13 Best New Hair Colors for 2016

As the summer arrives you would like to go perkier, livelier and well-lit and when it’s winter you prefer to go warmer than now. The hair color has the power to change the whole ambiance and vigor of a being and sets you in a good mood. So changing your hair color with seasons is as important as to change your makeup and closet.
Hair color trends can flinch with somebody walking on the road with a captivating appearance that attracts people and they want to imitate that color, another trend can be some superstar or celebrity compelled like a celebrity wear some new color and that becomes popular and influence women countrywide. Some trends of the hair color may also inaugurate on the runways of the fashion week in any country. These expounded hairdos offer creativeness and are understood as the everyday wearable hair color and style. Whether you need a new appearance or just a minor modernity, these hair artists sanctioned best new hair colors for 2016 are fastened as the next perfect choice. So, get ready and to reserve your next position at the salon!

1.    An interesting substitute for Ombre:

This hair color trend is cool for jumpy and chic girls. With this practice, the end of the hair looks like immersed into some funky shade of paint for adding excitement, life, and modernism to your hair. Another fascinating idea could be, to use the impermanent color for the ends that usually washes out completely after two or three times use of shampoo.

2.    Charming Cruising:

The ombre mane color technique has persistently advanced into extra smooth hue changeovers. Look for the mingling or elusive hue shifts from shady to bright or from deep to shallow colors in the place of the ombre old-style tough divergence color combinations.

3.    Dazzling Blondes:

This definitive, eternal color remains on the hit list of best hair colors every year. Be sure to keep all the shades of light blonde lively and intense. Be certain that you give it the true adoration it is worthy of. You need to stop going for the tough high temperature based hair styling, this is an assassin act for the dazzling blonde hair. Use the high-quality salt-free hair care products whether its shampoo, serum, or some conditioner.

4.    The Rosy Effects:

This rose gold hair color hue and all its deviations is an absolute legacy into the list of best new hair colors for this year. It is more or less a way of imparting a new whirl to blonde hair by coloring it in most exciting and interesting tones, making sure it doesn’t go too dark. Rose gold hair color is firm, but can be carried in many different hues and over, it works for light and dark complexions, which makes it flexible and modern also.

5.    Hot Grays:

Nailed as one of the most up-to-date and sexiest shades of the last year, Hot Grays endures its supremacy in the current year as well. Don’t go for the outmoded gray with a single tone but go for some cool ideas like full silvery fascination, unified with equable undertones, heartfelt deep textures and neutral pastel inspirations. Such grays are always required low-maintenance.

6.    Chic Violets:

Being a blend of the two lively and best colors, we violet color is going to secure the place in this list as an individual tone this year again, this hair color has been speckled on teens to even many celebrities we know. For example, Katy Perry and Nicole Richie joined in this fashion last year, so we suppose much more would join this trend this year. But remember such bonbon dyed hair doesn't always need to be on the top. The extra distinction between your hair color and complexion would give you the more melodramatic look.

7.    The Neutral Hair:

You must be known to the warm and cool hair colors but what about trying the neutral one this year. This hair color is a combination of the warm and cool colors that neutralize each other and gives a more glamorous and balanced hair color for you. The biggest advantage of choosing this neutral hair color is that it is compatible with a wide range of skin tones. They can never be out of the list because they are trendy and easy to wear.

8.    Demin Blues:

You might have seen heaps of glittery and vibrant shades in hair salons and superstars on the red carpet wearing it, but the demin blue color is really exclusive. Unlike a cheerful or neutral shade, the demin blue hair is an elusive sandy blue, or you may define the color as a twisted version of the blue-black color. The blue strands intermingled in the black strands makes your hair look healthier and stronger.

9.    Color Melting:

Are you probing for a relaxed and up-to-date style that is delicate but magnificent? There is a cool and new hair coloring methods, like ombre and balayage, for you. Color melting is the latest approach to introducing the multidimensional upshot in your hair. This permits numerous highlights and undertones to dissolve collectively into a basic shade and creates a more enhanced and natural look that redirects diverse hues of light effortlessly.

10.    The Neon Streaks:

Today, when everyone is running after highlights and lowlights of outdated colors, it is your time to make them jealous with the neon streaks in your naturally dark hair. There couldn’t be any dull moment with this hair color. The neon hues are exceptionally eye-catching and a wide range of colors to match different base colors. But it must be noted that neon streaks would be really prominent with the dark hair and not on the vibrant light hairs.

11.    Compound Coloring:

Another latest hair coloring technique to try this year is compound coloring. Isn’t the name sound so cool and interesting? In this technique, you may choose the colors with the high contrast and as many as you want. Each section of the hair thus appears to be multi-tonal. Colors on each strand look so magical, like a rainbow, but the hues are sitting so naturally into your hair.

12.    Link to the Dark Side:

This year the blondes are going to go darker and natural by integrating the darker tones to their light hair. The light brown and golden hues combination are very common and the color is carried out all through the hair length. This inclination is impeccable for those blondes who wants dark hair but not so dark.

13.    Featured Roots:

To make the root areas more enhanced and featured adopt this hair color idea this year. It is on your own if you want the light ends or somewhat lighter ends or wants a single color all over the hair length. Go for the principal 1 to 2 inches of the hair dyed in some cheerful and lively color, this will help you look fresh and everyone is going to appreciate your creativity.

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