What is Cassia Obovata Powder - Is it the Perfect Hair Conditioner?

What is Cassia Obovata Powder - Is it the Perfect Hair Conditioner?

Cassia Obovata, also known as "Neutral Henna" is a plant-based herbal ingredient used in a multitude of ways. This ayurvedic herb has been used for thousands of years and has more value than gold, well at least for your hair.

Cassia is from the same family of roots as the Henna powder. But they both have different properties and molecule levels. Starting from the basics, cassia does not stain your hair like henna. It also does not reduce shrinkage or significantly color gray.

If we have to best distinguish between both, we would say cassia obovata is more like a conditioner that makes your scalp healthy and increase your overall shine.

So, if you’ve recently found out about this herb and would like to know if it's suitable for your hair or not then you’ve come to the right place!

What is Cassia Obovata?

Cassia Obovata is native to Asian, and African subcontinents. The species of Cassia herbs has been around us for ages and was already used in folk medicines as laxatives, antifungals, and antibacterial.

Through testing, it was found out that the molecular compound of cassia is very effective in fighting skin fungus and mild bacteria. Later on, cassia was appointed in the haircare department because of its effective characteristics in improving the overall condition of your hair.

It's a natural and inexpensive haircare regimen that takes less than a minute to mix and the application process is shorter than henna. You don't have to wait for the dye to fully develop like henna so the whole cassia treatment takes about 45-60 minutes to get your desired result.

Benefits of Cassia Obovata for Hair

The benefits of using cassia powder

Natural Conditioner

If we distinguish henna as a natural colorant, we would say cassia is a natural conditioner. No matter if you've recently dyed your hair or looking to add a bit of shine, cassia obovata is a perfect ingredient for your needs. It packs all the nutrients to help restore your dull hair to its natural look.

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Add Shine

If you've damaged your hair by using excessive hair products like styling irons or blow dryers, we have a perfect solution for you. To recreate your lost self, use cassia treatment. It is a perfect natural alternative to add shine to your hair without you having to invest heavily in haircare products.

Fight Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Dandruff and itchy scalp are some of the prime reasons why you have hair problems in the first place. Dandruff is a serious concern that is often overlooked by a lot of people. And when not treated in time can lead to a lot of problems.

What cassia does is that it conditions your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. It helps nourish your hair strands and restore the moisturization lost. Furthermore, Cassia obovate also controls your hair's sebum production, leading to balanced natural hair oil production.

Helps Define Curls

Curly-headed folks often complain about how a conditioner has removed their hair curls. They are constantly looking for products that add shine to their hair, helps them get rid of dandruff, and improves the scalp condition.

Cassia Obovato is a perfect plant-based ingredient that can help you with undefined and torn-down curls. It makes sure that you get all the hair benefits without losing the natural shape.

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Add Volume to your Hair

Cassia obovate is perfect for individuals who have thin hair or split ends. Thin hair can be caused by a number of reasons from the excessive use of chemical products to your overall healthcare. To make your hair look thick and lustrous, include cassia in your hair regimen and feel the difference.

Cover Gray Hair for Blondes

Cassia can also benefit those who have blonde hair. It can help bring out the more natural golden tone in your hair, making it a perfect suitable ingredient to help fight graying.

However, if you have dark hair, cassia won't affect your grays with the same pigmentation. For this, henna treatment is required.

Now that we know the benefits of cassia for hair, how can we effectively use it

Well, there are plenty of ways you can include cassia obovato in your hair care regimen. Below we’ve mentioned some of the prominent ones.

Using Cassia Obovata as Hair Mask

Uses of cassia obovata

Recommended amounts

  • 100g for short hair
  • 200g for shoulder length hair
  • 300g for long hair
  • 400g for waist length hair

Patch Test 

  • Apply a little bit of cassia paste on your inside elbow to check if you’re allergic to it
  • Use the cassia paste on your hair strand to test if it makes your hair green or not
  • You can repeat it twice every week but it will require several applications before you see any results

Application Instructions: 

  • Add the Cassia Obovata powder to a non-metallic bowl
  • Use an appropriate amount of powder for your hair length
  • Slowly add warm, distilled water to make a thin paste while stirring
  • Continue adding water as per the consistency
  • Now, section your hair in 4 different ways
  • Apply the mixture from roots to ends
  • Leave the paste on your hair for at least 30 minutes
  • Rinse it out with regular water

For Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair and would like to cover gray’s then follow the treatment below:

  • The application instructions are the same as above
  • Only, you have to let the mixture rest for about 20 minutes before you apply it to your hair
  • Also, let the mixture rest on your hair for 60-90 minutes instead of 30 minutes

Using Cassia Obovata with Henna Mixture

For people with dark hair, if you want to add more shine to your hair and increase its manageability, mix 2 tablespoons of cassia obovata powder with henna hair dye of your choice. The application process and all the other instructions are the same.

Using Cassia Gloss Treatment

Because cassia is a natural herb, you can mix it with other herbal powders, essential oils, and carrier oils to make your own cassia gloss recipe. The possibilities are endless; hence we encourage you to explore your creativity. But don't forget to do a patch test prior to the application.

Where to Buy Cassia Obovata Powder?

The key to getting all the benefits we’ve mentioned above lies in the product you buy. Cassia obovata, like other herbal powders, can be mixed with other ingredients and labeled as a natural product. So, it is always recommended to double-check the packaging before you buy.

We at The Henna Guys, deals in pure and natural herbal powder, free from chemicals and other preservatives. Our cassia powder is gluten-and chemical-free, ethically sourced, and triple-sifted for a smooth paste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cassia Lighten Hair?

It is important to keep in mind that Cassia does not lighten your hair. It is a natural hair dye that conditions your hair and adds shine. 

Is Cassia powder the same as henna?

Although cassia and henna look the same, they are very different powders in terms of characteristics. Unlike henna, cassia does not stain your skin. 

How long to leave cassia in your hair?

If you're using it to just condition your hair, then let the treatment rest for 30 minutes. If you're using it to cover the grays of your blonde hair, then use it for 60-90 minutes.

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