8 Amazing Benefits of Clary Sage Oil for Hair - Growth Booster

8 Amazing Benefits of Clary Sage Oil for Hair - Growth Booster

Herbs and plants are considered to be some of humanity's oldest sources of medicines for all purposes, including hair care.

One of the best examples is Clary sage oil for hair. Whether you are dealing with hair loss, excessive oil production, or dandruff, clary sage will effectively treat your problem.

This natural herb contains the ester known as linalyl acetate, which minimizes scalp inflammations and improves hair texture by nourishing them and regulating the natural oil production in the scalp. 

Clary Sage Benefits Hair

Benefits of Clary Sage oil

It is multi-purpose oil that is used for both topical and aromatherapy uses, but the benefits that this essential oil provides for hair are impeccable. Here we have mentioned some significant advantages of clary sage oil for hair.

Let's go through them.

  • Stimulate Hair Growth

Clary sage oil is packed with essential compounds such as Vitamin A, B, and C which are all perfect to stimulate your hair growth. When added with calcium and potassium serums, you’ll have a complete package of hair growth + added shine.

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  • Controls hair frizz

If you’re tired of hair frizz then worry not, Clary sage oil is here to the rescue. It is loaded with a bunch of conditioning properties that nourish your hair and improve the texture. These essential properties make the hair smooth, silky, and soft.

  • Helps in the healing process

One of the main causes of hair fall is our daily usage of chemical products. It is just like a flower bed with dried land making the plants wither and die.

Add clary hair oil to your weekly hair care routine, if you want to heal this barren land – or your scalp per se, that sounded too dramatic.

With its moisturizing properties, this essential oil keeps your scalp soft as well as fully moisturized.

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is important to provide essential minerals and vitamins to the scalp. It normally slows down because of our age or our usage of sulfate shampoos. And when blood circulation decreases, it results in hair fall and brittle hair.

Clary sage oil effectively improves your blood circulation level and makes sure that your scalp remains fresh and hydrated all day. This leads to better hair growth and improved shine.

  • Minimize Dandruff

Nothing is more embarrassing than shoulders whitened with dandruff.

It’s like a nightmare, especially for the younger-generation. But you don't have to worry about it any longer. Clary sage oil balances the natural oil production of the scalp, eliminating dandruff and protecting you against greasy substance.

  • Eliminate Greasiness and Excessive Oil

Clary sage oil healing process for hair

It is scary to stroke your hand in your hair, knowing it will come out greasy. And in case you don’t know, greasy hair can destroy the hair's luster and make it appear dull and dirty.

Of course, removing the oil altogether would dry out your hair. Therefore the real solution is to maintain balance which is possible with Clary hair oil. It mitigates the natural oil production from the glands on your scalp and makes sure that the hair does not become overly greasy.

  • Earthly scent that you will enjoy

The light fragrance of this oil is pleasant and remains in the hair for a long time, making the hair fresh and attractive.

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  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties

The smooth texture of hair does not matter if you have bacterial infection or microbes in your hair. And in case you don’t know, bacterial infection can result in excessive hair fall and can lead to bald patches in a matter of days.

Enter clary sage oil to the rescue. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties protect your hair against bacteria invasion and keep the hair healthy and fresh.

Is Clary Sage Oil Good for Hair Growth?

Yes, it is a multi-function oil with plenty of features. Clary sage balances natural oil production on your scalp, maintaining a moderate texture for improved growth.

Moreover, it improves blood circulation to minimize hair loss and strengthens hair to increase shine. With so many beneficial features, it would be unfair to overlook Clary Sage oil for hair growth.

How can one use Clary Sage Oil for Hair Growth?

Clary Sage is one of the most beneficial oils for hair that can be used alone, but you can combine it with other essential or carrier oils to double the benefits. As you know, the properties of all essential oils overlap, so you can choose different oils of your choice to come up with a powerful all-in-one regime.

However, for routine pre-shampoo treatment, you can mix 8 drops of Clary sage hair oil with 3 drops of Wheat germ oil and 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil. Mix them and store them in a bottle for later use because 4 to 5 drops of this mixture will do the job.

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For scalp stimulation to improve hair growth, you can mix 3 drops of clary sage with 1 oz. of coconut oil, and 1 drop of rosemary oil. Make a mixture and apply it gently to your scalp. Leave it overnight or even for 30 minutes, then thoroughly wash the hair and see the results.


Your Hair is an integral part of one’s beauty that can make or break your look for the day. So how can we ignore them or use low-quality products? Whether you are going to a party or hunting down the solution to hair fall, Clary sage oil will help you with every hair problem.

It will provide shine to your hair and give them a denser look. Its outstanding benefits and features make it the best hair oil to use for all scalp types.

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