Beard Dandruff - What is it and how to get rid of it?

Beard Dandruff - What is it and how to get rid of it?

Growing a beard is not easy as it sounds! It takes a lot of time, courage, dedication, and love to make it happen. It's one of the best feelings a man can have! A lustrous-looking beard not just builds your personality, but also makes you a completely new person.

But as with all stories, there's a villain here too, and in our case, it's the beard dandruff. Out of nowhere, beard dandruff can happen, it’s annoying, it's flaky, it's scratchy, and in general, affect our beard quality.

And the worst part is, some people can't find it until it's too late! It's a condition that can happen to anyone and there's nothing to be ashamed of it.

But knowing it's a common issue for men, there are a lot of ways you to follow to fix this. Whether you just experienced beard-ruff for the first time or can't get enough of it, we have a correct solution for this once and for all.

What is beard dandruff and why does it happen?

How to get rid of beard dandruff

Beard dandruff is the same as dandruff on your scalp. There are 2 factors why it happens, you either have very dry skin or you're suffering from a fungal infection. Dry skin can happen for a number of reasons including the cleansers you use, the soap you use for your face, and the moisturization you use.

Although these products are perfect to clean your beard on the surface, they are not as effective underneath the skin. Cleansing products are just too good at soaking the natural oil from your skin, and frequent usage won't even give time to your skin to regulate the oil process.

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Another significant factor is a fungal infection. This one can happen for a number of reasons like your poor diet, excessive usage of some skincare products, and the yeast that lives on your surface.

Yeast in particular can happen because of the natural sunlight not reaching the surface of your skin. Our sun is a very good source at killing or slowing down the effect of fungal growth, but when there's a beard blocking it, the fungus grows and causes beard-ruff.

How to reduce Beard Dandruff?

How to reduce beard dandruff

First of all, don't freak out! Beard dandruff is easily treated. We recommend you implement the following steps to your regular beard care routine.

  • Wash your Beard and Condition it
  • Dry your Beard After wash
  • Brush your beard regularly
  • Use beard care products like beard oil, and beard balms
  • Exfoliate your Beard

Note: If you have a severe skin infection, we recommend you consult with a dermatologist.

Beard dandruff, beard dye, beard balm, beard oil

Properly Wash your Beard

Keeping your beard clean is the best way to ensure it is free from dandruff. But it doesn't mean that you shampoo it daily. Remember, the more you shampoo your beard, the more your natural sebum production will decrease.  The best approach for this is to use a Sulfate-free shampoo.

There are certain reasons why you should use a sulfate-free beard wash. Some of the prominent benefits include:

  • It helps control sebum production
  • It makes sure you have no kinky hair
  • It improves your hair color and control hair loss
  • It aids with the styling
  • And most importantly, it gets rid of beard-ruff

How to use a beard wash?

  1. Soak your beard fully
  2. Apply beard dandruff shampoo on your facial hair
  3. Gently Scrub it
  4. Cleanse your hair
  5. Use a towel to properly dry it

Dry your beard Properly

The reason why we've mentioned this heading separately is because of the fact that many men don't even bother to dry their beards. When was the last time you dried your beard properly? Drying your beard with a blow dryer is not a bright idea as well.

Just make sure that you use a regular towel and gently cleanse the water from your beard. Don't be so inversive as facial hair is very sensitive and can lead to follicle root breakage.

Exfoliate your skin with a beard brush

Brushing your beard is as important as brushing your hair. It not only keeps the facial hair in shape but also gets rid of the tangles and knots. The best method to exfoliate your skin is to use a Beard brush or a beard comb. Beard brushes made of bristle hair are the best in this category to exfoliate your skin.

For best results, use it after your beard maintenance session. After combining your hair, make sure you clean the dandruff flakes. Also, don't just use a beard brush, keep a comb alongside you as well.

Some of the benefits of a beard brush include:

  • Help Moisturize your skin
  • Get rid of frizzy hair
  • Help distribute oil or balm
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promote hair growth

Use Beard Care Products

Beard Care Products

Using beard oil is one of the best ways to get rid of beardruff. The oil is made of essential ingredients to help improve your skin moisturization, promote healthy facial hair, get rid of the patchy beard and act as an antimicrobial barrier.

Beard oil products that are made of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Marula oil have proven to not just help you with dandruff, but also make sure that the fungus won't spread no more.

The next great product is the Beard Balm, which comprises the same ingredients as beard oil, with the addition of waxes. Beard balm act as a leave-in conditioner for your facial hair that goes side by side with beard oil. Both these items are the perfect duo to help maintain your beard and remove excessive dandruff.

Some other Helpful Tips

Drink Plenty of Water

You might be wondering how water can help you relieve the beard-ruff? Our skin is one of the largest organs of our body and it needs moisturization to properly function. As with any other body part, it can become dehydrated, which then leads to a lot of skin problems. A simple regime as just drinking water can help you get rid of dandruff.

Improve your diet

Eating well not just moisturizes your skin, but can also play its role in your overall health. Foods such as eggs, potatoes, milk, fish can encourage hair growth. Additionally, foods that contain Vitamins and minerals can help maintain the hydration levels of your skin.


Exercise is as important as improving your diet. It not just helps maintain your beard, but also your body. Working out daily tends to balance the hormones, which ultimately promotes sebum production. Exercise can also lead to increased blood flow, helping you to get a lustrous long beard.

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