What is the difference between Shaving Butter and Cream?

What is the difference between Shaving Butter and Cream?

Wet shaving is about how manly as it gets with its unique hassle-free traditional shaving methods and a large number of sophisticated products that make you feel like James Bond.

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However, a great number of guys think that wet shaving is a chore, especially when they have to do this every single day.

And we can't sympathize enough, using the same products over and over again can be quite frustrating. For years, shaving cream has ruled the wet shaving industry, followed by gels, foams, and whatnot.

A third product that is gaining a lot of popularity among grooming trends is shaving butter. This product came out of nowhere, packs some incredible benefits, and offers a reliable shaving experience.

But does shaving butter has something to do with shaving cream? Are they both similar products? What is the main difference between shaving butter vs shaving cream?

What is Shaving Cream?

what is shaving cream

Shaving cream is a category of products that are used to prepare your skin before a shave. The purpose of the cream is to make your facial hair softer so that you can easily glide the razor without any cuts or scratches.

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Shaving creams are next to shaving foams but with extra thickness and consistency. They are more translucent and require a bit of rubbing and massaging before you use them.

What are the ingredients?

The safety of shaving creams lies in the ingredients, which are mostly safe and suitable for this purpose. However, there are a lot of cases when individuals have reported allergic reactions or irritation. Some of the common ingredients include:

  • Stearic Acid
  • Dimethicone
  • Propane
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Color Additives
  • Water

Who can use shaving cream?

Pretty much anyone with facial hair can use shaving cream. There are some products that are unisex, meaning that both men and women can use them. Shaving creams can be also applied to other parts of your body, like legs, or underarms shaving.

What is Shaving Butter?

shea butter

As the name suggests, shaving butter is a mixture of natural butter (a product made from fat and protein) and essential oils that are used to prepare your skin before a shave.

Shaving butter has low lather as compared to creams and gels, but it is made of all-natural ingredients. They are packed full of essential oils to keep your skin moisturized and protected before and aftershave.

The oils also help keep the razor from getting clogged on your skin surface, preventing nicks and cuts. We can say shaving butter is a more advanced version of shaving cream, with an incremental touch of natural ingredients.

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And the best part is, there's no razor, brush, or mug involved. All you have to do is rub the butter on your face and you’re ready for a flawless shaving experience. Everything is simple and is available in just one packaging.

What are the ingredients?

The main selling point of shaving butter lies in the ingredients. The product is made with natural ingredients like organic shea or cocoa butter, enhanced with natural extracts and enzymes, with a final touch of essential oils for fragrance.

They offer a velvet layer of protection on your skin that is effective for both pre and after-shave experiences. Some of the common ingredients are:

  • Aloe Juice
  • Natural Enzymes
  • Organic Butters like Shea and Coconut
  • Essential Oils (Jojoba, lemongrass, sandalwood, etc)

Who can use Shaving Butter?

Just like shaving cream, shaving butter can be also used in a variety of different ways. The product is designed for those that are looking for an easier glide, and a soft, smooth, and precise shaving experience.

Furthermore, shaving butter is also considered safe to use on sensitive skin as it is made with natural ingredients.

Shaving Cream vs Butter

While shaving butter and cream both look identical in nature, they are very different in terms of ingredients. Shaving butter tends to be thicker and easily melts if left alone in hot temperate.

On the other side, shaving creams are made of chemicals that can sometimes cause irritation on your skin. Here’s a quick recap of both products.

shaving cream vs butters

Best Shaving Products to Buy

If you're looking for reliable products for wet shaving, we've some special treats for you. The Henna Guys offer a wide range of shaving products, ranging from shaving butter to pre-shaving oil and beard maintenance. Here are some of the prominent products you can buy.

Shaving Butter - Original


The Henna Guys shaving butter is a combination of shea butter and essential oils to offer a moisturizing and soothing shaving experience. This product is irritation-free and is the best fit for both men and women with sensitive skin. This is our signature shaving butter with no scent. You can buy other scents and flavors too.

Shaving Butter - Lemongrass & Eucalyptus


Designed for those that are long looking for an easier glide and a relaxing shaving experience. This soft, smooth, and rich-textured shaving butter is everything you need for sensitive skin. Prominent ingredients include shea butter, Essential oils including Olive fruit, Lemongrass, Sunflower seed, Jojoba, and Eucalyptus oil.

Shaving Butter - Sandalwood


Give your shaving experience a nice little touch with our amazing Sandalwood shaving butter. Made with organic shea butter, fruit enzymes, aloe vera, and essential oils - Our shave butter is formulated to tackle the hardest, roughest hair while being gentle on the surface. Buy from a range of different scents and see the beauty of a relaxing shaving experience.

Shaving Kit Set


Shaving isn't just a one-time process. It's a ritual performed by most guys every day. This shaving kit packs everything you need for a soothing shaving experience. The kit includes a beard brush, shaving butter, aftershave balm, pre-shave oil, and a nice bag for gifting.

Want to find more exciting products? Visit our Beard shaving category.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on shaving cream vs butter. To clear the air, the only change in shaving cream and butter are the ingredients. They are both used for shaving and they both have their own set of characteristics. At the end of the day, use something in which you feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shave butter good for?

Shave butter is made with a variety of different oils and natural butter. They offer smooth shaving by moisturizing and protecting your skin before and aftershave. Shave butter also helps keep the razor from getting clogged leading to fewer cuts and nicks.

Can I use a brush with shave butter?

Shave butter doesn't foam your skin as most gels and cream does. For this, you can terminate your brush and bowl step. You can directly apply the butter to your face. Just make sure to massage a little before you using the razor.

Is shave butter better than gel?

Because shaving butter is made of natural ingredients, they are better than chemically mixed products. It is also suitable for those that have sensitive skin.

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