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Wine Red Henna For Hair

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Wine Red Henna

Give your hair a classy touch of wine with our wine red henna hair dye, made from all plant-based ingredients and no chemicals. Our hand selected ingredients work together to create an ideal ratio and pure formula for this rich color. To start the base, we use carefully selected henna and red clay, which make up the base of this color. Once all the other essential ingredients and herbs are added, the mixture is put through three cycles of sifting so that the impurities can be removed. Our formula will give you the desired results, without the use of any additives or harmful chemicals in it. The color is best to use on light to medium hair, or to add shine and enhance a similar hair color. The results will not be very effective on dark hair.


Ingredients and how they work:


  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

This ingredient helps make base for this henna hair dye with its bright red hues. Other than its eye-catching color, henna helps condition and add shine to the hair, which leaves the end result of sleek and healthy hair.

  • Red Clay

To add balance to the henna, we mix it with red clay, which also has deep red tones. This not only gives our henna hair dye a rich color, it also provides the hair with beneficial minerals. These minerals are essential and add cleansing power to the henna hair dye.

  • Myrobalan (Terminalia bellirica)

To help create the wine red color, we need myrobalan’s natural faint yellow color. This herb gives us another natural ingredient to work around and manipulate the color we are trying to achieve, as well helping the end result to be brighter and the color to stand out more.  

  • Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)

A derivative of the Indian gooseberry, this herb will brighten your color and help keep it intact. It works wonders with its natural properties to help you achieve better color results and lock the color in.

  • False Daisy (Eclipta alba)

Get an envious coat of shine in addition to the wine red hair color, thanks to the false daisy present in our formula.

  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)

As the dye sits on your hair, neem works to go deep into the scalp to condition it along with the hair.


How to apply wine red henna?

Find application instructions here

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Jenna Williams-Held

WINE RED affection

I was a little bored with dying my hair with brown shades, so I decided to go red and this wine red is exactly what I wanted. I really love my wine red hair. You must try it!

Darrel H.
United States

Found More than expected

I thought that 1 pack would be small, so I took another one, but the quantity was impressive. (More than the usual hair dye from the store). Color walked a little longer than i expected. Therefore, I painted in another (Wine Red) color, and what the paint would lie down, you need to illuminate yourself quite a lot. Wine Red Color always falls on lightened hair (even if your hair color is blond). I loved this Brand and vibrant shade.

Mercedes C.
United States

I loved the color

I've used The Henna Guys brand for many years. I love that it doesn't leave really defined color differences when your hair grows out, because the color washes out a little each time you wash your hair. It's easy to use and looks very natural. I get a lot of compliments on the color. I've just started noticing that it's lasting more on my hair with the time, I don't know if it's due to a formula change or if it's due to my natural hair maturing. Either way, it doesn't matter to me. I love the color and I will continue to use it.

Jennifer A.

It is easy to use

I followed all the instructions and used it myself; it was easy to use even for the first time and the next morning after it was completely dry it was a gorgeous natural looking color. I didn't do the strand test or the allergy test, but I was fine. I waited the 3 hours until showering the dye out. I would highly recommend it.

Ellie D.

For a beginner, loved it

so I have ****** lightish brown hair. I'm 23 and I've never dyed it. In October I got some semi-permanent pink dye in parts of my hair for breast cancer awareness month. It washed out after quite a few washes, but that is what started my interest in experimenting with colors in my hair. I wanted to go for a deep red color to blend with my natural color, and for fun holiday color. I chose the Wine red color by Henna Guys and it gave stunning color which was prettier than my expectations.

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