends?

What pattern is popular in the market and for what occasion?

We, girls, use to like to research thousands of tattoo designs and even save tons of screenshots on our phones. Whether it's for a henna tattoo party or our friend's wedding anniversary coming around the corner, we have to deal with a lot of stuff.

But, it's kind of normal that when the occasion arrives, the designs we've searched for are either not in the trend or don't match with the attire we're going to wear.

And this is a kind of normal for us ladies. Trust us, that's why you're here too :)

However, it doesn't have to be. By understanding the true meaning of the henna tattoo world, you can find the perfect design for your every occasion.

If you're one of those then worry not, as in this post we've shared a detailed guide about henna tattoo design and what’s popular in the market right now.

  1. Henna Flower Tattoo

One of the best and most common types of Henna design is Flower. It's easier to apply and looks good on whatever you wear. Traditionally, flowers represent joy and happiness, hence these designs are devoted to every wedding occasion, especially among kids. It's possible to create a flower henna design with stencils or simply by hand. Here's a fun short design you can try first.

Flower Henna Tattoo

Flowers are feminine and even look better if you pair them with some amazing leaves and natural symbols like birds, dragonflies, and butterflies.

  1. Henna Wrist Tattoo

The next popular category of henna tattoo design is the wrist tattoo. From a stylish flower to a compact bracelet, anything you put on your wrist will stand out with henna. Flowers are kind of trendy nowadays in this category, but you can always try out new designs with different leaves and patterns. One way to make a wrist design is to match it with your attire.

Especially the ladies, if you have your cousin or friend's wedding coming up then you can always match your dress pattern with your wrist henna. It will just look awesome.

  1. Henna Foot Tattoo

henna foot tattoo

Foot henna tattoo design is a traditional symbol of Hindu culture. Most of the brides make these interesting designs on their feet and ankles to showcase their love for the groom. The tattoo on this body part represents our love for the natural world and its benefits.

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Foot henna designs are a combination of flowers, leaves, floral, and intricate patterns. However, if just like the look of this and want to wear it casually, you can go with fewer patterns.

  1. White Henna Tattoo

white henna tattoo

Although White henna is not actual henna, it's just an acrylic paint that you put on your body, but White henna designs are also in the trend, especially for those with deep skin tone.

White henna usually doesn’t stain like regular henna. Traditionally, a white henna design can last anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the texture. These are easy to clean off and can be applied in a variety of different patterns. 

  1. Sun and Moon Henna Tattoo

The sun, moon, and stars are yet another great henna tattoo design. It represents our endless love for the sky and the planets surrounding us. Moon and stars patterns, in particular, are famous among young tattoo designers. This floral design looks even better if you pair it with some interesting art pieces and dotted lines.

  1. Henna Leg Tattoo

Henna looks strikingly good when applied on legs as the brown color contrast looks amazing with any color tone. Mostly the skin around our legs and thigh is brighter, making the design look more prominent and easier to apply.

Although leg tattoo designs are not as common as other body art design, but when applied, can grab some turning heads. You can also show off your design by wearing a dress.

  1. Henna Finger Tattoo

Henna for fingers

Finger tattoos are becoming more and more prominent every day. And what's better than having a temporary tattoo design any other than henna?

Some of the popular design includes leaves, dots, drops, and a symbolic ‘dip-dye’ look. Unlike any other design, henna on fingers takes extra skills as the surface of the skin is limited. So, whenever you opt for a finger tattoo, make sure you go to a professional henna artist.

  1. Henna Sleeve Tattoo

Who doesn't love a full sleeve tattoo? Wearing them with your favorite top all stretched to the shoulder to the wrist... It is surely a sight one can enjoy. If you want to test out a full sleeve design, there's nothing better than henna. The temporary nature of the design allows you to experiment with a different eye-catchy look on your sleeves.

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Extremely popular among the young generation, the henna sleeve design looks exceptionally good when paired with a saree or a blouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Henna Tattoo?

Henna tattoo is a temporary body art technique that is applied to the skin with the help of an applicator bottle or henna cone. Henna applicator bottle or cone contains henna paste, which is derived from the crushed henna plant leaves. To make henna paste, you first have to mix the henna powder with the liquid of your choices like coffee or water.

Once you get a thin paste, leave the henna overnight to develop or for 2-4 hours if you're in rush. After this, add the paste to your applicator bottle or henna cones and enjoy the beautiful artistic henna designs.

Are henna tattoos safe?

Henna tattoo paste made with natural henna powder is safe to apply on your skin. Black henna or henna cones made with preservatives are not safe to apply. Always check the ingredients before you buy henna cones for tattoos.

How long does a henna tattoo last?

Henna tattoos are temporary and will last anywhere from 4-8 days. However, they can disappear even faster depending on your hygiene and other factors. To make your henna tattoo last longer, make sure your skin is moisturized and you reduce your washing cycle. The more you wash your skin, the faster it will fade off.

How to remove a henna tattoo?

Although henna tattoos are temporary, they will still take about 4-8 days before fading off completely. In case you want to get rid of them much faster, you can easily do so by washing your skin with soap and warm water, body scrub, and exfoliation products.

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