Best Medium Brown Hair Dye For Brown Hair

Best Medium Brown Hair Dye For Brown Hair

If you are looking for bouncy, shiny, silky soft medium brown hair, then stop and have a long look at “Medium Brown henna dye” from “The henna guys”. If you have been thinking to go chemical-free and still wanting to dye your hair, if you add a mild but prominent enough shade of brown to your hair or if you want to cover up your gray hair roots with a medium brown dye then this should be your to-go product.

Dyeing hair is not always associated with chemicals and harmful substances which lead to scalp and hair problems, as henna hair dyes are now widely available round the globe. Henna, there is something so natural and pretty about this word itself. Henna coloring is no more bound to the idea of tones of red or orange but now you can stain your hair medium brown with henna as well. That too, brilliantly.

 Traditional chemical hair colorants might have downgraded your scalp and hair health, but you can still cover up your grey hair or give your hair locks a touch of medium brown. Henna along with color, comes with its protective property as well. So there is kind of no reason not to go for a medium brown henna dye, except the fact that you might end up with some mess while applying it. The application of a henna hair dye is not so tough but it isn’t very easy too, but it still doesn’t justify your choice of chemical hair dye boxes.

Applying, medium brown hair dye

Henna dyes come in the form of a powder enriched with pure henna and a few other natural staining ingredients which upon applying will give you the desired color. However, henna molecule itself works differently on each hair because different hair have different tendency of hair color saturation. This makes people say henna might be unpredictable but the results don’t differ drastically. The maximum difference you can have than shown on the cover, is a single tone lighter or darker than that.

The henna hair dye powder can be mixed in water, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil or acidic juices such as grapefruit or orange juice. The best recipe is to make a thick paste like consistency of the henna hair dye, by mixing the powder into an essential oil and some lemon juice to make it acidic in ph.

Apply Vaseline or any petroleum jelly around your hair line to save yourself from any henna stains on your face and neck. Also wear gloves. Any type would work fine. Start touching up from the roots of hair. Apply henna generously. It might feel very cold and heavy, but to avoid this discomfort; do the dyeing regimen in sunlight or during noon or afternoon. Once applied, cover it up with a cling film or by wearing a shower cap. Wait till it dries.



Once the henna paste on your head dries, you can get yourself a relaxing bath. However, as the henna melts down you might feel crazy because it will be about green water spewing down all over you and standing in a puddle of mucky water. Just be patient, and keep on scrubbing and scrubbing till the color bleeding stops significantly if not completely. You can shampoo and condition then. It is all your choice.


As long as you have saved your kitchen counters and other shelves from henna staining you are simply going to love the results of this beauty regimen. You are going to get medium brown hair, for sure. If the tone is way darker, then don’t worry it’ll lighten by itself in the next three days. If you are left behind with a lighter than desired shade, then you can always apply henna hair dye a week later because henna hair dyeing is completely deprived of chemicals that might harm your hair quality.

Henna other than coloring, will add a very natural shine to your hair. It adds bounce to your hair. It seals the natural oil of your hair and scalp, to make them look hydrated and fight away hair dryness. In some cases, henna hair dyes might make your hair color bleed in the first few washes but don’t worry as henna retains its color for at-least four weeks. Don’t blame us, if you can’t stop playing with your medium brown soft and silky hair after the first use of Medium brown hair dye from “The henna guys”.


I gotta tell u!, Being the first time I colored my hair,I was very skeptical about putting this on after many colors at the beauty shop,I found out I was highly allergic to the chemicals in the dye. I was very afraid of doing this. After several yrs later,I was hoping to fine something I can use and cover my gray. Well I found it!!! I colored my hair two days ago!, I absolutely love it!!!! Beautiful Beautiful! It’s amazing! It does what it saids,shiny,soft and it made my hair thicker. I can’t say enough about it!!! My husband loved it! Thank you! Henna! I feel like a new woman! 😁


Hello, if have natural dark brown hair (just a few shades lighter than fully black,) and I want to dye my hair a medium brown shade, would using the medium brown hair dye help with this outcome, or should I get a packet that contains a lighter henna dye mix?


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