how to become henna artist

How to Become A Henna Artist

Learning to apply henna is more of a practice thing than a theory. The last time I checked, everyone could do so!

If you have been searching lately about how to become a henna artist, let me pop the bubble for you; It all comes down to using the right henna and, of course, your practice!

What Do Henna Artists Do? 

People skilled in creating unique patterns and skin tattoos with henna are called henna artists. Just like tattoo experts, they can make designs on any area of your skin using mehndi cones.

As mehndi is native to middle east Asia, this profession is common there. For instance, you can assume that one person in every family in the subcontinent is a skilled henna designer. In fact, more than 50% of the population knows how to make basic henna tattoos.

How To Become A Henna Artist?

become henna artist

Practice and investing time in learning can make you the king of any skill. Follow the below steps to make your name among the top henna tattoo artists.

  1. Take Flight Today

As you are here reading about it, you have already owned the initiative. Now keep this zeal high and take the first step. Order a henna tattoo kit for beginners and start your journey today.

  1. Get Natural Henna Products 

Many artists use market henna cones that are full of chemicals. They don't deliver results as brilliant as the natural ones. You can stand out from them by getting organic henna powder and preparing your own cones. You can find it HERE in multiple package options.

PS: Don’t buy Black Henna, it’s no good for your skin!

  1. Start From Simple Designs

Gradual flights go a long way. That's what you need to understand to become a successful henna artist. Surf the internet or buy henna design books with the easiest patterns. Start your practice with easy-to-create designs and try them on paper first.

  1. Work on Your Weaknesses  

You can only know if you are good at something if you have ever tried it. Once you have dived into practicing henna, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are. It can be circles, flowers, or any particular design pattern. Practice more in these areas to achieve perfection.

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  1. Using Tools to Aid  

It's okay; we all get stuck in our journeys. Fortunately, we have a way out for you! You can buy henna tools and stencils to practice challenging designs and keep moving forward.

  1. Consult the Experts  

Henna experts know a great deal about handy tricks. You can consult them if you are stuck and need someone to illuminate the path forward. They may also teach you some professional skills.

  1. Practice Regularly 

I will say this straight forward; you can't become a professional without consistent efforts. You need to practice most days of the week to become a successful henna artist. You can try it on paper, on your hands, and on your friends' hands. If you fear you might ruin their skin, practice on covered body areas.

  1. Publish Your Brand 

Once you progress from the basic to the intermediate level, start serving clients. Ask your family and friends to spread the word. Regular practice and positive reviews will soon make you an expert henna artist.

How to Become A Certified Henna Artist?

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Anyone can become an expert in henna tattooing with practice and consistency. Yet, if you want to become certified in the field, you can enroll in henna courses. There are in-class henna coaching programs as well as online lessons.

We recommend online programs as they are easy to find. Also, you can take these classes alongside working on your brand. You will learn a bunch of professional ideas and also get a certification that will get you market recognition.

Tips to Polish Your Expertise 

Making your own henna pasteHenna cones present in the market are full of chemicals. These can irritate your customers and make them never come back. You can save yourself a lot of long-term clients by preparing your own henna cones using henna powder.

Consider theory material: I know I said the practice is more important (I still stand my ground), but you can also learn much about the profession from theory learning. So, get books, magazines, and search the internet for tips.

Use stencils: If you are struggling with certain patterns, you can get henna stencils and practice on them. These come in a variety of hard-to-make designs. Practicing stencils also make you open to new ideas. Our henna stencil kit contains more than 150 designs to make you a versatile professional.

Following the experts: With each additional year in the field, you become closer to perfection. So, if you want to achieve big, see what your seniors are doing. Follow henna artists on social media, watch tutorial videos, or simply learn under an expert's supervision.

Applying pre and post-care: Henna pre and post-care can greatly impact its results. Following the right caring tips will make your pattern darker, prettier, and long-lasting. When your clients are happy with the tattoo even after days, they will surely return for more.

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Keep your cones sharp: Get (or create) henna cones with sharp tips. This helps in making delicate designs neatly. 

Offer trendy designs: Social media and in-person searches are always high when a specific design is in trend. So, always be aware of what's trending and advertise your services accordingly.

Things to Avoid When Learning Henna

  • Don't try to be a jack of all trades; learn perfection in basic designs first
  • Avoid using pre-made market henna cones
  • Remove all distractions while practicing
  • Never think you are not good enough
  • Do not compare yourself with professionals more experienced than you
  • Avoid picking up at your local competitors. Instead, stay on good terms with them and make collaborations
  • Do not skip practice on humans before serving clients directly
  • And lastly, don't settle to be a novice always

How to Start Your Henna Business?

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Let's assume you are about to hit the climax of learning. Your next step is starting your brand and getting real clients. This is a critical action and can determine how far you will go. Some of the things that will help you here are:

  • Choose a catchy brand name
  • Know the insurance policies
  • Get on social media
  • Do online and print advertisements
  • Ask your friends and family for free promotions
  • Build a specific-niche website
  • Collaborate with local artists
  • See where your customers are
  • Don't skip events, and ensure 100% availability during festive times
  • Put forth realistic prices

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Every one of us is born with some level of natural creativity. All we got to do is push ourselves forward and unleash the artists inside. Making henna tattoos is one such creative skill that can be easily learned with the right tools and motivation. 

If I have to choose one thing to explain how to become a henna artist, I will say it's "PRACTICE." Preparing your own henna cones can also boost your success. Here, you can get The Henna Guys' organic henna products and make your brand stand out.

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