How to dye curly hair at home without damaging it?

How to dye curly hair at home without damaging it?

All curly hair beauties can relate with us... Curly hair is not just any hair; it's a feeling, a revolution, a story that should be protected at all costs.

And when it comes to coloring these tames, the idea just doesn't mix up because there's a myth that using a hair dye will damage your hair curls. And it does, if you're not careful enough.

So, what is the best way to dye curly hair at home without damaging it?

After doing some research and trying out different tips from here and there, we learned that dyeing your curly hair is not a big deal.

8 Steps to dye your curly hair at home

  • Get the required equipment for the hair dye
  • Prepare the dye color (Natural or Conventional hair dye)
  • Separate your hair into sections
  • Use petroleum jelly on the Hairline
  • Apply the color on your hair, from the roots to the ends
  • Follow the direction of the dye and let it rest
  • Rinse thoroughly with regular water
  • Take care of your colored hair

The key to having healthy-looking, beautiful colored locks lies in the application process. It doesn't matter how great of hair you have; it can still go sideways.

  1. Items you need to color or highlight at home

hair dye tools

The first thing you want to do is to grab the required equipment to color your hair. This includes the hair dye kit, application guidelines, some petroleum jelly, and a pair of old clothes.

You'll be fine with an application brush and a bowl most of the time. But investing in a good quality hair dye kit ensures that you'll get all the goodies in just one pack. This includes a saran cap, hair dye whisk, alligator clips, gloves, different sizes of brushes, and a bowl.

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Additionally, it is also recommended you wear an old shirt because you don't want to ruin your favorite shirt with a stain.

Here are some tips for the preparation process:

  • Make sure your hair is clean before the application
  • Cleanse your hair with warm water
  • Once the application is completed, cover your hair with a shower cap
  1. Prepare the dye color

This is the part where you prepare the application dye color. Now, when it comes to hair dye, you have two options; Conventional hair dye or natural hair dye.

  • Conventional Hair Dye

Your regular drugstore box hair dye formulated with chemicals to give your hair a striking new look. Each hair dye manufacturer uses different formulas to offer sizzling shades, an easy-to-follow dyeing process, and sometimes the application tools in the box.

There are also curl-safe hair dyes that you can try for both highlights and full color.

  • Natural Hair Dye
henna hair dye

As the name suggests, a natural hair dye is made of natural processes, mostly plant-based ingredients to offer a more natural hair dye experience. These hair dyes are free of preservatives and chemicals, hence offering a much healthier solution to your hair's curls.

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Mixing Process

Now, depending on the hair dye you pick, the mixing process will be a bit different. In case of conventional hair dye, you will be provided with a developer and the color inside the box. You just have to mix the appropriate amount of developer in the color and it’s all set.

In case of natural hair dye, considering henna, it takes more than just mixing. Because there are no preservatives and chemicals involved, henna paste takes time to fully develop.

  1. Separate your hair into section

This section depends on what you want to achieve with your hair color.

Do you want to do highlights or cover your hair fully?

Depending on your preference, you can use foil in case of highlights and color just the tips of your hair. If you want to cover your hair fully, divide it into 4 sections and use hair clips to secure each section.

  1. Use petroleum jelly on the hairline

Next, apply a thin layer of moisturizer, such as Vaseline or petroleum jelly to your hairline to protect it from the hair dye stain.

Dyeing your hair can be messy, so taking extra precautions is always recommended. Also, make sure to use gloves and wear an old shirt that you don't mind ruining.

  1. Apply the color on your hair, from the roots to the ends

Coloring highlights

For full hair coverage:

  • Separate and secure hair into different sections
  • Wear gloves and start applying the dye paste into each section
  • Start from the roots of your hair, all the way down to the ends
  • Use your fingers or hair dye brush for the application
  • When you've saturated one section, secure it with a clip
  • Work your way around with different sections until you've applied the full dye on your hair
  • Secure your hair with a shower cap
  • Let it rest for the appropriate time

For curly hair highlights:

  • Cut pieces of foil as per your hair length
  • Separate your hair into different sections using a comb and secure it with hair clips
  • Ensure that each section is within the width of the foil pieces
  • Use a tail comb to apply a very thin layer of the dye product
  • Wrap the saturated section in foil
  • Let it rest for the prescribed time
  1. Follow the direction of the dye and let it rest

cleaning hair dye

Depending on the dye you’re using (Natural or conventional), the application process can be a bit different. Henna, on the natural side, takes longer to develop and apply. It is because there are no preservatives and the dye molecules take a bit longer to coat your hair strands.

Conventional hair dyes, on the other hand, are easy to apply and don’t require much waiting time.

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  1. Rinse thoroughly with regular water

Once you have waited the recommended time, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hair with regular water
  • Use a sulfate-free conditioner to cleanse your hair
  • Don't use warm water as it will further open the cuticle (resulting in color bleed)
  • Don't use shampoo for the first 72 hours as it will result in color fade
  • When thoroughly cleaned, pat dry your hair with microfiber towel
  1. Take care of your colored hair

And that’s pretty much all. Now that you’ve successfully colored your hair, here are some precautionary tips that you can try.

  • Color your hair when its clean
  • Wait for 3 days before you use any shampoo
  • Use a sulfate-free conditioner to wash it for the first time
  • Use dry shampoo in case your hair is dirty
  • Avoid high temperatures, protect your hair with a scarf when going outside
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to protect your hair and add a natural shine
  • Use oil treatment, such as Amla oil or castor oil to make your hair nourishing and hydrating

Closing Thoughts

Changing your curly hair doesn't have to be scary - In fact, it's a lot more fun if you do it the right way. And as long as you follow the tips we've mentioned, you can take care of your curls without damaging them.

Remember, if you're not up to it, then you can watch some DIY hair coloring videos on YouTube. And lastly, have fun experimenting with different shades - Just make sure to take care of your curls with a healthier hair dye.

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