Orange Peel Powder Benefits - A Perfect Ingredient for your Hair and Skin Care

Orange Peel Powder Benefits - A Perfect Ingredient for your Hair and Skin Care

We love oranges for their sweet flavor, citrus-rich vitamins, and minerals but we don't realize how good their peels are. It turns out, orange peels are filled with natural ingredients that can be utilized in so many ways.

Don't miss out on the bonus as the orange peels have a higher number of Vitamin C from their fleshy and juicy inside!

Orange Peel Powder is the ultimate magical product that can help us get the benefits we most desire. In this post, we'll share some of these benefits alongside why is it important for your skin and how you can make an easy DIY orange peel face and hair mask.

But first, let’s cover what are the magical nutrients in Orange Peel?



Vitamin C

We are all familiar with this one. This nutrient can help protect our skin from radical damage and promote healthy glowing skin.


This one helps hydrate our skin while making sure that our natural moisturization is preserved.


Calcium can treat a variety of different skin related problems like dry, itchy, and flaky skin


Promote a youthful glowing skin while making sure all the fine lines and wrinkles are off the chart.


Orange peel powder is rich in Citric acid, calcium, and Vitamin C - All of which have quite impressive results for both your skin and hair care regime. Below mentioned are some magical benefits of orange peel powder.

8 Magical Orange Peel Powder Benefits

Orange Peel

  1. Brightens the Skin

You will be surprised to know that orange peel powder is rich in Vitamin C, more than the fruit itself. This not only brightens your skin but also promotes a youthful glow.

  1. Unclog Skin Pores

Orange peel powder is great at exfoliating your skin. A mask prepared with orange peel powder and yogurt can prove wonders for your skin care. It will help rinse off the environmental dirt and the excessive oil which leads to acne and pimples.

  1. Remove Acne and Acne Scars

If you want to get rid of all the impurities from your skin, then there's no better product than Orange peel powder. It can drive away all the factors from your skin that lead to skin infection and pimples.

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Also, not only does it reduce pimples, it also gets rid of acne scars. A mask prepared with rose water and orange peel powder can help you get rid of sudden skin breakouts.

  1. Balances Skin Tone

Whether you have bright or dark skin, orange peel powder is loaded with citric acid which is an effective natural ingredient to balance the skin tone. Make a mask of orange peel powder with water, lemon and use it as a facial steam.

  1. Fight the sign of Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are one of the radical problems we can face even in our 20s. Oranges are a great source of antioxidants, which help keep our youthful skin cells attached. Including orange peel powder in your regular skincare regime can be of great benefit to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and sagging skin.

  1. Reverse Sun Damage

If you spend most of your time outside, then you'll notice that your skin will get darker and lose its consistency. The anti-inflammatory properties of orange powder not just act as a UV shield for your skin but also improves your skin texture and regenerate a youthful glow.

  1. Remove Blackheads

Blackheads happen when your skin sebum production is too much or you have closed pores. What Orange peel powder does is that it opens the pores and balances the sebum production. This helps you not just with dark spots but also in removing pigmentation, blackheads, and acne scars.

  1. Get Lustrous Hair

Orange Peel powder is an excellent conditioner for your hair. Not only does it control your dandruff, but it also improves the blood circulation level, leading to more lustrous hair and less hair fall.

These are just a handful of benefits that this powder is capable of. After all, it’s a natural product, what harm could it do?

How to use Orange Peel Face Mask

How to use Orange Peel Face Mask

Here's a quick DIY face mask recipe with just 3 ingredients. The combined effect of all these ingredients will help fight free radicals, improves your skin tone, get rid of blackheads, slows down aging, and remove skin acne.


  • Orange Peel Powder (2 Tablespoon)
  • Raw Honey (1 Tablespoon)
  • Yogurt (1 Tablespoon)


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl
  2. Cleanse your face before you apply the mixture
  3. Apply the face mask on your face, making sure it is in a thick coat
  4. Let the mask sit on your face for about 10-15 minutes
  5. When the time is up, simply rinse off the face mask and pat dry your face with a towel
  6. Apply some natural moisturizer such as a drop of coconut or olive oil

Some other Ingredients for Face Mask

  • Manuka Honey - Manuka honey is the perfect ingredient to get rid of pigmented and dry skin.
  • Yogurt - This one helps with the revitalization and youthfulness of your face.
  • Egg White - This one has the ability to tone large pores in your skin and balance the sebum production.
  • Egg Yolk - Perfect to hydrate your skin and balance the moisturization level.
  • Goat Milk - Overall, a good natural source of vitamins and essential minerals

How to use Orange Peel Hair Mask

Orange Hair Mask

To get rid of dandruff and moisturize your scalp, use the following method to make a hair mask.

  1. Add the powder in a bowl
  2. Gradually add warm water while stirring the mixture
  3. Make a thin paste of the mixture
  4. Section your hair into different parts and apply
  5. Do a strand test before applying
  6. Make sure you cover every section and leave on for 30-45 minutes
  7. Rinse your hair with tap water
  8. For best results, repeat every 2 weeks

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Where to buy orange Peel Powder

The key to getting all of the benefits we've mentioned above lies in the product you use. Either you can make the powder on your own or buy it from any reputable source. The orange peel powder at The Henna Guys is Pure and Natural, free from preservatives and chemicals.

Orange Peel Powder

We use some of the finest oranges from the market to make this powder. In its natural form, the orange powder can be used for multipurpose uses.

How to Make Orange Peel Powder

DIY orange peel powder

If you're not interested in buying pre-made orange powder, here's a quick explanation of how you can make this at home.

  1. Grab some oranges from the market
  2. Save the peels and remove the white fibrous part
  3. Wash the peels with distilled water
  4. Spread the orange peels in a tray
  5. Place the tray in an area that receives plenty of sunlight
  6. Leave the tray there for 2-3 days
  7. Protect the tray with a thin cloth in case there's dirt and insects present
  8. Now put the dried peels in a blender and crush them
  9. Your orange peel powder is all set and ready
Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the use of orange peel powder?

Orange peel powder can be used for both your skin and hair care regime.

Can we apply orange peel powder on the face daily?

For best results, use the orange peel mask twice every week.

Is orange peel good for skin?

The orange feel is a powerhouse of minerals and natural ingredients that are perfect for your skin.

Can we eat orange peel powder?

Unlike its inner fruit, the peels of the orange have a dry texture that is very difficult to chew. This makes it unappealing to eat.

Where to buy the best Orange Peel Powder?

If you're looking for natural orange peel powder for multipurpose usage, The Henna Guys are your perfect brand for this. Our orange peel powder is pure, free from any preservatives or chemicals.

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