Everything You Need to Maintain Your Beard

Everything You Need to Maintain Your Beard

These accessories and products will help you achieve your best beard ever.

Whether you're just trying to stay warm by growing facial hair or strive to maintain the perfect beard, you need the right tools for the job. Here's a rundown of grooming essentials for guys with beards.

beard wash

Beard Cleansing

A good beard wash is essential to any beard care routine. Wash dirt, excess oils, food particles and other nasty stuff away with a gentle yet effective cleanser. The Henna Guys' Sulfate-Free Beard Wash gets rid of everything you don't want while softening and moisturizing beard hair with argan and marula oils. Our beard wash doubles as a shampoo, making it perfect for home or travel.

Beard Conditioning

Beard oil has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity lately, and with good reason. Use our Beard Conditioning Oil on a regular basis for softer, smoother skin and beard hair; just massage it through your beard and onto the skin beneath. Choose from Sandalwood or Lemongrass & Eucalyptus; both scents are subtle yet fragrant.

beard oil

Beard Grooming

Our beard brush offers the perfect way to maintain popular beard styles or thoroughly distribute beard oil throughout your facial hair. Made from durable wood with natural boar bristles, the brush helps keep tangles at bay while smoothing out unruly beard hair. Regular brushing also helps distribute natural oils to prevent dryness. Stash a pocket comb somewhere handy to keep your beard looking good all day.

Dyeing Your Beard with Henna

Whether you want to cover grays or go for a new beard and hair color, check out our selection of henna hair and beard dyes. Pure henna, indigo powder, and a wide range of henna hair color blends give you plenty of options. Choose from Jet Black, several shades of brown and red, and red-brown blends like Mahogany and Auburn. Our body art quality hennas, or BAQ hennas, are:

🌿  raw
🌿  vegan
🌿  gluten-free
🌿  cruelty-free
🌿  paraben-free
🌿  sulfate-free
🌿  phthalate-free

While henna only creates red shades and indigo only creates dark shades, we blend these powders with herbs to create unique hair color shades. Look for your current hair color on our color charts (found on the product page for each hair color) for a rough idea of what new shade our dye will produce. A number of factors affect results, so your final color may vary from what is shown.

Beard Dye & Care Bundle

This beard care and henna kit has it all. Get everything you need to start your day off right with these beard care products from The Henna Guys: 

🌿  Henna Hair Dye & Beard Dye
🌿  Beard Wash
🌿  Beard Balm
🌿  Beard Conditioning Oil

Whether you gift a friend or keep this comprehensive set of beard helpers for yourself, you'll love the convenience of having your beard care products and accessories all in one place. Count on The Henna Guys to keep you supplied with plant-based products for skin, hair, and beard.

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