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Why You Need a Beard Washing and Conditioning Routine

Just as your hair can get a little dry and unruly, your beard needs TLC to stay in top condition. But, given its position on your face, you'll need separate beard products to address its unique needs. From dull hair to beard dandruff, the right products can target all your facial hair and skin needs.

Beard Wash

If you've been washing your beard with a body soap, it's time to rethink your beard-cleansing strategy. Regular soap strips natural oils, drying out your skin and hair. Beard washes are designed to moisturize while cleansing beard hair and facial skin.

Use a beard wash twice a week, or more often if you work up a sweat on a regular basis. Rinse with warm water. A solid beard-washing regimen removes food particles and keeps odors and bacteria at bay.

Avoid washes containing sulfates and parabens, especially if you have sensitive skin. These common ingredients are potential skin irritants.

beard oil, beard moisturizer, beard care

Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioners usually come in the form of beard balms and beard oils. If your beard is on the shorter side and your skin is healthy, try beard oil. Guys with longer beards and/or dry skin should consider beard balm. A good beard conditioner can help with these issues:

  • dryness
  • roughness
  • reduce wiriness
  • protects from harsh weather
  • nourishes beard hair and skin

Whether you just want to maintain your beard or want to get rid of an itchy beard, beard conditioning is a must. Try all-natural options from The Henna Guys.

Our all-natural beard care products absorb easily while targeting your biggest beard concerns. And, unless you opt for a fragrance-free version, enjoy the lingering aroma of our essential oil-based scents.

Beard Brush

A beard brush with natural bristles is the perfect beard-maintenance tool. Beard brushes let you shape your beard, prevent tangles, keep it lint- and debris-free, and help distribute beard balms and oils evenly. It can even help keep your face fresh by brushing away dead skin cells.

Keep one in your car or desk -- anywhere you need touch-ups to maintain your beard's shape and prevent itchiness or irritation. A wooden brush is a durable option; opt for one with boar bristles for superior hair softness and texture.

Whether you consider yourself a beard aficionado or just want to keep your beard in excellent shape, the right beard care regimen is a must. We have all the natural beard products you need, as well as henna beard dye and other grooming essentials.

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