8 Things to know before you use Henna Hair Dye

8 Things to know before you use Henna Hair Dye

On Paper, Henna Hair Dye looks the best in the market. It got no chemical ingredients, there are no side-effects, it's made of natural material, it's organic, and all that stuff.

But why Professional Salons don't recommend this? Why they won't touch your hair if you've recently used Henna?

Henna is a great alternative for those interested in coloring their hair, without the use of permanent hair dyes. But, with all that positive vibes and stuff, it can still mess up your hair - especially if you don't know what you are doing. A lot of people reached out to us, furiously stating 'Why henna color didn't work?'

To get the whole story on henna, here are some things that you should know, before using henna.

Henna Hair Dye
  1. Is the Henna Hair Dye Good for you?

We'll start from the very basic. Generally speaking, henna hair dye has no side effects compared to traditional hair dye. Henna is considered a good conditioner that naturally makes your hair shinier, thicker, and stronger.

  1. Henna Hair Dye Requires Preparation

Unlike regular dyes, henna products for hair require preparation. If you see a henna product in any other form, remember that it will be combined with other ingredients to get the coloring. Henna let alone can make your hair reddish.

Don't worry, the brand you use will certainly come with instructions on the package. Following the direction guide will help you get the required results. Furthermore, you might also need to wash your hair before the henna application. The pollution and dirt on your hair might affect your final color.

  1. It stays on your hair for a long time

Henna is sort of like a permanent hair solution. The color is most vibrant in the first 4 to 6 weeks, and will gradually fade away if you don't apply more. Henna is hard to lift off. So always make up your mind before using it, cause the highlights will take nearly a year.

  1. Henna hair coloring process takes time

Henna is not like a regular dye that colors your hair after 30 minutes. It takes time to bond and naturally start the coating process.

So, let's be sure to not expect fast results because unlike chemicals, there's nothing to speed up the process.

Note: As henna works its magic on your hair. At point, it will get dry and fall out of your hair in form of chunks. Act quickly because it can leave a permanent stain in the area.

  1. It can stain your skin

If you're a first-timer, take extra care while using henna. The reason we have said this is because henna coloring is a messy process.

It can feel a little muddy while applying to your hair. If you have made the paste too thin, it can drip of your hair, all the way to your forehead to the floor.

If you have made the paste too thick, it can be very difficult to apply on your hair – yet alone the dripping process is just absurd.

So, the idea is to make a paste that is not too thin or thick.  Before you apply the henna, cover your forehead.

If in case, the drops wander around on your face (Because they do), just clean them off with wet-cotton.

  1. Shading is a complicated process with henna

If you have two-toned hair, henna will not bring together a new shade. Also, henna will not lift off your hair to a lighter shade.

If you have multiple tones, prepare to have even more multiple tones - because henna can have different shades on both the roots and the highlights of your hair.

  1. It can cause you Allergies

Although it may seem rare, just like other natural products, henna can also cause you allergies. This all depends on your skin sensitivity level. So, with that warning, do a patch test before moving to the application side.

  1. It is difficult to change color, Otherwise

There are some brands of henna dye that use metallic salts in the ingredients. Although natural salts are safe to use as well, sometimes it can lead to permanent coloring results.

Bonus Point:

Before you go all ‘Challenging’ on your hair, always research on ‘What you’re expecting!’. Sure, henna is a natural ingredient and it doesn’t have a side-effect. Maybe your natural hair color looks good on you and there’s no need of a Change. 

Still, a little change as just dyeing your hair is a treat of its own! It’s like you’re seeing a newer version of yourself. 💓

Which Brand is best for Henna Hair Dye?

At the Henna Guys, we offer excellent natural alternatives to regular chemical dyes. We offer a wide range of color henna products, ranging from simple to more advanced shades - All comprised of natural ingredients.

Shop Your Favorite Henna Hair Dye

Plus, on the bright side, there's no metallic salt in either of our color shades. So just pick your favorite color, read the instructions, and Explore a new world of creativity - With The Henna Guys.

Have any questions? Let us know down in the comment section.


I haven’t tried my henna yet, but I ordered Deep Red, Burgundy, the shampoo and conditioner and I’m IMPRESSED that it arrived in just a TWO DAYS!


I absolutely love Henna it has given me back my hair color without the salon chemicals or price!!!

Shanna Mcclurkin

I love this henna. It’s a blessing for me. The harsh chemicals I used before were affecting my hair and I was very discouraged. I found The Henna guys on FB. I never looked back. Love everything about them.

Tiana Gasaway

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