Aftershave Balm

How to Use Aftershave Balm?

An aftershave balm is a product that you may or may not have encountered before - But It’s something worth considering in your daily routine. It comes with many benefits, all of which will help you achieve the soft, smooth shave of your dreams.

However, like any product, it’s essential that you’re clear about how to use it? If applied incorrectly, the balm won’t necessarily yield the same benefits, or may not be as effective as you’d hoped.

Here’s an introduction to aftershave balm, and how to use it.

What is Aftershave Balm?

what is aftershave balm

Firstly, it’s important to understand what aftershave balm is – there’s no point in learning how to use a product if you don’t even know what it is. An aftershave balm is a common product used in the shaving routine.

We all know that shaving, regardless of how oily, dry, or sensitive your skin may be, is a process that is known to cause irritation, redness, or discomfort, and that’s why it’s important to do everything you can to ease this.

Your razor is notorious for stripping your skin of vital moisture, making it a bit dry and dull. Once you’re done with your shaving ritual, an aftershave product is required, which is when your aftershave balm comes in handy.

An aftershave balm helps provide your skin with the moisturization needed due to hydration loss from shaving. Unlike some aftershave products, a balm doesn’t contain irritating ingredients which will sting your skin. As a result, your skin will feel softer and more balanced. 

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How to use an Aftershave Balm?

Now it’s time to get some answers to the reason why you’re here in the first place: how do you use aftershave balm? The process is easy and can be done in a couple of steps.

Step 1: Follow your shaving ritual

As with any other good skincare routine, the first step you want to follow is to cleanse your skin. It’s always best to find yourself a cleanser that suits your skin type and may not cause any irritation. Then, follow your regular shaving routine, just like you normally do.

Step 2: Wash your face with cold water

wash your face with cold water

After shaving, don’t be too eager to get to drying your face – there’s one more step we’re going to take before that. Splash some cold water over your entire face for a few seconds.

Not only will this give you a bit of a boost, but it’ll help to close your pores after shaving. This means that you’re less likely to experience ingrown hairs as well as clogged pores, and the effects that come with them.

Step 3: Pat Dry

The next step is to pat your skin dry. This should be gentle, and you should ensure that you’re calm, patting in motions rather than rubbing or dragging, as these can be harsh and cause further sensitivity to the skin.

Step 4: Take your Aftershave Balm

Now, it’s time to get into the aftershave balm itself. Take some in your fingers and rub between your hands, then you're ready to apply!

Step 5: Apply to the face

applying the balm to face

Now your face is dry, and your aftershave is ready, it’s time to apply to the skin. It should be applied to the face in every area which has been shaved, and it’s best to ensure you have spread it across the skin thoroughly.

Rub the product from the bottom of the face towards the top, as this will help to lift the face.

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Step 6: Don’t forget the neck

Finally, finish off by carrying some of the product down to your neck. The neck is often forgotten, but it still has skin just like that of your face, and this should still be taken care of.

Why is Aftershave Balm important?

why aftershave balm is important

We’ve already started to speak about why an aftershave balm is needed – to reinstate balance after shaving the skin – but there are many benefits that come with using the product. Take a look.

  • It prevents breakouts

The first benefit of an aftershave balm, and one of the most enticing ones, is its ability to prevent breakouts. We all hate to be greeted one morning by a cluster of acne on our cheeks, but have you ever thought about what might have caused it?

Most of the time, shaving can be the culprit, as the sensitivity caused by the process can irritate your skin, and it can also leave your skin more vulnerable to clogged pores, especially if exposed to dirt.

By soothing this irritation and providing hydration, you prevent excess oil production from your skin and therefore prevent breakouts after shaving.

  • Soothes sensitive skin

When concerning comfort, sensitive skin is a pain and it can even make your skin sore to touch. It’s something most people would rather avoid, and luckily you don’t have to suffer from post-shaving sensitivity as this is soothed by an aftershave balm.

  • Reduces dryness

Much like sensitivity, we already established that shaving causes skin dryness, but this is exactly what aftershave balm combats. By fighting dryness as soon as it starts (straight after your shave), you can prevent the struggle and discomfort of further damaged skin.

  • Helps with signs of aging

Finally, all of the benefits of a balm combined can help to fight signs of skin aging, as they address concerns that are known to lead to skin aging. For example, extensive dryness reduces your skin’s elasticity, which can be one cause of wrinkles.

Final thoughts

To conclude, you should now know lots more about aftershave balm than you did before and feel comfortable and confident using it in your skincare routine. It’s easy to remember and uncomplicated to use, so there’s nothing to worry about, and you can get your dream skin easily.

Happy shaving!

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