Celebrate this Valentines Day with The Henna Guys

Celebrate this Valentines Day with The Henna Guys

Valentine’s day isn't about finding the best present for your partner, it is about the time, the celebration, the connection you feel that makes you fall in love!

Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, we thought why not give you some inspiration for gift ideas. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for "him" or "her", we've got you covered.

Valentines Gift for Her (Because Ladies First)

Valentine Gift for Her

This section is dedicated to all the guys out there. So, here’s the deal, sure teddy bears, flowers, chocolates, they all look fancy.

But this year, try something special. Gift them something that will actually bring a change in their life. Like a skincare product or a hair care kit bundle or perhaps an incense burner (This one is Lit!). We have got tons of options in this regard.

Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

We recently covered a detailed post on why should you use sulfate-free shampoo. For a short summary, sulfate-free shampoos are made of natural ingredients that are more effective to nourish your hair and helps prevent hair loss. Not only this, it also protects your lock from environmental stressors and sun damage.

USDA Organic Essential Oil Combo

Get your hands on some of the finest organic essential oils we can offer. In the package, you will get 6 essential oils that are hand-selected for the current situation. Each one of these has different benefits and usage guidelines. This is an excellent gift for your partner.

Henna Hair Dye - Beginner Kit

Hair gray is common and can happen to anyone. There's no shyness in this. But what is troublesome is your partner using chemical hair dye to cover grays. This year, gift them henna hair dye beginner kit - A collection of natural products to color, condition, and cover grays naturally.

Waterfall Ceramic Burner

The waterfall incense burner is a perfect decor that you can gift someone. Unlike other decor gifts that just sit at one corner, this one is functional too. Use the incense cones to relax and rejuvenate your mind with a waterfall effect. You've got 2 options here, ceramic waterfall incense burner and resin waterfall incense burner. The choice is yours to take.

Skin Care Kit Set

The Henna Guys, Anti-aging skincare kit set is a pack of complete joy. In the package, Goat milk facial cleanser, Arista pumpkin enzyme mask, Age defying serum, and age defense face cream - all of which are perfect to elastin your skin and reduce the sign of fine line and wrinkles.

If you want to get rid of dead skin cells and get silky, soft skin - this one is the right pack for you.

Facial Serum Gift Set

Want to solve your biggest skin issue, naturally? This is an advanced healing facial serum that can improve your skin tone, and helps brighten the firms. With the help of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, you can completely renew and refresh your skin.

Henna Cones - DIY Kit

Another great product for your partner that we're sure they'll love it. The henna cones DIY kit comes with all the goodies required to host a henna party. From raw henna powder to stencils and aftercare oil - Everything you require is included in this bundle.

Valentines Gift for Him

Valentine Gift for Him

When it comes to boys’ gifts, there’s a whole new world apart from shirts and jeans. This section is for all the ladies that want to pick something awesome for their caring husband or boyfriend this valentine’s day. Not only do these gifts are perfect, but they are also functional too.

Beard Grooming Kit

If your partner has a beard on their face, this is a perfect gift for them. The package contains beard oil, castor oil, beard wash, and a beard comb - all of which are perfect to promote a smooth, silky beard. Follow the Beard Maintenance tips for the best result.

Shaving Kit Set for Men

If growing a beard is not your men's type, perhaps a shaving kit will do the job. This combo gift set contains natural shaving butter, pre-shaving oil, aftershave balm, safety razor, and other products to complete your beard shaving experience.

Safety Razor Shave Set

And in case your partner prefers beard cream or gel of its own, then perhaps a Safety Razor Shave Kit will do the job. The set comes with a boar bristle brush, shaving foam bowl, set of the safety razor, scissors, and handle.

Men of any age or skin type can benefit from this pack, it works perfectly to protect your skin and to help ingrown hair. We also have pre-shaving oil and shaving butter in our organic section.

These are some of the best gift combos that you can use as a gift for both him and her. Of course, you can always explore your creativity and find other products.

Our Message

Our Message

We at the Henna Guys, hope that you spend a lovely time with your partner. Even if you didn't like the products we mentioned, you can always do little things that can make a difference.

For instance, instead of ordering lunch, make your own DIY dinner at home. Grab some lovely candle lights and serve the dinner like you're in a restaurant.

Are you feeling the vibes?

The point is, a small thing as just making a lovely dinner can showcase your love! Enjoy your lovely time and have a happy Valentine's day.

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