Best Herbal Oil for Hair Growth - How to Use and DIY Recipes

Best Herbal Oil for Hair Growth - How to Use and DIY Recipes

Everyone says, “we are what we eat”, but how many of us believe the same for our hair? The health and appearance of your hair directly depend on its nourishment. If you give them vitamins, they will thrive. While giving them stabilizers and chemical additives means taking away their natural abilities.

Nature is full of nutrients that we can’t create artificially. No doubt, scientists have successfully added some natural ingredients to conventional products but it comes with the expense of attached chemicals to make it possible. So, why not cut the crap altogether and only stick to the nutrients in herbal oils?

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, these plant-based extracts can help fix a lot of hair problems and leave your hair silky smooth, as you’ve always wanted.

Why Use Herbal Hair Oils in Place of Conventional Ones?

why use herbal hair oil
  • Harm-free: The best thing about herbal hair oils is that they do not have any harmful chemicals. The synthetics present in conventional products disturb scalp health and oil production, leaving your hair dry and weak. You can use natural oils without any such worries.
  • Better results: The more nutrients your hair will get, the quicker it will grow. Herbal oils have all the natural components otherwise wasted in artificial extraction methods. Thus, they will provide quicker, better, and more prominent results.
  • Multiple benefits: Conventional hair oils usually focus on a single hair problem. For instance, if your issue is hair fall, you will have to find a particular conditioner/oil for it. Comparatively, one herbal product can help with scalp problems, reduce dryness, detangle coarse hair, or tackle oil production all at the same time. You will get shine, volume, and length as a bonus to your hair fall remedy.
  • Easy to use: You can use a herbal hair growth oil at any time, any day. It does not come with a lot of usage restrictions as in chemical products. You just have to massage it as many times as you like.
  • Suitable for all: Most herbal products are suitable for all hair types. Whether you have dry hair or struggle with excessive oil production, they will work equally well.

Best Herbal Hair Oils to use

The Henna Guys present herbal oil for hair growth in their purest form. We have amla, jojoba, castor, and baobab oil for all hair lines. Our growth booster extract includes a blend of powerful haircare ingredients and essential oils in a perfect combination.

  1. Amla Hair Oil

The Indian gooseberry or amla fruit has been used for centuries for hair care. Although the plant is full of beneficial nutrients, the highest concentration is present in the fruit portion. Our amla herbal oil is the modern, user-friendly version of this old warrior.

We have carefully contained it with nothing but the pure extract of amla seeds. Topped with sesame oil, this product is ready to make your hair shine like a diamond.

Benefits for Hair

  • Studies find amla extract to have antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • It keeps dandruff-causing germs and bacteria away from the scalp
  • Amla oil is one of the richest Vitamin C sources which helps limit premature greying of hair
  • Sesame oil makes a protective layer around your hair against UV-induced damage
  1. Golden Jojoba Oil

Jojoba shrub is native to desert regions around the United States. It has been a popular cosmetic agent since its use in the 1970s. The strength and growth-promoting properties of this agent are widespread.

If you are tired of the sticky feeling of hair oils, try the magic of golden jojoba oil and feel the difference. Made with pure jojoba seeds extract, this haircare agent is lighter on the scalp. You can also use it on your skin and get it moisturized naturally.

Benefits for Hair

  • Jojoba extract naturally strengthens your hair as a lone warrior
  • It acts as a natural screening against sunlight and pollution
  • The high lipid content makes it an excellent moisturizer both for skin and hair
  • Anti-inflammatory agents in jojoba oil help coat against skin and scalp irritations
  1. Castor Oil 

Another natural hair growth booster is castor oil. Extracted from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis), this hair oil has been a common household name for decades. Shelved castor oil comes with chemicals to increase its life. It may protect the oil but damage your scalp. Therefore, always choose organic sources like our herbal castor hair oil.

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The Henna Guys USDA-certified organic castor oil is carefully extracted with cold pressed distillation method. The product is pure and chemical-free. Its regular use reverse the damage caused by chemical agents and heating tools.

Benefits for Hair

  • Castor oil promotes hair growth like no other
  • The Ricinoleic acid present in it may even help with Androgenic Alopecia
  • Its antimicrobial properties reduce scalp infections and irritation
  • The high fatty acid concentration moisturizes dry and frizzy hair
  • You can also use it for smooth body hair, lashes, eyebrows
  1. Growth Booster Oil

The Henna Guys Growth Booster hair oil contains essential herbal extracts for all-in-one benefits. If you are confused about choosing one herbal oil, this product is your way out.

The product is made with pure amla, Brahmi, sesame, and Bhringraj extracts. It also mentions some potent essential oils, i.e., peppermint, turmeric, and chili seed essential oil. These super-agents in a single product is ideal to get all your hair problem resolved within days.

Benefits for Hair

  • Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and itching
  • The fungicidal properties of amla oil keep dandruff and germs at bay
  • Peppermint essential oil stimulates hair follicles and reduces hair fall
  • Every ingredient comes with vital vitamins and minerals to aid in hair growth

How to Use a Herbal Oil for Hair Growth

how to use herbal hair oil for hair growth

The usage guide of all our herbal hair oils is similar. Make sure you give the product at least 30 minutes to seep into the hair follicles.

  • Divide your hair into 4 equal sections
  • Take a coin-sized amount of your favorite oil in your palms
  • Now spread it over your scalp with your fingers, one section at a time
  • Use your fingertips to massage every inch of the scalp with the oil
  • Massage dry patches with as much oil as required
  • Let the product sit for a few hours or leave it overnight
  • Wash with a safe, sulfate-free shampoo in the morning

Note: Castor oil works best if you warm it up a little before using it. You also can mix a few drops of other natural oils in the product like olive or coconut oil.

How to Use Herbal Hair Oil Mix

  • Comb your hair and part them into sections
  • Take a tiny drop of growth booster oil and apply it on the inner arm as a test
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • If you feel no irritation, you are good to use it on the scalp
  • Take 2-3 drops of the product and apply them deep into the scalp
  • Massage for a few minutes until you feel the oil seeping inside the scalp
  • You may leave it overnight or apply it daily during the day

How to Make Herbal Oil for Hair Growth at Home?

You can also make any herbal oil (neem, amla, jojoba, etc.) at home based on your needs. Mixing multiple hair oils to make one booster product is also a great idea.

  • Using Herbal Powders

If you get your hands on pure herbal powders, you can follow steam distillation method to make herbal oil at home. Herbal powders are made from the extract of herbal fruits and leaves (depending on the product you buy). Just mix it with carrier oil of your choice as a base and your DIY oil recipe is ready.

Here’s a quick Neem oil recipe you can try at home.

  • Using Whole Fruit

If you can’t find pure herbal powders, you can use the same old grinding method to make herbal extract powder or fruit oil as a whole. Remember to use a carrier oil as a base to get double the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to mix carrier oil with herbal hair oil?

Carrier oil act as a base that goes alongside with herbal hair oil. Using RAW herbal oil might tickle your scalp a bit so it’s better to mix it with a secondary ingredient. Check your oil ingredient to see if it can be used without dilution or not.

Which herbal oil is best for hair growth?

Amla and Neem oils are considered some of the best for scalp nourishment and growth. Both of these oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other helpful ingredients that are required for maximum growth within days.

Which herbal hair oil should I use?

If you’re looking for something soothing that nourishes your hair and helps with itchy scalp then Neem oil. If you have a dry scalp that needs extra moisture then Castor oil is suitable for you. And if you’re looking for an All-in-one oil that works well with all sorts of hair problem then Amla oil.

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