Get the 6 Best Hair Colors for Winter 2024 from Henna

Get the 6 Best Hair Colors for Winter 2024 from Henna

2024 has been quite a year -- even for our hair. Some of us, including plenty of celebrities, took advantage of all that time at home to experiment with color. Fun hair colors and bad haircuts took up a lot of space on our social media feeds, and salons scrambled to fix clients' hair mistakes as most states eased lockdown restrictions. With winter just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to spend more time at home -- but this time, maybe we'll be kinder to our hair!

Whether you’ve fried your locks with chemical-based hair dyes or just want to reap the benefits of natural hair color, henna can help you get the look you want this winter. If you’re new to this hair dye, start with a lighter color; you can always go darker, but henna can’t lighten your hair. Whether you dive into henna or try it out with a henna gloss, you’ll love the way it makes your hair look and feel. 

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Try these 2024 hair color trends with henna:

1. Auburn and ginger beer hair seem custom-made for fall, but these russet shades are also perfect for adding visual warmth on those frigid winter days. Brown-and-red combos like mahogany and auburn give you the best of both worlds while contrasting with cooler winter clothing colors. Red-based henna shades provide gorgeous color while helping with manageability and other common hair problems

2. Blonde hair is in the spotlight for winter. Icy platinum and silver tones are big for the season of snow and ice. However, these shades are not only harder to maintain; the processing is also hard on your hair. If you’re looking to ditch harsh chemicals, opt for a different blonde trend -- golden or strawberry blonde. These warm tones require less upkeep. Although you can't go lighter with henna, there is a natural option for brightening your blonde locks. Cassia obovata is a natural conditioner that also brightens blonde hair and diminishes grays.  Although it’s sometimes called blonde henna or neutral henna, cassia obovata does not actually color hair. Some light-haired henna users combine a tiny amount of cassia powder with pure henna or another red henna hair shade to achieve strawberry blonde. This isn’t an exact science, though. Henna works with your hair’s natural color variations, so check a color chart for a better idea of how your henna color should turn out. The Henna Guys website includes color charts for products that combine henna hair dye with various herbs to get different shades of brown or red. Mixing your own shades takes patience and experimentation but can be worth the effort.

 3. Chocolate may be your top choice for stocking stuffers and holiday desserts, but it’s also a fresh hair color option for winter 2024. Dark brown henna blends henna, indigo and herbs to provide rich, deep chocolate tones to all hair colors. You may experience some red undertones that show up beautifully in natural light. Protect your winter hair color with a high-quality, sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner

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4. Caramel is an equally delicious choice -- both for after-dinner treats and your hair. Soft color that flatters most skin tones is the perfect way to treat yourself this holiday season. Since most of us tend to look a little more washed-out during those drab winter months, a color pick-me-up is a welcome change. Light brown henna gives your hair some warmth -- even if the rest of you is freezing! 

5. Burgundy is hot for the cold months this year. Although this hair color adds a touch of mystery all year round, it’s especially stunning with freshly fallen snow as a backdrop. Blending purple and red tones, this cool shade brings the bold. Although it’s one of our favorite winter 2022 hair trends, burgundy hair looks lovely for the holidays and beyond. 

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 6. Jet black looks dramatic this winter, especially after a 2024 filled with light and bright colors. Ditch your lockdown pastels in favor of sophisticated jet-black hair. Take your tresses to new levels by replacing the water in your henna blend with brewed black coffee. Add conditioning, color-enhancing amla powder to the mixture for even better results; our haircare combos include both conditioning and henna powders. If you’re seeing some grays, add two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to help with gray coverage.

Whether you're experiencing crazy-color burnout, are nursing fried locks, or just want to change up your hair color, try out one of the best hair colors for winter 2022 from The Henna Guys. Our henna, which includes our new line of USDA-certified organic hennas, is all-natural, raw, vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel good about having great hair.

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