Shaving Kit Set For Men

$ 49.97

  • 2 fl. oz Shaving Butter made with natural ingredients that DOES NOT lather as conventional shaving creams added with a hint of original frankincense & ginger essential oils; 2 fl. oz Pre-Shave Oil formulated with naturally moisturizing, skin & hair loving oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil; 2fl. Oz Aftershave Balm; 1 handcrafted shaving brush with wooden handle for easy use, wrapped in an organic bag that is ready to give gift sets for men, gift for him 
  • These shaving kits are formulated to provide your shaving experience like no other. It has been designed to help with the closest, smoothest shave with irritation, nicks, & cut-free experience. Our pre-shave and shaving butter are made with natural organic ingredients that protect, hydrate, and soften the skin/beard that helps glide the razor that reduces the pull and tug while shaving. Our shaving kit will help reduce ingrown hair, razor burns, and cuts.
  • Men of any age or skin type, from rigid skin & hair to most sensitive skin, our pre-shave oil works equally great to protect your skin from razor burns, red bumps, ingrown hair, nicks, or cuts. Skin-loving oils like jojoba oil provides an extra layer of protection while leaving the skin hydrated post-shave. If you are looking for a gift for men, look no further. He will enjoy this very much
    • Apply our pre-shave oil first. Once moisturized, apply the shaving cream with the wooden shaving brush and shave away with the smoothest shave! This works by moisturizing your skin and softening hair follicles that result in reduced friction with razor resulting in smooth, irritation, cuts, & bruise-free shave experience. Leaves skin refreshed & moisturized
    • Pre-Shave Oil - grapeseed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, marula oil, essential oils (for scent)
    • Aftershave Balm - organic aloe leaf juice, organic alcohol, organic coconut oil, emulsifying wax, glycerin, organic lavender flower water, msm, dmae bitartrate, organic calendula flower extract, organic bilberry fruit extract, organic sugar cane extract, organic sugar maple extract, organic orange peel extract, organic lemon peel extract, organic cranberry fruit extract, organic jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, vitamin e, sunflower seed oil, ecithin, stearic acid, xanthan gum
    • Shaving Butter - organic aloe leaf juice, sodium cocoyl isethionate, emulsifying wax, organic alcohol extracts of calendula, papaya fruit, pineapple, papaya leaf, sugar cane, bilberry, sugar maple, orange, lemon, and cranberry, organic jojoba oil, stearic acid, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, frankincense essential oil, ginger essential oil, coriander essential oil, hydroxyethylcelullose
    • Our shaving kits are designed with all-natural ingredients, no additives or harsh chemicals which will provide the best smoothest shave you ever had. If not, you will get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

    • Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Benefits are not guaranteed as results will vary depending on the individual’s skin. If you have allergies or sensitivities, please read the ingredients list carefully prior to use. Always perform a patch test when trying a new product. For external use only.


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