How to make your Henna Hair Dye last longer?

How to make your Henna Hair Dye last longer?

First of all, congratulations on your new hair color.

We're glad that you've picked henna and have finally distinct moved yourself away from those hefty chemical dyes. You will surely not regret this decision and will enjoy the beautiful benefits of henna hair dye.

Now, coming to the main topic...

Freshly colored hair is sharp and shiny, but over time, exposure to pollution, chemical products, and other habits can fade away the color. Although we do recommend you perform a follow-up hair dye regimen; not all of us have the time or resources to do this so often.

Worry not, as there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to help make your hair dye lasts longer. But first, let's look at how long henna lasts on your hair, ideally.

How long does Henna Hair Dye last?

How long does henna hair dye last

Henna, in particular, is a permanent hair dye and the color is most vibrant on your hair for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Now, the duration of the dye is not supposed to last this long. However, it can if you perform the application process the right way and follow all the washing tips as described in the instructions.

Any inconsistency in your application regimen or your washing routine can reduce the ideal time duration.

Don't worry, we have a perfect solution for you! Here are the 7 best ways to preserve your hair color at home and how you can help it from fading.

  1. Use the Right Product

Let's start with the basics, use sulfate-free shampoo because sulfates can fade away the color from your hair and can make it dry, kinky, and in worst cases can lead to hair loss. In contrast, a sulfate-free shampoo is made with natural ingredients that can moisturize and condition your hair so the hair color can last longer.

Also, use conditioners that can hydrate your scalp because it combats dryness. Instead of using products that are marked safe for "color-treated" hair, why not shift to ingredients that can naturally condition your scalp from within? This will help increase the shine and consistency for a longer period of time.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you consistently go outside without covering your hair, the UV rays can damage the outside layer of your hair strand, called the cuticle. And if you're wondering, the cuticle is the main thing with which the henna molecules interact to start the dyeing process.

So, in a way, if you're not covering your hair, you're directly damaging it, especially if you have colored it.

  1. Try to stay away from Styling

Try to stay away from styling

We all know hairstyling with heat causes damage to our hair, but we still continue to style away. However, a hairdryer or straightener can pull the moisture out of your hair, making your scalp dry and drained. The natural oil present in our scalp helps protect the color from fading.

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If your natural oils are not present when needed, it will cause extreme damage to your hair and scalp. We're not restricting you from using your favorite iron straightener, just try to limit it. If you do hair styling 3-4 times a week, try to reduce it to 1-2 times.

  1. Protect Hair While swimming

Strong chlorine chemicals are used in the pool water to keep it clean and free from bacteria. Although these chemicals are used to make the water clean, they are not so great for your hair color.

So, before you jump into the pool make sure to apply some sort of moisturizer like Argan oil. Or you can just cover your hair with a saran wrap and free dive in the water - The choices are all yours!

  1. Avoid using Shampoo Everyday

You made it this far going natural, why don't you go a little further and stop using your shampoo every day, even if you have sulfate-free shampoo.

Although these shampoos are great at restoring your scalp's natural oil, you don't have to use them so often. If you work at a place that requires frequent cleaning, then invest in a Dry shampoo. But don't use it on an executive day, just use it the day before you're going to use a natural shampoo.

  1. Use Herbal Hair Mask

It's good to use a deep conditioning mask if you want to get the lost moisture. It's like giving your hair a complete makeover. There are plenty of herbal hair masks you can use for this. Some of the prominent names include Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, Cassia Obovata, and Fenugreek powder.

  1. Reapply on a Schedule

Hair or beard, you need to keep a schedule of your color applications. It is recommended to do a follow-up application 3-4 Weeks for hair and 1-2 weeks for the beard.

Once you follow this pattern, your hair/beard will become naturally used to it. Henna hair color improves with each application or treatment, so make sure you follow the complete pattern.

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Hi Henna Guys,
I’ve been using your Henna for about 3 months and the weirdest thing I’ve noticed is that although I was told by my hairdresser for years that I’m like 95-99% white, since using Henna my hair seems to be growing in my own natural dark brown hair. I mean sure there is still white/ silver hair, but it seems about half as much. Now i interesting fact is that hair dye has always burned my scalp and is have serious dandruff/flaking for a couple of days after the I left the salon. Wow! I’m amazed at the difference of how my head feels while I’m coloring my hair. I’m still trying to get the right color, it’s kinda hard to do, and I have so much hair it’s impossible for me to do on my own. So other than that, I’m liking the product. I just wanted to know if you’d heard of that before from other 50 somethings girls tired of the chemical burn?
Thankfull in Vegas!

Gerette Villa

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