8 Oz. Henna Paste - Freshly Made & Ready to Use

$ 29.97

Product Description

Tired of mixing your henna and waiting for the dye release process? We've done all the hard work for you! 

🌿 Ready to use upon delivery

🌿  Faster preparation time

🌿  Always a fresh batch

🌿  All-natural, no preservatives

🌿  Long-lasting hair color

🌿  227 Grams / 8 Oz, enough for two applications for shoulder length hair

How to Apply

1. Before the application, be sure the henna is well-mixed and the desired consistency (it should be like a pancake batter). If it's too thick, add more liquid of your choice and stir. You can also add other mix-ins of your choice or hair powders.

2. It may be easier to apply with a bowl and hair dyeing brush, but these are completely optional.

3. Be sure to cover all surfaces where the henna may drip. This will ensure a quicker, easier cleanup. 

4. Be sure to do a strand and patch test before doing a full application especially if this is your first time using henna.

5. Apply the henna to the hair. You can apply it to just the roots or all over the hair. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent staining. Once you're satisfied with the application, cover the hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap.

6. After 3 hours, rinse the hair (no shampoo), but you can use conditioner to help get the henna out. 

7. Store any leftover henna paste in the freezer for the next application.


Water, the color of your choice henna powder 

For more information about ingredients and how they work, please see the individual color listing

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