Henna Stencils – An Easy way to make Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Stencils – An Easy way to make Henna Tattoo Design

It's safe to say that most of us are already familiar with henna tattoos, they look glamorous with all their dark color and attractive design. But the barrier that restricts most people from using this is because of the fact that we aren't sure how to use it.

Though getting a henna tattoo design looks super easy if you watch a YouTube tutorial, but that doesn’t always turn out as expected – And the worst part is, one wrong move can make your whole design goes sideways.

Henna Hand Design

What about Henna Designers or Professional Artists?

That's one way to get henna tattoo designs, but remember, if you go to a professional salon, it will feel like you're paying through the nose.

So, what is the most convenient way to get a henna tattoo design?  That for sure doesn’t cost you a fortune, is easy to apply, and checks your design mark.

That fairy tale, our fellow readers is possible using Henna Stencils.

Stencils, as the name suggests, are simple stickers that you can apply on your body part, and then use natural henna to draw attractive designs. Not only this, a stencil can help you get that precise ethnic look, that is sometimes not even possible if you go to a professional salon.

Henna Stencils and its Origin in the Modern World

A henna stencil is simply an adhesive sticker made of different paper-type material. These stickers allow you to trace body art designs on your skin. Since henna is one of the best ways to get a temporary body tattoo - Henna stencils come quite handy if you want to enjoy the experience of henna on the go. Mostly these stencils are available in attractive floral motif design, characters, inscriptions, animals, and butterflies.

 Henna Stickers

All you have to do is stick them on your hands, or your legs, or wherever you want, and apply the henna paste afterward. Just let the paste dry for a bit and then lift the sticker to get admired by alluring designs.

Reasons why Henna Stencils are Good Samaritan

  • Easy to install and Apply
  • Come in a lot of different shapes and sizes
  • An affordable way to get henna tattoos
  • Dark color with precise consistency
  • No irritation or side-reaction
  • Reusable Stickers are also available
Attractive Henna Design

Using the Right Henna for Stencils

The key to getting a perfect dark color lies in the henna you pick. Black henna, in particular, can cause skin problems. So, it is always recommended to use pure henna powder, whether you use it for freckles, henna hair dye, or for henna stencils.

We know this may sound a bit off, but we recommend making your own henna paste. We can use pre-made henna cones as well but there's no guarantee if the cones are made from pure henna or black henna. So, better than being sorry, making your own henna paste is recommended for all types of DIY Henna tattoos.

How to make henna Paste for Henna Stencils

To make a henna paste at home, first, you need the following ingredients:

  • Pack of pure henna powder
  • Glass bowl
  • Mixing Liquid (Water or Coffee)
  • Mixing Spoon
  • A plastic sheet to cover henna


  • Add the Henna Powder in the bowl
  • Gradually add liquid of your choice
  • Mix the powder with a spoon while adding liquid
  • Keep stirring until you get a thin consistency
  • Once done, cover the bowl with a plastic sheet
  • Let it rest for a while (the longer it stays the better the color)
  • Add the paste in a henna cone or directly apply it on your hands

How to use Henna Stencils

Henna stencils are very easy to use. Once you get the kit, you know straight away how to use it.

  1. Before using the stencils, make sure to clean your skin
  2. The stencils have a bit of adhesive, so the cleaning part is recommended, otherwise, it won't stick
  3. Remove the protective coating from the stencil and set it on your skin
  4. Open the tip of the henna cone or if you have the henna paste in a bowl, just apply with a spoon
  5. Fill the spaces of the stencil, make sure no area left behind
  6. Let the paste dry for half an hour
  7. When dried, wear off the stencil and wash your hand
  8. Peel off all the henna and the adhesive if reside on your skin
  9. Try different henna stencils design and enjoy the satisfied results

Some Important Points for Henna Stencils

    • Henna stays on your skin for 5-10 days
    • Before you use henna, make sure to do a patch test
    • You can use skin exfoliation if you want to get rid of it soon
    • Make sure to use fresh henna paste for henna tattoo
    • Try a different combination of stencils


And just like this, you can make attractive henna tattoo designs. Eventually, it is something that you'll fully understand once you actually use it. So, we recommend you try henna stencils, even if you’re new to the henna world.

There's one exception though if you have allergies or your skin is sensitive, then try a patch test first. If all goes well, you can use it. If not, just skip it.

Henna Stencils FAQs

Are henna stencils reusable?

Although most stencils are designed to use just for once. Some manufacturers make reusable stickers. But duly remember that the adhesive will lose its effect after the second try.

How long do henna tattoos stay on the skin?

On average, henna tattoos stay on your skin for about 5-10 days, before they start to fade away. The color consistency also depends on the henna mixture or cones you use.

How to make homemade henna stencils?

You can download the stickers on your computer and print them on an adhesive sheet.

Are Henna Stencils safe?

Henna stencils are just stickers, they are safe to use. Just make sure that you use 100% pure henna powder to make the mixture.

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