10 stunning bridal henna designs to try on your big event

10 stunning bridal henna designs to try on your big event

Being a bride-to-be is truly an enchanting feeling. It is your big day, and it must be filled with nothing but the craziest, happiest moments.

As we know you want to shine the brightest on your event. Here's one thing you can add to beautify your look; getting a bridal henna tattoo.

While your makeup and dress last only for the day, your bridal henna will stay with you for a week, keeping the newlywed feeling alive. The bright maroon color will complement your attire with the light henna aroma, filling the day with zeal and ever-lasting happiness.

Where did the tradition of bridal henna originate?

The use of henna for tattoo making started in the Middle East and South Asia, where its common name is Mehndi. Women used to get dried henna leaves, crush them and blend them in water to make a thick paste. The vibrant colors of henna represent happiness and prosperity, thus its use on occasions and special events.

Muslim women consider henna holy and apply it one night before Eid or the marriage ceremony. The bride is the star of the evening, so she gets heavy prints on both hands and feet.

Do different bridal designs have any meanings?

In Indian culture, drawing Hindu religious deities in mehndi designs is considered sacred. The brides also draw the initials of their future husbands to show love and affection. Even it is said that the darker shade shows that the partner loves his bride deeply.

Besides, many people also draw their lucky flowers, numbers, and spiritual icons in henna tattoos to give them a special meaning. You can also ask your henna tattoo artist to draw any shape or thing you feel a strong connection to.

10+ bridal designs to try on your wedding

Bridal mehndi designs range from simple to complex ones. As a bride, it's totally up to you which design you prefer. We have carefully chosen the most in-vogue designs that both western and eastern brides love.

  1. Bride and groom traditional henna design

Since ancient traditions, it is pretty common to draw the sketch of bride and groom in the henna design. It shows the union of two love birds. Selecting this pattern as your bridal henna tattoo will make the practice more memorable and closer to the heart. This design can be lengthy and a tough nut to crack, but remember, good things come to those who wait!

  1. Modern henna tattoos 

The new-age henna patterns are all about keeping it simple yet elegant. It ditches traditional flower motifs, bridal images, and wedding themes. This geometric pattern is ideal to go with your plain or heavy wedding dress. It denotes triangles, squares, and circles intricately placed to make an eye-pleasing pattern.

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  1. Simple bridal design

For brides who love the minimalist approach, the simplest mehndi designs are for you. It can be just a floral tattoo, side vines, butterflies, or a blend of all. These designs are also trending for being attractive yet sophisticated.

This simple tattoo is your perfect partner if you wish to ditch traditional heavy prints and go with the trend. It gives a modern feel with a little touch of traditional leaves pattern, perfect to enhance your already beautiful skin.

  1. Hand henna designs

The most common placement of henna tattoos is the hands. For Indian brides-to-be, the pattern usually covers the wrist and arm area. This highly attractive henna checker pattern on the wrist adds to the beauty of your dress. The unique mandala flowers on the fingers and throughout the whole design represent unity and wholeness.

  1. Floral hand design

The floral pattern is specific to henna and links back centuries. The reason why it's so common is that the bridal dress is usually full of floral patterns. It can include lilies, lotus, roses, and other flowers with connecting vines. Our selected pattern can cover both your hands in minimalist motifs and leaves, keeping it simple, neat, and lovely.

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  1. Wrist henna tattoo

After the hand and feet, the wrist is the next common placement for henna tattoos. However, it is usually covered with full-hand designs, but you can also make a tattoo specific to this area. This elegant crisscross pattern on your wrist gives a bangle-like vibe. The beads on either side adorn the wristband with a festive look.

You can also embellish it with tiny patterns on your fingers to make it a complete design.

  1. Full arm-length henna

Commonly, Indian bridal henna goes from palms to elbows. The bridesmaids and other family ladies tend to get simple designs, while the bride is always meant for lengthy, full-arm henna patterns. You can follow the tradition and get this amazing symmetrical full-arm design to sparkle up your plain dress.

  1. Bridal henna feet design

Although Indian brides prefer to apply mehndi on both hands and feet there is no exception as you can only apply it to these body parts only. You can only draw on your feet or even make it symmetrical with your hands. The shapes of petals, vines, and leaves remain the same, but their placement matters to make the design uniform.

This elegant bridal foot tattoo goes beyond the ankle and up to the leg. The mesh on the ankle joint resembles a beautiful anklet with pearls, so you won'twon't even have to buy jewelry.

  1. Symbolic henna designs 

In the Asian tradition, making symbolic wedding sketches in henna is quite common. People usually draw elephants, peacocks, and religious symbols in mehndi from ancient cultures. Now, you can personalize the design with icons of anything dear to your heart.

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It can be your profession, wedding venue, or initials of the bride and groom. The following design is enriched with a wedding elephant on the arm, peacock on the palm, and blooming lotus on the fingers and wrist, giving a complete traditional bridal aura.

  1. Intricate wedding henna 

For lovers of details, intricate henna tattoos are the new-in. The leaves, beads, and other shapes in this design are complex and jam-packed. It covers the whole skin area, making it prominent and attractive. This complex henna hand design is popular in eastern and western lands.

  1. Symmetrical henna patterns

You can get a symmetrical henna design on hands (or feet) such that they are a mirror image of one another. If you are obsessed with balance and uniformity, this design is a must-try. Symmetrical designs also have a traditional value and are usually arm-length. The flowers, mesh, circles, and even dots must all be identical in both hands.

Which henna is ideal for weddings?

Natural henna only comes in a particular brown hue. The dried leaves are green, but once you blend them with a natural solvent, it forms a brown paste. The final tattoo color ranges from orange to maroon, depending on the henna concentration and any added ingredients.

Only this henna type is safe and ideal to use for any occasion, let alone your wedding day. As long as you are buying organic henna from a reliable company like us, you are good to go.

The black henna tattoo color may attract you, but believe us; you should not even think about it on your big day. The chemical (PPD) present in black henna can cause redness, itching, and, even worse, blisters. So, make sure you only buy brown henna in its purest form.

Where to get the perfect henna for the bride?

A wedding is a big event in which even minor negligence is unacceptable. In terms of bridal henna, make sure you buy the purest one from reputable sellers like The Henna Guys.

Our organic henna powder goes ideally with all wedding gowns. It is completely natural, extracted, and crushed carefully with the safest methods. You can also check out our henna hair dye packs to shine up your hair at your event.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get a henna tattoo for my wedding?

Henna tattoo artists are professionals skilled in making henna tattoos of all kinds. You can find one nearby by searching the internet or getting suggestions from your circle. You can also ask your artist friend to make the design using henna stencils if you can't find a professional in a short time.

Are there any fixed henna designs for brides?

Yes, there are plenty of henna stencils available that are perfect for your DIY venture and get to get the bride's look done. You can choose any design you like, from simple to intricate ones.

How can I darken my bridal mehndi?

Leave your henna paste for longer and avoid water, makeup remover, or any kind of scrubbing. You can apply coconut oil or amla oil to darken the stain. Using organic henna powder usually yields stronger, long-lasting color.

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