How to do Henna Freckles?

Girls are always up to the challenge to try new things. Whether it's a new hair color, nail art, or faux freckles, it just provides them with a sense of motivation to try out and explore new things.

Faux freckles, in particular, have been raging on social media. From microblading to makeup, everyone is searching for the best method to get a sun-speckled face.

Love them or not, you can't deny the fact that they look awesome. The most popular freckles by far are henna freckles. That’s right, henna is not only limited to hand tattoos or hair coloring, there are tons of other helpful natural usages.

And most importantly, they are free from chemicals and all the harmful stuff – just apply them to your face and get a new look in no time. But is it all this simple? Are there really no side effects?

In this blog, we've provided a complete guideline on how to do henna freckles.

The Truth Behind Henna Freckles

The truth behind henna freckles

For those of you that don't know, henna is an herb that is mainly used to dye hair as well as to decorate body parts including hands and feet. Despite its origin, henna is also used as a traditional hair growth booster in Asian countries.

Now for the main part, henna leaves are usually dried, crushed, and used as a powder with other ingredients. Most of the henna freckles are made from henna cones. You can also use henna powder, make your own paste, and apply it on your face. We’ll explain both methods in a bit.

Using the Right Type of Henna for your Face 

The face is the most sensitive part of the body. So before doing anything wild, always check if you have any medical condition or not. Black henna, in particular, can cause skin problems, if you use frequent makeup or is undergoing any skin related treatment.

The best way to avoid all these complexities is to use a natural henna powder or henna cone – And the best place to find those is from The Henna Guys.

We deal in organic and natural henna products, free from harmful chemicals and oils. We use a specialized plant-based formula to craft all of our henna products with the finest ingredients.

How to Get Natural Freckles with Henna

To make fake henna freckles, you can use a henna cone or henna powder. Henna cone is best suitable for freckles because it's already available in the paste form.

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However, you can use henna powder and mix it with warm water to create a soft mesh. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use henna for freckles.

Step 1: Cleanse your face

To apply freckles to your face, start by cleansing your face with warm water. You can use an organic soap or face wash to get rid of all the dirt.

Step 2: Prepare Henna

  • For Cone: Remove the pin from the henna cone and squeeze a little to get the paste out. Use tissue paper to check the coloring.
  • For Powder: Mix the powder with warm water to make a mixture. Stir it until you get a paste. Now use anything in your house that has a pointy edge to apply the henna (A cotton wax will do the job).

Step 3: Apply Henna

Apply tiny dots of henna around the edges of your nose, all the way to the cheeks. Vary the size of dots to make a natural look. Repeat the process to make different sizes and patterns.

Step 4: Let the Pattern Dry

Once you’re done with all the freckles, let it dry for at least 1 hour. Now, this all depends on your taste. The longer you wait, the darker it will get.

Step 5: Remove Henna

Gently pick off the henna dots once the time is up. Don't worry if the stain is light, it will get darker once you wash your face.

Step 6: Finalized

Now you're a faux freckle queen! Go ahead and share some snaps and insta stories on your social profile. Let everyone know how cool your new appearance change looks.

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Some Helpful Tips

  • A henna freckle can last up to a week
  • You can store fresh henna in the fridge for up to 2 weeks
  • Defrost at room temperature before use
  • Make sure that you only use fresh henna on your face
  • Try different combination and patterns 

Safety Guidelines for Henna Freckles

  • Make sure that the henna cone is chemical-free
  • Consult with a medical professional if you have skin problems
  • If you have rashes, scars, or any other medical condition, Skip it until you're well
  • Avoid frequent use on the face
  • Use natural henna cone made with clove and eucalyptus essential oil

Henna Freckles FAQs

How long do henna freckles last?

It can last from 3-7 days, depending on how dark the freckles are.

How long should we leave the freckle on the face?

Once you're done with your creativity, let the dots reside on your face for at least 2 hours. You can increase the duration for darker results.

Are henna freckles safe?

It depends on what kind of henna cone you're using for the freckles. If it's organic, then yes! it's safe. Creating fake freckles also helps you avoid sun damage, So it's a win-win in both cases.

Where can I get the best henna for freckles?

The Henna Guys offer natural Henna cones and powder with labeled product description, ingredients, and how to use guide.

How does the end result look?

Henna freckles highly depend on your skin type and other factors like humidity and temperate. Henna freckles are the best alternative to fake freckles.

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