Henna Stencil Kit - 150 Designs, Reusable

$ 18.97

Product Description

Have you ever wanted a henna tattoo but don't know how to do the designs? Are you running late and don't have enough time for a detailed henna tattoo? These stencils are perfect for you!

🌿 Can be reused several times

🌿 Perfect for all ages

🌿 Simple and quick to use

🌿 Dozens of designs to choose from

🌿 Perfect for all occasions

How to Use

1. Prepare a body-art quality henna paste and let it complete full dye release process.

2. Henna can be placed in cones or bag with a small holes cut out.

3. Pick the design and place it on skin. Be sure the stencil is flat on the skin with no gaps or bubbles.

4. Fill in empty space in the stencil with the henna paste.

5. Once all empty space is filled. let the henna dry until it flakes off. This can take a while depending on how much henna paste is on the skin. 

6. Once the paste is dry to the touch (not yet flaking), carefully peel off the stencil.

7. Once the paste has flaked off, the design will darken over the next few days.

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