10 Common Beard Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

10 Common Beard Grooming Mistakes To Avoid

Growing a beard is a statement - A statement that gets you loved, noticed, cared for, and confident.

But many who have been on this path know that beard grooming requires excessive care. You have to stay on top of your grooming habits, otherwise, your appearance can take a wrong turn.

Many men don’t really know how to take care for their beards. Some trim their beard too often, while others don’t trim at all. Some use the right moisturizers while others don’t even know the benefit of using a moisturizer. Bottom line, we all made a beard grooming mistake at one point.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Here are 10 beard grooming mistakes to avoid if you want a fuller, thicker, and ravishing beard.

  1. Don’t trim your beard when its wet
don't trim wet beard

You’ve just hopped out of the shower and now seems the perfect time to trim your beard right? Actually, trimming a wet beard is a bad idea!

When the beard is wet, the hair acts differently and when it dries it shrinks up. So if you wish to trim your beard when its wet, you won’t get the same results you wanted. In fact, you end up losing more hair than you had planned.

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Solution: Make sure your beard is dry when you’re trimming. Use a comb or brush to straighten your hair and then trim it with a scissors or beard machine.

  1. Not using beard oil properly
beard oil

Beard oil is mostly for the SKIN. Read it again, beard oil is mostly for the SKIN. The reason why we focus on it too much is that most men don’t use it properly.

Beard oil is meant to replace the moisture in your skin that gets lost because of natural causes or environmental pollution. Also, when you grow your beard, the skin underneath is a hard time producing enough oil to make it soft and lustrous.

Solution: Take 2-3 drops of beard oil. Work it between the tips of your fingers and massage your beard skin gently. That also takes care of the itchy and flakiness but it’s also going to help make your beard hair look shiny, soft, and fuller.

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  1. Letting it grow wild
long beard

Yes, letting grow of your beard wild is one way to make it look bigger but that’s not always the case. Without a healthy trim, your beard will start to look messy, unkempt, and unbalanced. Just like a precious flower garden, you have to provide it with enough nurture and prune it from time to time.

Here’s why: Just like your hair on the scalp, your beard hair doesn’t grow all at once. Sometimes a portion of it grows and you have to wait for the other area to get aligned with it. But during this time, that portion again continues to grow and now all the area is uneven.

Solution: Trim those longer areas and blend them with the shorter hair. This gives your beard a uniform look and makes it look cleaner and healthier.

Note: There’s no prime time as to when you should trim because the growth circle is different for everyone. 3-4 weeks are ideal for a standard bearded man.

  1. Giving up too easily
giving up too easily

Remember guys, beard grooming is a long process and can take time. But my friend has an awesome beard in just 2 months and my beard is patchy.

Well bro, we’re not built the same. If your friend has a nice beard, that’s good for him. You don’t have to give up. One of the biggest grooming mistakes is that we get frustrated so easily and trim our beard, just before things really start to get good.

Have some patience! A beard is a work of patience, dedication, and commitment. You must give it time to grow. Trim it less often and do it the right way. And remember, even the patchiest of beard will fill out - You just have to give it some time.

  1. Not keeping it clean
not cleaning it

Proper hygiene is not only good for your body, but also for your beard as well. It needs to be washed regularly, with a good quality shampoo or soap. Your beard is prone to get dirty because it catches food scraps and absorbs dust every day.

Wash your beard daily to ensure that there’s no flaky or itchiness. Healthy hair will have a nice natural grow that will look stronger and shinier.

  1. Don’t forget to brush your beard!
beard brush

Invest in good quality brush and combs, When brushing, you’re circulating blood flow underneath the skin, allowing new hair to grow. In addition, you’ll be clearing away all the debris and dead cells from the skin, which is a direct cause of beard flakiness.

Solution: Brush in a particular direction in which your hair grows. The right way is to use a comb when your beard is just starting out and then the brush when it’s fuller.

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Note: Brushing is a good sign, but doing it extensively is not recommended. Just keep the job at a finer level.

  1. Use a dedicated beard wash
use a beard wash

Stop using soap and body wash on your beard. Your beard hair is different than your body hair then why do you use the same products?

Instead, shift to a dedicated sulfate-free beard wash. This product is specifically designed to care for your beard hair. They are packed with essential ingredients to improve the moisture of your hair and help with the itchiness.

And they also smell good.

  1. Blow drying your beard daily
blow drying your beard

Heating tools are a big no when it comes to self-care - No matter if you use them on your scalp or beard hair. Sure, we get it, when you’re rushing to work in the morning then a hairdryer seems like a godsend.

However, the problem starts when you use it too often and with the highest settings. This will eventually suck off all the moisture from your skin and make your beard look dry and dull.

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Instead, towel dry your beard as much as possible. Only and I repeat only use a hairdryer when you want to tame your beard. Otherwise, a comb, paired with beard balm can do the job.

  1. Not focusing on the Moustache

The most common beard mistakes that should be avoided immediately. And that is to only focus on the beard and not pay enough attention to the mustache.

A mustache is a part of your beard grooming process and should be cared equally. It needs moisture, proper combing, and the right hygiene to grow. Here are some of the points that will help you.

  • Choose the right style: Make sure your mustache hair is aligned with your beard hair.
  • Comb it: Use a wooden comb on your mustache to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Trim when required: Trim your mustache with scissors or trimmers when they are long. And the ideal size is length above your lips.
  • Use Beard balm: When done with the moisture and comb, apply beard balm to get a ravishing look.
  1. Falling for the Beard Myth
beard myth

We’re not sure who evil sith spread these but they are everywhere and a lot of our beard brothers believe them. Here are a few beard myths that you should kick off the table.

  • Myth: Shaving your beard doesn’t mean that it will grow out faster. The beard growth process depends on your hygiene, genetics, and proper care. Every men’s facial hair grows at a different scale so relax a bit and let it grow.
  • Myth: Your beard will not feel hot in summer. In fact, your beard will protect your face from excessive heat and outside pollution.
  • Myth: Having a long beard doesn’t mean that you look unprofessional. If there’s special conduct at the place you work, just talk with your people’s manager and let them know this is what you wanted. Last I checked, there’s no place on earth that limits dudes with a longer beard.
  • Myth: Women don’t find bearded men strange or unattractive. In fact, a beard is a sign of virility, strength, and smartness.

Hopefully, after avoiding these beard mistakes, you should notice a big difference. While you’re at it, check our collection of natural beard care products. From beard oil to beard wash, you can find everything here.

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