Collection of Best Henna Kit | Hair Dye, Stencils, Body Art & more

Collection of Best Henna Kit | Hair Dye, Stencils, Body Art & more

A McDonald's combo at the local drive-through. An extra conditioner with the shampoo you just bought. A super-saver mascara with a toner listed on your favorite brand website. Whatever the product, buying a kit or a bundle always comes up as the best deal - because we get more by paying less.

Though we wouldn't be covering any McDonald's deals, we have something special for you. A dedicated place, where you can find your favorite henna kits for tattoos, hair coloring, freckles, and more.

For someone who’s new to Henna

The recent surge in the number of people dying or highlighting their hair makes it seem like hair coloring is something that came out of a TikTok trend. However, this isn't true. The art of coloring your hair goes way back to ancient times. Before there was developer and hair color, people used to dye their hair with plant-based ingredients like henna and indigo.

Among all-natural hair dyes used in the world, Henna is the most popular and widely used. On top of coloring your hair with amazing new shades, henna also nourishes, conditions, and strengthens your hair from deep within.

So, if you're thinking of using henna for hair and don't know where to start, we have some amazing kits for you. Shop from a variety of best henna kits, ranging from beginner hair dyes, all the way to amazing henna tattoo designs.

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Best Henna Kits for Hair

best henna kit for hair

From coloring your hair to giving it the ultimate strength - Presenting the Henna Guys ultimate collection of Henna Hair Dye. All are available at amazing prices.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

The Henna Guys Best-selling Henna hair kit, perfect for someone who wants to try sizzling colors of henna. You can buy all the shades of one color or give your hair a complete makeover with different shades; the choice is yours. Pay for 3 henna shades of your choice and get 1 free. Now coloring your hair is fun with the Henna Guys.

Henna Hair Dye - Beginner's Kit

Starting your henna dye journey? Don't know what products to use? Presenting the Beginner's Henna Kit - Hand-picked selection of products for the young henna audience.

The kit comes with all the right tools required to start your henna journey. From sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner to henna powder of your choice - there's nothing that goes wrong with this kit.

Henna Hair Dye - Intermediate Kit

For those that are familiar with henna and wants to enjoy double the benefits, the intermediate kit is perfect for you. Packed with 2 henna shades of your choice, Amla powder (for extra strength), Katha powder (for extra nourishment), barrier balm, gloves, sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner, application brush, and more. Now coloring your hair is both fun and productive with the henna intermediate kit.

Henna Hair Dye - Advanced Kit

The ultimate henna dye kit - Perfect for all the Henna Gurus. Our Advanced kit is not about how many extra bucks you can save, it is about the value it delivers. Starting from the basics, you'll get a chance to choose from 3 henna shades and a herbal mask combo. Furthermore, you can also pick your favorite scent for sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner.

Best Henna Tattoo Kit

best henna tattoo kit

Henna tattoos are one of the best ways to get intriguing pattern designs on your body - without any pain. Derived from pure plant-based ingredients, here's our collection of the best henna tattoo kits that you can try.

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Henna Tattoo - Beginners Kit

A simple, unique, and attractive way to get into the world of henna cones - perfect for someone who wants to enjoy intriguing designs on the go. Hand-picked selection of products by professional henna artist, the kit includes 3 henna cones, stencils bundle, aftercare oil, prep pads, adhesive tape, and cotton swabs. From application to taking care of the design, the kit packs all.

Henna Tattoo - Intermediate Kit

For all the henna party lovers, presenting our intermediate henna cone kit that packs 6 freshly-made henna cones, 75+ Stencil designs, applicator bottle, cotton swabs, and an aftercare oil. Use the cone as a whole or add the henna paste in the applicator bottle and make your own interesting design. The applicator bottle is provided with 5+ tips to help you make sizzling designs of your choice.

Henna Tattoo - Advanced Kit

For all the alluring henna artists out there, looking for the best deals to use henna cones on the masses - Our advanced henna kit packs all the right tools required to celebrate your henna journey. 12 Freshly-made henna cones, 75+ Stencil designs, 2 applicator bottles with 8+ design tips, aftercare oil, cotton swabs, and cotton ball.

With the henna advanced kit, you can either use the cone or bottle to make an interesting design or use the pre-made stencil stickers - All in all, the design possibilities are endless.

Henna Stencils Kit

Is your friend's birthday party coming next week? Wanted a henna tattoo but couldn't make the design by yourself? Use a henna stencil - a fun way to make those glamorous and attractive designs on the go. Available in 150+ reusable patterns, easy to cut and use. Just peel the sticker, apply the henna paste and the design is ready on the go. From simple flowers to magnificent full-hand designs, there's a lot you can find here.

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