How to use Exfoliating Gloves - 3 Easy ways to try it

How to use Exfoliating Gloves - 3 Easy ways to try it

It's hard not to be a fan of exfoliation. It helps slough away dead skin cells, it makes your skin supple and smooth, it reduces the sign of aging... There are a lot of benefits.

While there are plenty of ways to exfoliate your body, using an exfoliating glove comes out to be the most effective. You can pair it with any lubricant you have and get double the benefits - All at a reasonable price.

But what exactly is an exfoliating glove and how do you use it? Read on and learn to achieve silky-smooth skin at the comfort of your shower.

What are exfoliating gloves?

what are exfoliating gloves

An exfoliating glove has a mesh or textured fabric that is designed for dry or wet shaving. The purpose of the product is to target large areas of the body, such as arms, belly, and legs. Exfoliating, itself has some pretty amazing results, such as leaving your body soft, radiant, and natural-looking.

Some of the prominent benefits of Exfoliating gloves include:

  • Remove dead skin cells and dirt
  • Improve the appearance of dull skin
  • Helps to achieve a closer shave
  • Exfoliating before shaving helps with ingrown hair
  • Promote blood circulation level
  • Prep skin for a natural-tanner

How to use exfoliating gloves?

Now that you have a better understanding of what an exfoliating glove is, it's time to put it into work. Thankfully, there are 3 ways to use it:

  • Wet or Dry Exfoliating
  • Exfoliating with a body scrub
  • Exfoliating with regular soap

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  1. Wet or Dry Exfoliation with Glove

wet or dry exfoliation

For Dry Exfoliation:

Dry exfoliation stimulates the lymphatic system and helps you get rid of body toxins. But it's not suitable for everyone. You see if you have sensitive skin, then you should definitely avoid it as it can lead to irritation.

If you’re fine with dry exfoliation, follow these steps:

  • Start from your feet, covering legs and the thigh area
  • Move to the upper part of the body, do exfoliation in a circular, clockwise motion
  • Use a large exfoliation glove that fits in your hands
  • Don't apply too much pressure on your body when using the glove
  • Once you're done with the method, take a cool shower to help remove the dirt
  • After you shower, dry off your body and apply some moisturizer such as natural oils or body lotion.

For Wet Exfoliation:

Wet exfoliation is something that includes water in the process. The idea is to use water as the main lubricant, which tends to make the exfoliation more relaxed and causes less irritation.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Head over to shower or take a bath
  • Start the exfoliation from your feet and gradually move to the upper body
  • Use light pressure when you're covering sensitive areas
  • Move in a circular direction, add more water if required
  • Make sure that your skin is damp with water, in order to enjoy the process
  • After you're done exfoliating, take a cool shower to get rid of all the dead cells
  • Pat dry and apply moisture such as a natural oil or lotion
  1. Exfoliating with a Body Scrub

exfoliation with body scrub

A body scrub, also known as a mechanical exfoliant is a product designed to get rid of all the dirt and debris from your skin. Most body scrubs are made of ingredients such as fruit puree and essential oil to make your skin hydrated, refreshed, and moisturized.

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If you have a body scrub and want to use it with an exfoliator, follow the steps provided below:

  • Put on your exfoliating glove, turn on the shower and get your skin wet. Most body scrub works on wet skin, so make sure to follow this step.
  • Next, pick the scrub of your choice and rub it gently over your body. Our favorite is Arabic coffee body scrub, make sure to check that out too.
  • Now rub your skin at the area where you've used the scrub
  • Start from your feet, covering both legs, and then shift to the upper area
  • Use more body scrub as required
  • Once you're done, rinse your body under the shower
  • Your skin will feel invigorated after this, pat dry and apply moisturizer
  • You can use essential oil of your choice or a body lotion
  1. Exfoliating with Regular Soap

for wet exfoliation

Exfoliating with regular soap is the same as exfoliating with a body scrub. The only difference is that soap tends to make more lather as compared to a body scrub. So, if you don’t have a scrub and want to do regular exfoliation, here’s the step-by-step process.

  • Head over to the shower
  • Apply the soap on your body, just like when you normally shower
  • Take the exfoliation glove, wear it on your hand, and gently massage your skin
  • Don’t apply too much pressure, do this in a consistent, circular motion
  • Once done, rinse your body under a cool shower
  • Use moisturizers, such as body lotion or essential oil as required

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Frequently Asked Question

Can we use exfoliating gloves every day?

It is recommended to follow the exfoliation method twice every week. Doing this more often can lead to sensitivity or irritation. The exfoliation glove, however, can be used on a daily basis. They won't hurt your skin like scrubs and have a minimal effect on your body. Just make sure to moisturize your skin after you shower.

Can I use an exfoliating glove on the face?

Generally, yes! But it highly depends on the product you're using and the material. If you want to use a glove on your face, opt for something that has cocoon silk material.

Why use moisturizer after exfoliating?

As exfoliation removes the top layer of skin, using a moisturizer helps make it fresh, rejuvenated, and relaxed. It also adds an extra layer of protection against skin sensitivity and sun damage.

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