5 Ways Cassia Obovata Can Help Your Hair

5 Ways Cassia Obovata Can Help Your Hair

Cassia obovata, or, as some call it, “neutral henna,” is a plant that can help your hair in a multitude of ways. Native to Africa and Asia, this plant is usually processed into a fine powder. 

Though many people confuse it with henna, cassia obovata isn’t henna. While henna provides natural red/orange tones, the pigment of cassia obovata is more of a yellow color.

There are many benefits of using cassia obovata. It has been used for hundreds of years in a number of different ways. One of the most common form of cassia obovata is in powder form which is by drying the leaves of the plant and then grinding them into a fine powder.

Here’s a few ways that this amazing plant powder can benefit you:

A Natural Conditioner

Suitable for all hair textures, cassia obovata can work wonders when it comes to conditioning. It is packed with naturally occurring nutrients that can help restore and renew your hair.

Eliminates Dandruff

Along with conditioning, it can also help solve your dandruff problem. Dandruff, which is usually caused by an overly dry scalp, tends to disappear with the use of cassia obovata. Cassia powder delivers nutrients to the scalp when mixed with water and applied as a paste.

Adds Shine

Cassia obovata also helps bring out the shine in your hair. It is perfect for those who deal with dry, dull hair caused by blow dryers, styling irons, hair products and other factors. You can create a paste with the powder and apply it directly to boost shine.

Adds Volume

Individuals dealing with thin hair or damaged hair can use cassia obovata to help add definition and volume to their hair. It helps lift the hair roots to make thinning hair look fuller and more defined.

Defines Curls

Curly headed folks can benefit a lot from cassia obovata. It is perfect for those that are dealing with undefined and torn down curls because the plant will help curls form back to their natural shape while making the hair extra soft.

One of our favorite parts about using this amazing herb powder is that fact that the application is easy and simple. Unlike henna, the process of the complete experience is as short as 15 minutes. The yellow tones and natural nutrients of this transfer a lot faster than henna and can be mixed with a variety of other ingredients to achieve all the benefits.

The next time you need to give your hair an extra boost of, well everything from shine to definition, we recommend our favorite cassia obovata powder by The Henna Guys.


Hi Shavonne, I’m experimenting with different ways of using cassia obovata too. I’d advise against an overnight treatment. I tried it once and it was so uncomfortable I barely slept! And I’m accustomed to sleeping with deep conditioner in my hair. It also can become so heavy and dry that you might run the risk of breakage and other issues. It’s probably better if you apply it when you have several hours at home…I don’t know that you yield more benefit after 4 hours or so. Good luck!

Manya Gorman-Knutson

Hello! I’d like to try an overnight Cassia treatment on my hair. I’ve seen increased manageability and shine with 30min and 1hr application. I’m curious would an overnight treatment improve my results further? Do you recommend trying an overnight treatment? Or do you know of some reason I should not try one?

Thank you

Shavonne Howard

I have dark brown hair and gray hair. What will this do to the grays? Also, the rose powder you offer, can it be used on the face as well for use as a facial mask?

Thank you!

Theresa Arnold

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