Why You Need Beard Oil in Your Life

Why You Need Beard Oil in Your Life

Whether you’re new to beards or sport a decade’s worth of growth, you’ve probably figured out that beards require a certain amount of grooming. Of course, beard length and style help determine your beard care routine. Kanye’s meticulously groomed goatee has different maintenance requirements than Jason Momoa’s bushy beard. Beard oil is an essential part of a solid beard grooming regimen, regardless of your facial hair style.

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What Is Beard Oil?

You might have spotted this popular product alongside beard wash, beard balm and other products designed to keep your beard clean, healthy and attractive. Beard oil keeps your skin and beard hair in tip-top shape by doing the following:

  • Detangles
  • Stops itching
  • Reduces frizziness
  • Gets rid of beardruff
  • Nourishes skin and hair
  • Conditions skin and hair
  • Moisturizes to prevent a host of problems

Dry skin can be caused or exacerbated by cold, dry weather, as well as stress and lack of sleep. Moisturizing is a must for your beard and skin. Dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s more susceptible to cracking, irritation and ingrown hairs, too. 

Do I Really Need Beard Oil?

You might wonder if you can skip the beard oil. The truth is that beard oil is essential to the health of both your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Although beard oil can make your beard hair more manageable, it’s more of a beard care product than a styling aid. In addition to the above list of beard benefits, beard oil does the following:

  • Adds shine 
  • Makes skin and beard supple
  • Makes your beard easier to style
  • Provides a pleasant fragrance (unless, of course, you go fragrance-free)

A hydrated, smooth beard is a good-looking beard. And when your beard looks good, you’ll feel more confident.

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When and How to Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil can be applied daily after cleansing with beard wash. Beard wash gets rid of dead skin cells that can get trapped between beard hairs. Resist the urge to cleanse with bar soap, which can be drying. It's best to apply beard oil after showering so your pores are open.

  1. Apply the oil to towel-dried beard hair according to package instructions; you can also massage it into your hair and any skin that needs a moisture boost.
  2. Use your fingers or a beard brush or comb to distribute oil to the ends of your beard. A beard oil with a pump makes application infinitely easier.
  3. Smooth or brush your beard hair to guide the direction of the hairs. 

If you've thought about trying out beard oil, the time is now! This age-old product is making a comeback, so you're probably seeing it more often these days. Don't buy just any oil, though; choose one that's made from nourishing, natural ingredients. You'll find everything you need for an epic beard -- or just a well-groomed one -- at The Henna Guys store. Our vegan, natural beard products contain essential oils and other skin-loving ingredients to nurture your skin and facial hair.



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