Henna Cones - Beginners Kit

$ 19.97

Product Description

The Henna Guys Beginners Henna Kit is a unique, simple-to-use package, perfect for all the wonderful sweet first-timer henna users. It has all the basic tools you need to make an attractive henna design, without creating a mess.

Created by professional henna artists, this henna pack includes 10+ easy-to-use stencils with over 50+ patterns. Pick what best suits your needs and enjoy professional designs at home.

Why the Beginner Kit?

We know how hard henna designs can get! From creating a mess on your floor to leaving your shirt all orange and red, it's something not all of us want. The henna beginners kit is designed to offer a convenient henna design. The kit comes with our exciting new collection of henna stencils, with over 50+ patterns in each set.

You can't go wrong with your selection, cut the sticker of your choice and start the application process. The Henna Guys Plant-based cone is made from natural ingredients including pure henna, water, clove essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon juice, sugar, and herbal Katha powder.

Henna Beginner Kit Includes
  • 3 Henna Cones
  • Henna Stencils Kit
  • Aftercare Oil
  • 4 Cotton Swabs
  • 2 pc Soft Fabric Cloth Adhesive Tape
  • Prep Pads
  • Application Instructions
  • Use prep-pads to moisturized the desired area before use
  • Cut the henna stencil of your choice and apply it to the desired area
  • Make sure the adhesive is tightly contained in the desired area, otherwise it will peel off
  • Remove the henna needle from the cone
  • Apply the henna paste to the designated area
  • Use cotton swabs to evenly distribute the paste on each space
  • Make sure all the holes are filled
  • Once henna is dried, use the Fabric adhesive tape to seal off the henna design
  • The longer you let the paste on the desired area, the richer the color
  • Peel off the tape and sticker from the desired area
  • Flake off the dried henna and wash the remaining off 
  • Use Aftercare oil to nourish and moisturize the desired area for better results
Why the Henna Guys
  • No Parabens, No Synthetic Preservative
  • Rich, Dark & Long-lasting color
  • Premium Design Henna Cones
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Plant-Based Formula 

Individual Results may vary. Avoid any contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if you are pregnant. Do not use on eyelashes. Although this is made without preservatives, please do a patch test before using it. Stop using if redness or irritation occurs.

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